Friday, February 11, 2011

Organizing Goodies For The Sewing Room

We went to a place around here called Dirt Cheap and I found some more goodies for organizing the sewing room! Yipeeee These I am going to glue a magnet to and make me a metal board to hang on the wall to put them on. I will store small items in them. They are metal with clear tops on them. They were normally 14.00 and I got them for 2.00 something.

sewing 2

Then the next pic is several things. Some more little container to glue magnets onto, then a little green zipper case with clear plastic sides for .25. The little containers on it were a dime ea. Then I got several clips for when I fold my lace and trimmings around the little board these will hold the ends closed onto it. Also the little redish colored plastic thing with the lid I will store something in and it was 1/2 off so it was .50. Also found some of those clippy things you use to clip your name tag onto your clothes and they were like .60 a pack and they were normally 3.00 something each as well. All the metal clips were like .60 for the packs. Most all of the packs had about 6 clips in it. I think I spent a little over 7.00 for all this stuff.

sewing room stuff 1

I found someone online that cut out a little weiner dog pattern to wrap her lace and trim around and that was sooooo cute! Figured I would see IF I could draw one out to use. TRYING to figure out what I can use cut them out with. I’d rather not use cardboard because it might damage my trims and lace. sewing1

I’m hoping I can work on the room some more tomorrow. Seems like we’ve been keeping the roads hot for the past 2-3 days.

I’m trying to find me a piece of metal for a picture frame now so I can make my metal thing to house all these little round containers with the magnets on the bottom.

OK more to come later. Smile

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