Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Thinking

Click on pix to enlarge them.....
Yeah I'm STILL in the thinking stage trying to figure out just how to decorate our master bedroom walls. I just saw something over at Rhoda's that she had done over her bed that I like. I had thought about using these before I saw hers but didn't know just how high on the wall to hang them on each side of my canvas beach print. But now that I see hers I know how high to hang it all. She has a pretty print over the bed with these little shelves and right now I can't think of what they're called. See the first pic on her link to see what I am referring to. I had planned on using a round canopy over the bed at the head of it to so I don't know if all that will be TOO MUCH or not. You know me, I kinda over do sometimes. ;) Anyway I plan on sitting some shells on my little shelves I have for each side of my beach canvas painting. I plan on painting them and the frame of the painting the same color. I guess I can hang the round canopy and see if I like it or if it's too much and then I can take it down if it is too much huh? ;)
I need to get all my things I bought for this bedroom redo together and some sheets of paper and sit down on the floor and see IF I can get it all together in my mind. I've bought soooo much stuff for the room and will use what I don't use in there, in the bathroom when I get started on that project. Yeah one more project! These two rooms haven't been updated in 20 years now. I still had dusty rose in each room.
The bedroom is so clean looking with the white and sky blue walls. I love it and it's soooo peaceful looking to. We're already lovin' it.

Edited to tell you that I got my pic frames painted tonight and need one more coat of paint on them now to be done. Wanted to show you the pix. I'm wondering if I need to touch up the little country white shelves with some of the treasure gold stuff so you will be able to see my sea shells I am going to put on them. These will go on each side of the large canvas print they are beside in the pic. The canvas print will have the same color frame on it as the other frame on my post. I forgot to say that it WILL have a frame around it. The frame is still wet so I couldn't put it together yet.
I've got to go and get the mat cut because it needs to be cut at the sides so you can see more of the boat and the lighthouse. The mat looks like it's a peach color, but it's not. My lighting in the kitchens just not good at night for taking pix.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Rose, looks like your bedroom plans are coming together. I love your new chest, it will be beautiful painted white. Looking forward to seeing your finished room.

By the way, those are called sconces that you're going to hang up. I think they are pretty white & would probably just leave them that way. I like that clean & fresh look.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Rhoda for dropping by and visiting me. I do appreciate it and find it an honor as well! :)
Oh yeah that's what those things are called. My memory is lacking these days. lol Yeah I painted them this color. They were a dull green color and would not go with what I wanted to do with them so I painted them country white. I've got to put another coat on them though. I was letting them dry when I took the pix. I alsolike the fresh clean look. I dearly love the color I have the bedroom painted now. It looks SO fresh and clean looking. Thank you again Rhoda for your visit!! :)

Rose1957 said...

Oh now I see what you were refering to with the sconces. I had forgotten I'd meantioned about the treasure gold stuff to make them show up the shells better. Thank you for your advice Rhoda, I just love your decorating so I KNOW that's what I should do then! :) Everything you do looks so nice!!!