Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bedroom Pix

Click on pix to enlarge because I can't figure out HOW to enlarge them although Rhoda gave great instructions. ;)

Well as you can see I'm not all done yet but just had to show you the bedroom pix. lol All I lack is just a few little touch ups on the paint and I need to put my globes back on the ceiling fan.
For my curtains I have a sheer white curtain and I am going to make a roman blind in white as well to put behind it for some privacy. I looked for one on Thursday but couldn't find one. I have the directions to make one, but didn't want to have to do that since I have quite enough projects I need to be doing.
My spread is chanel with light blue and white in it. I found a pretty little pillow that is white crochet at the thrift store the other day for 1.00 and thought it would be really cute on the bed. I've got to find some blue ones as well. I really like what Rhoda did with her monogram one and I might just have to steal her idea on that. ;) Although I have forgotten how to use my embroidery machine so it probably wouldn't do me any good to steal her idea. lol I dearly love her decorating style. She does such beautiful work! I just wish I could afford to get her to my house. Maybe one day she will have a give away on her blog giving herself away to someone for a day and I can win it. hee hee Just joking Rhoda! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Love it Rose!! Your bedroom is going to look absolutely gorgeous once you have it all put back together again! I really love the shade of blue on your walls!