Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing

Well I got a lot done today on the sewing room cleaning and organizing. I moved a couple of the items in there that I painted and vanished.

Filing cabinet and slelf

I’m HOPING this room is only temporary until my larger sewing room gets done. We’re waiting to find out just what it will run us to get the porch closed in. So I am going ahead with my organizing so at least I will have all of this done if it works out for us.

I will be putting my fabrics in the 4 cubby holes on the shelf. I got a lot done today but I had to quit because my back is NOT happy. Even part of my foot feels a little numb tonight which is not good.

Putting the pegboard on the metal shelf. I can hang my things on this and have them organized.

metal shelf with pegboard

Another shot with it finished.

metal shelf pegboard 4

Here it is with some of my rulers on it.

metal shelf pegboard w stuff

The magnetic board hung over the breaker box to hide it.

magnetic board hung

OK I think that’s about it. I will post more as I get more accomplished. I’m sitting with my ice pack now and I hope I can do some more soon.

To be continued…..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty Things in Pink

I love pretty things and I really like this green color with pink with it. As I was sitting at the table this morning I saw this little teapot sitting on my teacart. I noticed how well it matches my shelf I just painted for the sewing room. This little teapot is actually a potpourri burner.

pretty things 1

These are the flowers my hubby got me for Valentines day and they’re pink to. BIG grin

prerty things 2

We are so blessed to have pretty things and I am so thankful!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got the two filing cabinets painted and varnished now and the 2 shelves painted and varnished. Now to let them dry and put them in place. Then I can paint and varnish the 4 drawer filing cabinet and be done with that one to.



varnished shelf 1


filing cab varnished

Last night I got all the magnets glued onto the little party favors. I repainted the inside edge of the frame also and got the piece of metal put into the frame. So that’s one more project finished. I’ve got to get all this done so I can have something to put my things into. I want to start wrapping the fabric around the boards but I don’t have anything to put it into yet. That’s why I am trying to get these shelves finished so they can dry. Below is the little party favors I bought and glued the magnets on for the magnetic board.

containers for magntic board

Then the one below is of the magnetic board.


The other filing cabinet that I varnished. LOL now that I look at the pic this looks really funny! lol I varnished them inside because there was little tiny bugs landing on all my things when I was trying to paint them yesterday. So I said well I’ll put the items on the table so I wont have to bend over them or crawl around on the floor. I had several windows open as well as the box fan turned on so don’t worry I had plenty of ventilation.

I am trying to figure out what I want to put in the smaller drawers. I am leaning towards lace and trims for those 4 drawers. I am going to roll the lace and trim up on little boards so those drawers should be good. I am going to organize my patterns in the two larger drawers and maybe store stabilizers in the tall side with the shelves. I put it up on some varnish cans so I would varnish all the way to the edge without getting it all over the paper and then it sticking to it. By the way, I paid 5.00 each for all these filing cabinets.

filing cabinet

Next is the shorter shelf that I varnished to. I will probably store my fabric in this one after I get it all rolled up on the boards.


shorter shelf

I’m trying to work a little each day on something for the sewing room so I can get it all done.

The guy is coming by tomorrow to look at the porch to see what all it will require to close it in and I am excited!

I sure wish I knew how to do the Mr. linky thing so I could get you all to show me your sewing rooms and how you organize your things and how you store your stuff etc. I’m sure you all have loads of ideas!!!

I just happen to think about another cute little cabinet I have out in the shed that a good friend of mine gave me. That would be so neat to store stuff in to. I need to put some shelves in it though. It has some really pretty doors on it.

Stay Tuned……

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Life got in the way of the sewing room work today. We had to get some potatoes in the ground if we're going to have any potatoes to eat.
Hopefully tomorrow IF my back will allow it, I can slap a coat of varnish on all those pieces I painted on Saturday and then I will be finished with them. All this bending over planting these potatoes has the old back just a bit aggravated. Going to see HOW it feels in the morning and maybe it will let me work some more on my project.

I did manage to get my metal cut for my picture frame this evening. I also painted the gold on the frame but don't like it so I will paint it again some other color. lol t's just TOO green for me. I think it's called an evergreen green. It will clash with the color green I plan on painting the sewing room.

Stay with me on this project and I will get it done. :)
Oh and please do leave a comment because I LOVE seeing your comments! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inching Along With This Sewing Room

FINALLY found something I’ve been looking for! I wanted to make me one of these after I saw this on Tool Time Tuesday last week and I have finally found my piece of metal.

I found mine at Lowe’s and they actually had 2 different size sheets of it. I found it in the plumbing section close to the pieces of pipe they use for fireplaces. One was much larger than the 16” wide piece I got and it was 10.00 something. But I just needed this size and it was $5.44. So tomorrow I will cut it out with my metal cutters and put it into the frame. (I WILL wear gloves because this stuff can really cut you!!!!) Trying to figure out WHAT COLOR I want to paint the frame! lol

See the little round things on the metal? They have a clear plastic lid on them. That’s the ones I found the other day at Dirt Cheap for 2.00 something. There was like 23 of them in the box. Part of them were missing because there was suppose to be 30 in the box. They’re from Wilton, the cake decorating stuff and are called party favors in case anyone is interested. Anyway they are metal and I glued a magnet on the bottom so they will hang on this when I get it hung up. I also have some of the little solo cups like she has on the link I just shared with you. I will be putting my small things in them for storage in the sewing room.

metal for frame 1

I have a few really small safety pens and some little hooks and eyes I can put in the little party favors.

metal for frame

Yesterday while it Wal-mart looking for some magnets for these I happened up on some ladies putting out some things on the clearance isle. Smile They had marked them down from 3.00 something a pack to .75 and then they were marking them even lower to .25! BIG grin! Needless to say I got all I could find that was left which weren’t many. Here I was thinking I’d gotten a good deal on them the other day at Hudson’s for .60 a pack. Some of these are clips and some are magnets. If I need to make a note to myself I can use my metal board with these cute little magnets and since I wanted to paint my sewing room green and pink this matches! Grin…. My daughter bought the cute pink with the brown clips for a project she was doing but they wouldn’t work for her project so she gave them to me for mine.



goodies 3

I will need all these little clips when I start rolling up all my lace and trims.

Oh ALMOST forgot to tell you. I found the 50 pack of magnets at Wal-mart for like 5.96 I believe it was.  The first two packs of magnets I bought for the little party favors I bought at Lowe’s for 2.00 something and there was only 8 in them. These are just a little bit smaller but I think they will be fine for what I am using them for. I’m not going to over load my little cups so they shouldn’t be that heavy.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I got the four things painted today that I wanted to get painted for the sewing room.

It’s all painted the same color but outside it looks like a total different color.

I am going to use the shelves in my sewing room to get it organized. The shorted one I will sit on the the larger filing cabinet to save some floor space. Both of these shelves I paid $5.00 each.


book shelf taller one

The large filing cabinet. I will put my sewing patterns in the file area of it. Don’t quite know yet what I am going to put into the little drawers.

filing cabinet lg one inside

This is the little shelf I will put on the larger filing cabinet. Ignore the blue candle holders. I just put those there so I could paint the bottom and not get paint all over the paper.

green book shelf

Don’t know what I will use this filing cabinet for but I’m sure I will come up with something! I might even use it for the legs of my table I want to use for a sewing cabinet.

shorter filing cabinet

One more step closer to getting it done!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing Shelves

I got two of my sewing shelves kilzed yesterday and had planned on painting them today but my backs really bothering me now. I also have two filing cabinets I want to paint the same color green as my shelves.

primed shelves

I have a filing cabinet about the size of the shorter one that I am going to sit it on so it wont take up so much floor space in the tiny sewing room. I wanted to go ahead and get all these things painted so if we do get to close in the front porch for the sewing room I will already have all of this done. Since I wanted to paint this room green and pink I can go ahead and get all these things painted green. I have some paint left over from painting the living room that I can use.

We have a step down onto the front porch from the living room so the two rooms will be close together.

I’m working on this little by little so maybe I will be finished with it by summer time. lol

Friday, February 11, 2011

Organizing Goodies For The Sewing Room

We went to a place around here called Dirt Cheap and I found some more goodies for organizing the sewing room! Yipeeee These I am going to glue a magnet to and make me a metal board to hang on the wall to put them on. I will store small items in them. They are metal with clear tops on them. They were normally 14.00 and I got them for 2.00 something.

sewing 2

Then the next pic is several things. Some more little container to glue magnets onto, then a little green zipper case with clear plastic sides for .25. The little containers on it were a dime ea. Then I got several clips for when I fold my lace and trimmings around the little board these will hold the ends closed onto it. Also the little redish colored plastic thing with the lid I will store something in and it was 1/2 off so it was .50. Also found some of those clippy things you use to clip your name tag onto your clothes and they were like .60 a pack and they were normally 3.00 something each as well. All the metal clips were like .60 for the packs. Most all of the packs had about 6 clips in it. I think I spent a little over 7.00 for all this stuff.

sewing room stuff 1

I found someone online that cut out a little weiner dog pattern to wrap her lace and trim around and that was sooooo cute! Figured I would see IF I could draw one out to use. TRYING to figure out what I can use cut them out with. I’d rather not use cardboard because it might damage my trims and lace. sewing1

I’m hoping I can work on the room some more tomorrow. Seems like we’ve been keeping the roads hot for the past 2-3 days.

I’m trying to find me a piece of metal for a picture frame now so I can make my metal thing to house all these little round containers with the magnets on the bottom.

OK more to come later. Smile

Thursday, February 10, 2011

50 Plus Year Old Dress

Wanted to show you all a little dress I wore when I was about 3–6 months old. I keep it in my sewing cabinet in a zip lock bag and when I was cleaning it all out I came across it and had to take a pic to share it with you all. Yes I am STILL at it with this sewing room. I am making things, and fixing things to store all my stuff it so this will take me quite awhile to finish.

Today while shopping at my favorite junk store again I found me another little book shelf. It needs a little work, but well worth the $5.00 I had to give for it. Also found some things I can use in some drawers to separate my things so they will be organized.

I will share more pix when I can. I bought some of the board stuff to wrap my cloth around and got 20 large pieces and 12 small cut out of 4 boards. I will share pix when I get it all wrapped up. I bought 6 more pieces of it today at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 ea. I noticed Wal-mart has it as well but theirs is $3.97 ea. Sure glad someone on the sewing sites I’ve been looking at shared with us that the Dollar Tree has it because it’s much less and the same stuff and the same size etc. That way I can take the money I saved on that and use it for other stuff for getting all this organized.

Anyway back to my little dress. As my heading says, this little dress is over 50 years old! I don’t think they make cloth like they used to. lol  This is a little silky dress, it’s not cotton.





Please do come back and see what all I am doing to this sewing room. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing about it. Smile

Thanx for stopping by and please do leave me a comment. I love them!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I promised an online friend of mine I would post this so since I had my camera in here doing another post I figured I would go ahead and take the pic and post it.

Like I was telling her I found this little cloth hanger at the thrift store and had to have it because of the Bible scripture on it. I have had it for several years now.

I thought about cutting the hearts off so it wouldn’t look so 70ish and frame it but I haven’t ever done it. It just keeps hanging here in the office/sewing room.





Getting Sewing Room Organized

Wanted to share what I am trying to do in my sewing room and also some good news I hope! Winking smile I’ve been talking about the lack of space I have in this tiny room I have for an office/sewing room for awhile now. It’s just filled to the brim and there’s nothing in here that I could give away or toss. Anyway my husband is going to get someone over here maybe next week to see what it would cost us to close in the front porch that we never use. It’s the full length of our house and plenty wide enough for a sewing room. We’d only have to close in 3 sides because the other side is already done. The roof is done under there as well with vinyl siding and that’s fine with me to. So needless to say I am on cloud nine and hoping AND praying it doesn’t cost too much to do so we can do it.

I have a serger machine, sewing machine and a embroider machine and to use each one I am constantly having to change out machines on the sewing table. It sure will be nice to just sit down and sew!!!

Anyway I had already started the process of cleaning this room out yet again TRYING to make space for all this stuff for sewing and to get it organized because I can’t find anything. That is so frustrating to me. I was going to build a table in here that would be attached to the already built in desk to sit a couple of the machines on and that way I could get rid of one of the sewing cabinets. One’s always in the living room because there’s so space in here for it and that way all my sewing things would be in ONE ROOM and not spread out all over the place!

So anyway he told me to hold up on doing all of this to the sewing room and let him check with someone to see what it would run to close in the front porch.

But I thought well I can at least get all this stuff organized so I can find my stuff and if and when I get the new sewing room it will all be organized!  So that is what I am trying to do now. If we can do the close in of the front porch and once he gets started on it I wont be able to sleep from excitement. lol

Anyway just had to share my hopefully good news AND some of my pix of trying to get organized!

Some of my bobbins and a leather finger thimble. lol Got to figure out WHERE that should go. lol


My pressure feet….


Thread in gallon jugs. Got to find a lid for one of them. All my serger and embroidery thread is in another place closed up to keep out the dust.


I found these boxes a couple years ago at Michaels for like 1.00 each on clearance. They were like 14.00 each before they put them on clearance. I bought all they had left which wasn’t but like 4 I think it was. Needless to say they didn’t all match so I decided to wrap them in gift wrapping paper. (found the wrapping paper at Michaels as well a few years ago) I think I want to paint the sewing room a pastel pink so this will be pretty in there.


One of these is a cereal box I cut and wrapped up for some sewing magazines and the other one I found at a thrift store and I wrapped it as well. I have another one to wrap and then will need to save  a couple more cereal boxes to wrap for some more magazines.


Another shot of the magazine holders.


Found these little plastic things with the drawers in them a couple years ago at the thrift store. I think they were like a dollar each because they had to be cleaned up. There are two of them. I have patterns in one of the drawers so that’s what that one is missing. I am trying to figure out WHAT to put the patterns in now. I have a filing cabinet and I think I am going to put them in it. I am playing around with some fonts on the computer now to see which one I want to use to label my things with. Don’t want to use these old ugly green and white ones.


I really like this one and have got to get my daughter to show me how to put them on some sticky back labels I have.


Ok stay tuned with me on this sewing room organization because I have found lots of neat ideas for organizing sewing rooms.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing Room

As my name on here implies, I have many hats that I wear. I am into many things. One of which is sewing. I’ve been sewing since before I was a teenager which has been quite awhile now. It bothers my neck a lot so I don’t get to sit and sew as much as I used to.

I have ALWAYS wanted to make a quilt and I have made 3 but I didn’t quilt them I tacked them because I KNEW I would NEVER finish quilting them because I don’t stay at something for very long because I get bored.

Anyway I have been wanting to fix my sewing room so it will be organized and neat for years now. What started all of this was, I went to the library to get some quilting books and found a book on how to organize your quilting and sewing space and that was it!

Then I got on here and found some more ideas last night and just HAD to share this ladies blog with you all! Anyone wanting ORGANATIONAL ideas, check her out because she is the queen of this word! SEW MANY WAYS Make sure you check out all her other pages as well because she has some awesome ideas on here. This blog is the BEST blog I have came across in a LONG TIME for this sort of stuff. Just totally awesome and I plan to use some of her ideas in my sewing room. She recycles stuff like you would not believe and I LOVE THAT!

Check out this SEWING TABLE  she made from a hollow core door and two night stands or end tables. Then check out this DESIGN WALL she made behind the door.

I’ll have to measure my sewing room/office but I’d say it’s about a 10’ room. It’s very small but I will have to make the best of it.

Anyway stay tuned with me because very soon I will start this project I hope. Even going to paint the room. Will have to strip it down to nothing to get started on it.

Be sure to really check out Karen’s blog if you like to sew or craft, or organize,  and so many other things!