Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prayers Please

Will you please keep my sister in your prayers? She is in the hospital in Ohio. Her husband called this evening saying she is dehydrated and they’ve done some tests and her pancreas is swollen and inflamed. And they also found a kidney stone with the MRI. She is still trying to throw up he said and they have her on drip and they are giving her antibiotics in the drip. We just got back from off the cruise together and she went with her husband on his 18 wheeler to take his load to Detroit.  I know she is sooooo exhausted from our trip and then the trip to Ohio, and now sick to boot. Also they went to Hammond, La. on Friday, so I bet she is physically worn out. So will up please keep her in your prayers? My brother in law is going to call me in the morning to let me know how she is and what the other Dr. thinks about her pancreas, and what the problem is there.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Progreso and Cozumel Mexico

Didn’t get many pics in Progreso. I think I have one of the ship docked and this one below. I used my video camera mostly here.


Now for Cozumel……

Getting off the ship….



This next pic is the area the ship was docked at Cozumel. I don’t think I got a pic of it before we got off the boat. This was after we were leaving. I had my camcorder when we got there.



This place was simply gorgeous! I sure hope I can go back one day! Next trip I want to go to the beach. I bet that is what is awesome! We shopped on this trip and really didn’t have enough time left to go to the beach. You have to be back on board when they say so you don’t get left. lol

The tents set up in the distance is where they give massages right there on the beach.


This next pic was of a double waterfall. The other one is to the right of the pic.


  Just gorgeous!




That’s about it for the pix except for all the water pix I took. lol Which were a bunch! LOVED LOVED LOVED all that BEAUTIFUL water! Sure did hate to leave this place it was soooo pretty! Sure wish I knew HOW TO get pix off my camcorder because I have some on there of a very pretty area they had landscaped. It was SO PRETTY! But I don’t know HOW TO get them and put them on here. :(


More on the ship Carnival………

I just had to get some pix of this place. I knew DH and Cindy (our daughter) would love all of this.

Sorry but some of them are blurred due to the movement of the boat.




This is the bar, not a real grand piano. This was close to the Celebration dining area we dined at one night.



Heading out on Sat. evening.



Sun going down Sat. evening. Took this through the window of the ship.



This is inside the ship. Loads of marble on the edges of each deck and the staircase is all marble as well. There is a bar below with a grand piano to the right of the pic behind the bar. Someone was most always playing.


Lots and lots of pix were taken on this staircase!


This ceramic pic was on the floor at the top of the stairs. One was on each side of the doorway coming into the area with all the elevators.


More floors and the glass elevators as well.


Top part of the staircase.


This was where we dined one of the nights.


Check out this lil ole’ boat that pushed the huge one into position so it would be pointing in the way it needed to go. This was sooooo funny looking. The same boat did ours to but I will show all of that later on. This ship was sailing with us, ahead of us all the time and they docked side by side. We were on the Carnival Fantasy.

I will post more pix later. Hope you enjoy!



Friday, August 28, 2009

My Carnival Cruise

Well it all started with, I was going to keep my sisters dog so she and her husband could go on their cruise and not have to worry about the dog. She brought Tink to me on Friday, the day before they were to leave. We were sitting here talking and she got a phone call from her husband saying he was broken down in Detroit and was not going to be able to get back home in time to go on the cruise to reschedule it. She tried and they wouldn’t let her change the dates because she had no insurance in which she didn’t even know she could get. So she says to me, you want to go on a cruise. My reply was, noooooo, I don’t do all that water on a boat because I get motion sick sooooo easy. Well she says to me, if we don’t use it, we lose it. Then my DH says to her, yes she’ll go. They kept telling me, you’re going to be FINE. So I said yes I would go and started packing for the trip the very next morning. And can I say, I had a total BLAST and did not get sick the first time! Although I WAS VERY nervous about the trip that night and the next day, so my stomach was queasy. So I took me some dramamine the day we boarded just to be safe. Took it one more time and that was it for the whole 5 days.

Anyway wanted to share a few pix with you.


Inside our ship….. Carnival Fantasy. This is a marble staircase.


This is towels and they had these little critters on our beds every night when we came back to our cabins.


This is the ships docked at Cozumel. The lens on my camera fogged up when we hit the outside of the ship. This was a 5 day cruise. We went to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico.

P8240048  This is a shot of the beach in Progreso. Just LOOK at that water! I have loads and loads of shots of the water! LOL


LOOK AT THIS WATER! This is Cozumel.

We got to see a huge huge turtle before we left the dock at Cozumel. (see pic below) He was wider than a bathtub! You can see his neck sticking up on the back side of the pic like he’s looking back. There was a boat coming and he went down shortly after I took this pic.  I will share more pix later. Going to go get my pix off my camera so I will have some in hand pix.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pillsbury Coupons

Wanted to let you know you can register and get some Pillsbury coupons HERE! 

FREE Carmex. Thank you Stephanie!!!!

Also  there are more free samples of things on that same site!!! 


Attention Target Shoppers

Wanted to share with you about GINGER giving away a 30.00 Kroger gift card. Go to her site and see what you have to do to have a chance at winning it! Would it not be cool to win a gift card to buy your groceries with???? WOW

Good luck!

Just click on the word Ginger to go to her site!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AARP Questions

When my DH retired a few years ago he joined AARP. I have NO IDEA WHY he did it, he just did. Then for some reason I have no idea why on this one either, but they put it IN MY NAME, NOT his! He’s the one that did it, not me. lol anyway I have NO CLUE as to WHY we have this stuff? Don’t know WHAT they do, WHAT it’s for? OR HOW it can benefit us. We just have it, or should I say joined it. lol

Do any of you know what they offer or what are the benefits of having AARP? As you can see I am TOTALLY clueless and DH doesn’t know either. Like I said, he just joined it. lol

Any info on it sure would be nice. I figured some of you might have it and know something about it and how it works and what the benefits of having it is. :)



The Bible tells us to be joyful and to think on good things, pure things, to think good thoughts. We can’t be joyful when we’re fussing and complaining at the same time. It’s like water and oil it wont mix. Being joyful is thinking good thoughts and being happy and content right where we are. Blooming right where we are planted so to speak. It’s a choice, we choose. Years and years ago I watched the little movie Pollyanna for the first time and I just dearly LOVED THAT MOVIE! I got SOOOO MUCH out of the little girl named Pollyanna. Some may say oh yuck, but I loved the way she looked at life and found the positives in life instead of the negatives!

We can ALL FIND negatives if we try but it seems some folks don’t have to try. It seems like it comes soooo natural to them to the point that’s ALL they see is the negatives. :( I KNOW someone comes to mind when you read that sentence. I used to be one of those folks! I am SO HAPPY to say that I’m not all like that anymore. I sometimes see the negatives still BUT not all the time anymore. THANK THE LORD!

I read something one time in a book that asked me the reader, do you have a critical spirit? Are you critical of others or do you look for the positives in others? Are you one that complains ALL THE TIME? I sure hope not because there is NO WAY you can be joyful and happy when you’re complaining and being critical or looking for negative all the time. I don’t know about you but I just do not enjoy being around someone that complains and gripes the whole time I am around them. It wears me down and makes me soooo weary! Some folks seem to find fault like it’s buried treasure. Any situation they are in all their lives it’s like that. When you look for it you will surely find it.

That’s WHY I enjoyed Pollyanna soooooo much because of her outlook on life and how she finds the positives in it. It’s hard to ALWAYS be positive and not complain about some things, were not perfect but we don’t have to be like that 98% of the time either. When we’re complaining and fussing and looking for negatives 98% of the time we become like that all the time because that’s WHAT we’re looking for. I used to have something framed that I found because it’s sooooo true. People need love when they least deserve it.

Jesus is suppose to be our example, and I just can’t see Him complaining, fussing, and finding the negatives in folks all around him all the time. He sure didn’t do that when He walked on the earth years and years ago. Be joyful, CHOOSE to be joyful, choose to look for the positives in life and in others. You and everyone around you will be much happier!!!!

Troublemaker or peacemaker?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Be sure to go to Money Saving Moms blog for the FREE ITEMS AT TARGET!!!! Go check it out!

I’m missing out on some of the deals there because our newspaper folks put the 8/9 newspaper into the newspaper bins on 8/16! UGHHHHH So now I don’t have the 8/16 papers I would have gotten. But I do have 2 extra 8/9 papers.

I dearly LOVE how these ladies do the sales and free items for us. I’m really really not a lazy person at all but my brain these days just HAS to have simple simple simple or I get soooo stressed out you would not believe. To sit and think up all these sales for me let alone for anyone else would make me so irritable because I just don’t have the patience I used to have. I would have to be litterly starving I think before I could sit and figure out all this stuff they do. They make it seem SO SIMPLE and I get to thinking about it and all it requires and I get shaky. I am not the same person I used to be before menopause. I just WISH I could find something that would help me that would not be so outrageously high in cost! Heck I can’t even cook 2 or more things anymore when I am cooking. I have do basically do one at a time if one has to be tended to while you cook the other or I will burn something. My mind just will NOT FUNCHION with more than 1-2 things going on. I don’t mean to be complaining just wanted to show just how bad it is and just HOW THANKFUL I am to these wonderful ladies that do this for us ALL THE TIME!!!! That is SOOOO NICE of them I think!!!!! Just SO nice! Thank you again ladies!!!!!

Go to Organic Grocery Meals and sign up for some more coupons.

AND you can go to POCKET YOUR DOLLARS and see more Target free things and almost free things.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey get on over to $aving Cents with Brandy and subscribe to her email for a chance to win a CVS gift card for $10.00. This could get you started in your CVS-ING! :)

I really like how she teaches about coupon-ing. I was just reading one she had sent to me in my email and then I found the link to click on to enter for the $10.00 CVS gift card and I got side tracked. lol NOW I am trying to find it again because when I read my emails I delete them and I needed to have hit my back button to go back after leaving her a comment and I hit the X instead! UGHHH

Sooooo now I am hunting where I was reading. lol

Alrighty, I found it! COUPONING CLASS WEEK 5.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

EASY Recipes Using Ragu

I found these two recipes on one of the blogs I visit often but can’t remember which one it was now. It’s probably one of the blogs I have in my side bar.

Anyway I figured I would share these so you all could use your Ragu you got with all of those coupons we had out in bloggy world. IF you didn’t get any of the coupons it might not be too late. You might can google and see if you can find one to print out.

Now for the recipes…. I made the lasagna recipe a couple days ago and it is AWESOME!!! I used regular white sliced cheese in it to.

Quick and Easy  Lasagna (this takes about 15 minutes to throw together.)

brown hamburger meat with half of a chopped onion

pour in one jar of Ragu sauce

salt and pepper to taste (I didn’t add any extra because the Ragu has it already, but I did add some garlic powders because I don’t think you can add too much of that! lol)

Layer the meat sauce, lasagna noodles (I used what I had which was egg noodles) cooked or no cooked. But I did cook mine just a little until they got a little soft. and add mozzarella and cheddar mix, still layering. I usually do 2-3 layers. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


Chicken Cacciatore

2 tbsp. olive oil

2 pounds chicken legs and thighs

1 jar (1 lb. 10 oz.) Ragu chunky pasta sauce


1.) Heat oil in 12” skillet over med.-high heat and brown chicken.

2.) Stir in pasta sauce. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer covered 45 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

3.) Serve if desired with crusty Italian bread or hot cooked pasta served with additional Ragu chunky pasta sauce.

I think it would be good served over rice as well. Might be a little like Mexican rice.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Playing Around Today

Some of our friends have been after us to go ride on their party barge with them for weeks now, so we did it this evening. They were at a place called Flint Creek here is MS. I took my camera with me so I could get some pretty nature shots so I could share them with you all.


It was a pretty day with the sky and the green trees and grass and the blue water. SO PRETTY!

I thought this next shot was so cool! The clay bank with the old tree limbs in the water. You can see the sandy bottom where it is light in color close to the edge of the bank. See how the water looks like it’s 2 different colors? That’s sand where it is lighter, just in case you didn’t know. :)


I just had to get one of the waves the motor was making. I’m always fascinated with how the water color is different with the motor stirring it up.


Some of the cabins available for rent.






Some scenery…..



P8151186 P8151185


As you can see, this is a large lake. I can’t wait to go fishing in it with them!!! We talked of doing that one day soon.

Hope you enjoyed all the pix and scenery.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Target Bargains


Went to Target today and this is what I got.

I used my Kellogg’s pop tart coupons on the pop tarts. Then I had the Cinnabon coupon and I wanted to try these. The cashier messed up on my coupon for it though and did not give me my 1.00 off on it. The bottles of Ragu were 1.27 each and I had my .60 coupon for two, so they were a really good deal. THEN my Hamburger helper, was get this, .71 each! that was WITHOUT the coupon!!! I had a .75 coupon for 3, so I used it. The Air Wick was free with my $6.00 coupon since it was 5.99. DH was with me and between the both of us we spent OOP around $10.00 for all of this. On my receipt it says I saved $14.10. The Dawn was at regular price because I’ve never bought one of these and I wanted to try those pump Dawns. DH was also going to get one of the Air Wick things but his cashier said the manager said folks couldn’t use that coupon to get these because this one wasn’t a starter kit. ????? Anyway my cashier let me get mine but I was the first one to check out. Basically most of the stores in our town is VERY ticky when it comes to coupons or ad matching or whatever if it saves you money because we don’t have many grocery stores like lots of the larger towns so they can pretty well set their own rules around here it looks like. I gave my cashier 4 coupons but only see 3 on my ticket. I was watching him but couldn’t see the cash register the way it was turned so I don’t know what he did with my other coupon. I told my DH I needed to start adding up my coupon total so I will know just HOW MUCH in coupons I have so I will KNOW if they took off what they should take off. I figured they might give me trouble about the clearance on the Hamburger Helper but it said ANY on my coupon and then named a few of them so I figured they would say it HAD to be the ones they named. But he didn’t say anything about it. They charged my DH for the Air Wick and he didn’t even get it. He had to go back in there and tell her she wasn’t suppose to charge him for it since he didn’t get it. He was fit to be tied when we got out of there. lol

OH by the way, the Air Wicks were normally $11.99. Also we were going to buy a couple of the Hasbro games we had a $5.00 coupon for but they didn’t have any of them and I never even saw a place where they were.

Anyway we managed to get these few things there at Target.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FREE Grocery Give Away

Wanted to tell you that Southern Saver is having a grocery give away!!! Yep go check it out and see what you have to do. Go to SOUTHERN SAVERS and check it out!

Wow I would even do a road trip for this to the Kroger’s! Wouldn’t it be so neat to win money to buy groceries with? :)


Go check it out!!!! Good luck to you!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coupon Teacher

I’m going to share Coupon Teacher today on my blog. I JUST found her blog a few minutes ago and have been reading on it. WOW is all I can say! WOW WOW WOW

She said she got over $100.00 worth of stuff and she only spent (OOP) out of pocket, $20.00. THEN SHE STILL HAD $20.00 in ECB’S on her receipt! You go girl!

She said she spent $5.26 yesterday and saved 58.62. She paid with $23 in ECB’S, but then GOT BACK $36!!!! OH MY GOSH! Man I wish I could shop with some of these ladies! LOL

Check out this post I am referring to HERE! She even has pix!!! :)


ALSO get your Welch’s coupon from Lissa @ Saving Your Cents! I have a link on the sidebar to the right for all these wonderful ladies. Check back everyday to see what new things they have for us to get. They sure are nice to help all of us save some money! I know for one that I COULD NOT do it without them! I have GOT TO LEARN HOW they can get $200.00 plus dollars worth of groceries for $40-$50.00 dollars though!!!! I think I’m missin’ something!

I live in an area that doesn’t have all these grocery stores they all talk about. We do have ONE CVS THANK GOODNESS! And a Walgreens AND a Riteaid. But the GOOD grocery stores are few and far between. We have 2-3 Wal-marts, a Save Rite, a Winn Dixie, Rameys, Corner Market and that’s about it. Save Rite has been the best one for me but it’s still high on lots of stuff. They don’t ad match but Wal-mart does, to a degree. They’re getting very picky about it.

These two ladies KNOW HOW TO SHOP!


Cindy has several coupon links for us HERE AT THE HAPPYHOMEMAKER!

RACHEL RAY $75 worth of coupons. You do have to answer a lot of questions it looks like to get this.

EDITED TO ADD: Those coupons on that last link are the very same coupons you can get all over bloggy land without having to answer 10 million jillion questions. I just sit and answered I don't know HOW MANY and then it FINALLY gives them to me and it's the SAME ONES I already have and have gotten my limit for on the ones I wanted. So what a waste of time that was. :( So to save yourself some time just get them at the blogs in my sidebar. :)

I might be missing something about the $75 worth of coupons. I'm just not sure what you do to get $75 worth of them because all I found after answering a jillion questions was the very same ones everyone else has on their blogs. If I'm missing something here will someone let me know what to click on to get those coupons?

Post it note coupons! Thank you Happy HomeMaker!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Murano and ALL You Magazine

Well the other night when I was at Wal-mart I bought me another one of the All You magazines because it was sooooo full of coupons that I like and use. I might just have to get me one more. lol It paid for itself with all the coupons I’ve used already. My Knoxx pastas I didn’t have to pay but like .50 each for them with the coupons.

I’m suppose to get my Nissan Murano back tomorrow they said. I sure hope so that’s for sure! I sure do miss my car, I know that! :( Nissan wouldn’t pay for it being fixed but they did say they would pay 400.00 on it and we’d have to pay a little over $200.00. I don’t think we should have to pay that since we told them we smelled the antifreeze before the warranty went out but I guess DH is going to pay them. It’s STILL in Gods hands! I’m leaving it there! IF He chooses that we DON’T have to pay it, then He will make a way so we don’t have to pay it. So I’m just letting HIM handle it for us! 

There’s new stuff on the links to the right on my blog. Make sure to keep checking those out to save more with more coupons and learn more about couponing. Also for some of you that have all of those awesome stores that we don’t, make sure and keep up with these blogs to save even more. I LOVE how they do the work for you by telling you just what’s on sale and what coupon to use etc. That makes it so much easier for us newbies! THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!

FREE HIGHLIGHTER SHARPIES HERE. Thank you Kingdom Klipper!!!! This is a PDF. file and has 6 pages to it once it downloads. To save you some ink so you don’t have to print out all 6 pages just to print the coupons, when you click on print in the PDF. file choose to print only page 6, not 1-6. That way you will only print out the coupons.

MORE COUPONS BQue sauce, Lipton Tea, Hellmans, I can’t believe it’s not butter,Ragu and more. Be sure and check out the comments because they give more links in the comments sometimes. This is a good way for you to get your coupons! Thanx Money Saving Mom!!!!  Link to the COUPONS. On most of the coupons you can click your back button and print them out twice. If it wont work with your back button then click the back button until you get back to where you chose which coupons you wanted by clicking in the little hole. Then chick them again and choose print again. They usually let you print them at least twice. But the PDF. file ones I guess you print out what you want unless it has a limit written on them.

Perdue Coupon Here.

Bumblebee coupon here. You have to sign up.

Don’t forget to get your Sunday paper to for the coupons. My DH has to get up with the chickens to be able to get us newspapers because by 7 a.m they are all gone from the bins!

Well it looks like there will be $89 worth of Proctor and Gamble coupons in the Aug. 30th newspaper. Don’t know if this will be everywhere or not but just found out at the P&G website that our newspaper would have them in it. YIPEEEEE


Wanted to share with you about Wal-mart’s price matching! This is their policy for price matching. One of the ladies had some problems with Target using her coupons and she shared this link to Wal-Marts price matching. See details HERE.

You can go to HERE and print you out some Target coupons if you still want to try using them at Target. I guess you could walk out and leave your stuff if they give you any hassle. lol I sure wouldn’t pay full price for it when I have a handful of coupons, that’s for sure! Wouldn’t bother me in the least to walk out. Now it used to would have bothered me but I guess I have shed my shame glands in my older years! ;)

Go to ALL YOU and get you some free coupons to. 

Just found this a $10.00 YANKEE CANDLE COUPON! I’m sorry, now I can’t find WHERE I found it! I was looking at Saving Cents blog and at the Krazy Coupon lady’s blog so I’m sure it was one of those.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wal-Mart, CVS and Coupons

Well I borrowed my daughters car tonight and went to CVS and to Wal-mart.

My total bill at Wal-mart was 112.17 and she didn’t add tax to that. Don’t know IF she was suppose to or not. I had 27 coupons! LOL Yep 27! Coupons totaled up to be 24.13. Anyway when she got my coupons subtracted my total with the tax was $95.72. I had a .75 coupon for a gallon of white milk and then I had a coupon for a free half gallon of chocolate milk for buying the gallon of white milk. BUT she didn’t take subtract the chocolate milk off and I have NO IDEA which one of these coupon numbers is the chocolate milk one. She just scanned each coupon. So I should have had $2.28 less than this. PLUS I had planned on using my free milk with a 100.00 purchase and I wound up forgetting to get that one out. I had it tucked away just to see if it came to 100.00 and had the .75 one in my batch of coupons. Wasn’t sure I was going to reach the 100.00 mark. lol  I did get several good deals though. The Chef Boy A. ravioli’s were .88 each and I had 1.00 coupons for them. Then the All You magazine was 2.24 and I had a .50 coupon off it. I had already bought one but decided to go ahead and get another one because it had such good coupons in it that I use. The Bar S Franks were a good deal to at 1.00 each and then with the 1.00/2 coupons I had they were even better deals. I bought 2 regular ones and 2 bun length ones and used 2 coupons.

Crunch N Munch was 1.00 each and I had the coupon to get 1.00 off two I believe it was so they wound up to be .50 each.

Had a coupon for Country Crock any size and had 2 coupons for the Smart Balance margarine those were 1.00 each.

I basically picked the things I wanted out of Coupon Journeys list and got them.

I got the,

Coffee Mate

Mandarin oranges

The Knorr rice and pastas

I looked the store over for those Kellogg's Cinnamon bars and never did find those.

French’s mustard, I chose to get the kind with the horseradish in it. I bet that’s good!

Also couldn’t find the Franks Red Hot Sauce. :(

Got the Glade aerosol spray along with Oust spray.

Then as I went along in the store I pulled out more coupons I had.

I used the Motts Applesauce one.

And the Activa yogurt and cereal one.

Used the 1.00 off my Truvia sweetener, so that made it $4.78 for an 80 pack box.

Also had 2 coupons for Dawn dishwashing liquid that I used. I wont have to buy that for a while now. lol I have 6 in my stockpile. Plus I didn't have to pay but like 70 something cents for one of them and like .25 for the other one.

I used the Hunts ketchup coupons.

Used the French’s Fried Onions coupon.

The Taco Bell  Kit coupon

Used the Yoplait coupon

and also used like 3 of those Pillsbury biscuit coupons. The Grand's and the crescent roll ones those made it a GOOD DEAL!

and last but not least the Kraft 2% shredded cheese one. It was 1.00 off I remember that one because I didn’t have to pay much more for it.

So you see you can save some money with coupons. I didn’t save as much as the other ladies but I saved more than I have been saving.

NOW for CVS……

I did good there but only came out with 2 ECB’S. :( I THOUGHT and I have NO IDEA where I came up with this, that my Coppertone sunscreen was going to give me 4.99 in ECB’S and it was only 2. BUT I did have a $5 off coupon for it.

I STILL didn’t get to use my rain checks for the scissors and the pens. ughhhhh I didn’t write all my things down I was going to get so I messed up on the ECB’S but there was stuff I wanted to get while it was on sale so I did that and I will get ECB’S maybe my next trip.

I also got 3 packs of pens for 1.00.

The Coppertone sunscreen

a free soy candle with a coupon from today's paper. Man that thing smells good to! That was 3.49 I think, but you know he did say it was charging me .33 for it and I said that was fine. I didn’t understand WHY? Because it said it was free. ???? Anyway ALMOST free. lol

The 5.99 Airwick air freshener Kit. I’ve been wanting one of these! Since I have a dog in the house I worry about my house smelling.

I also had a CVS coupon for some Lay’s chips that I used.

I also bought some little containers of garlic, chopped onions, and red pepper. They were .99 each. So my total was something like $25.00, it’s not on my receipt this time. I had 11 ECB’S from my last receipt and then I FINALLY got one of the ReadyFill coupon booklets and I used one of the $4/$20.00 coupons in it. Then I had all my manufacturer coupons. $21.33 in coupons and my OOP (out of pocket) was $4.13. If it wasn’t for taxes I wouldn’t have  had to pay but $2.73. lol My receipt says I saved $40.26 today.

It sure feels good to keep some of my money instead of handing bunches of it over for groceries and stuff now.

OH I ALMOST forgot! Check out Southern Savers post here about the Kroger deals if you have one in your area! WOW


I’d LOVE to hear about your deals? What did you find?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wanted to tell you that the ladies have a lot of coupons for us. Check out all the blog links on my blog on the right side.

Check out Coupon Journey for some Wal-mart deals along with some coupons. Also notice Wal-mart has a Pantry Stimulus package you can click on to get some coupons. That link is also on her site. Here is the Wal-mart link.

Also I am seeing there is a free sharpie with a coupon if I am understanding this right. It seems someone has scanned the coupon and it isn’t legit. The stores this coupon is used at will not be able to get their money back for it, so please do not use it. We don’t want to mess up with our good deals on our coupons by someone doing things that aren’t right. If things like this get worse you know it’s going to get harder to use our coupons. So PLEASE do not use this coupon if you find it online anywhere.

Right now I am a little stuck at home because our old clunker, well let’s just say I don’t feel safe riding in it. I sure am praying I will get mine back in tip top shape one day next week with no OOP (Out Of Pocket) (using some of our coupon lingo here.) for us and that way I will have a little more to spend on the things we need. :) So anyway I am not doing much shopping these days. I am getting my coupons printed so I will be ready though.

Sure hope you guys gets loads of bargains! OHHHH I almost forgot to tell you----- go to the CVS website and take the quiz and get you a 4/25.00 coupon. Centsable Mom had this on her site! Thank you Centsable Mom for letting us know!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the deals out there! On the Wal-mart site, just click on one of the four items on your screen and a little window will pop up that is GET SPECIAL SAVINGS, you click on that to get your coupon. Do that on all four grocery items. You will have to download their little printer to print out the coupons but on my slow dial up it wasn’t but 20 minutes or less to do that.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sad news

If you’ve been keeping up with me you noticed that I try to post on my blog very often about what I am doing or how God is working or whatever. I haven’t posted in a couple days or more because I have been very upset.

When my husband retired he bought us an 07 Nissan Murano. Man it has been such a blessing to us because before that for 33 years we have driven clunkers as folks are calling them these days. So we finally got us a new car. One day this week we were coming back from B.A.M. (Books A Million) about 11 at night and I was driving and my check engine soon light came on. That also comes on when you don’t close the gas cap like it needs to be closed. We found out that one before to. lol Anyway the check engine soon light is on and I think, oh he forgot to close it right again, and then I look at the gauges and see the needle on the hot and cold is all the way on the H. I tell my DH and my sister who was also with us, and we start trying to figure out WHAT to do since it is late at night and we’d prefer not to wake up anybody. We pass his friends house and then we pass mine and I say, we need to go there and use their hose so we can cool it off so we can turn it off. So he says, yeah, go back there because by this time I’d passed their house. He had wanted me to try and make it to where he worked but I’d had to drive the car about 6 more miles and I KNEW I didn’t need to do that. So we went back to my friends house and rang the door bell. No one came to the door and so he found a water hose and he started hosing off the radiator and it started cooling off. Long story short, we had to leave it in their yard and get our daughter to come get us. So it’s in the shop now and I have been praying that God would take care of the situation because the warranty went out on it about a month or so back. I have been so sick to my stomach over it because it has been such a blessing to us and I am constantly thanking God for it. I KNOW in my heart without a shadow of a doubt that He GAVE it to us! I’ll have to tell you about it in another post because I’ve got to get off here for now. But anyway just praying that He will take care of it all and that nothing is messed up about it. We had told them that we kept smelling anti-freeze and they said it was probably that over flow thing we were smelling. Since we hadn’t had a new car in many many years we thought, well they should know what they’re talking about so we didn’t worry about it. But we kept smelling it. But thought it was normal for these newer cars. So we know it’s got to have a radiator because it’s leaking almost the whole length of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It’s Just Not Fair

LOL yep you read that right. All these ladies blogs are talking about them shopping in MANY MANY places we don’t have anywhere around here! :( Like Kroger, Publix, Albertsons, and several more that I can even think of right now. Man they are getting loads of deals to. I’m feeling a little left out. lol

We have a Winn Dixie, a Save-Rite, several Wal-marts, New Yokel Market (organic foods), Corner Market, Rameys, Corner Market used to be the Sunflower chain but changed to C. Market.

Well it looks like there is a Kroger in Laurel,Ms. Hmmmmmm might need to check that out. lol Not finding a Publix store though. :(

Anyway been reading all about their bargains today. WOW these ladies sure do know how to shop!!! Way to go ladies!!! WOOOO WHOOOOOOO

CVS Bargains for Today

Ok lets see if I can tell you what I got.


Garlic Powder (2)

Colgate toothpaste ($2.00 ECB’S) (-1.00)  (2)

Blink Tears  ($7.99 ECB’S) (–$1.50 coupon) (FREE and earned $1.50)   (1)

Sft. SP Serum body wash ($4.00 ECB’S)  (1) (So basically paid .99 for it)

Dawn dishwashing liquid .99 (-.25 coupon & -.50 coupon)  (2)

Gillette Fusion Razor ($3.00 ECB’S) (-$4.00 coupon)  (1)

Toothbrush (1) (free)

Then I had 11 ECB’S from my last purchase.

My total was, $30 something dollars if I am remembering right but only had to pay OOP, $15.36 and got 16.99 in ECB’S for my next trip to CVS.

Now I have in my stockpile, after only 3 trips to CVS.

3 toothpaste


2 dawn liquid

3 washing powder

1 pkg. razor blades

2 deodorants

We bought some Sunday newspapers this morning for the Hattiesburg American and they had 4 pamplets in them for coupons. Lots of good coupons!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your comments! You have no idea how much it means to me to come on here and find comments. For awhile there I had no one commenting and it was so discouraging. When I come on here and find comments it brings a smile to my face because it’s just SOOOOO encouraging!!!! I want to THANK YOU ALL!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!