Saturday, September 27, 2008


I was just sitting here thinking of what I could post about tonight. Since decorating that bedroom is on my mind here lately I thought it could be that again! I sure hope you all aren't getting tired of me talking about it yet. ;) I was thinking about vignettes. I really like little groupings is what I like to call them and I wanted to do some of this in my bedroom.

A few years ago I saw in a Country Woman magazine, the idea about taking paper and taping it together to fit the size wall you plan on hanging your pix and items. She said to take the paper and lay it down on the floor and arrange your things on the paper. Keep playing with them on the paper until you get the arrangement you like. Then trace each thing out on the paper and if the items are all similar in size and shape to number the paper AND the items on the backs so you will know what goes where. Also put a dot where the hanger is on each item so you will know where to drive the nail in the wall or the screw whatever the case maybe. Then take the paper and tape it lightly to the wall you want to put the items on. Then nail the nail or screw the screw into the wall where you placed the dot on the paper and that way everything will be just as you put it on the paper. Then you can take your paper down and put your items up on the wall. That's just how I plan on putting my groupings/vignettes together and that way I wont have to nail too many holes trying to get it "just right".

I bought a set of these http:// and my plans are to group them together in a grouping and put a shelf beside them or under them. I had said I didn't want to do all seashells and things like that in here but I don't know how else to do the room. Plus I really like seashells anyway and I'm having fun with it. ;) I really liked these prints and I have several frames on hand and will probably paint them off white for the prints. I've been looking at them for over a week now trying to decide what to do with them. lol I can use them in the bathroom OR in the bedroom is my thinking.

I have been looking and looking for ideas online on how to display all my things as well as the pix etc. on the walls so I will have an idea of how to place the things when I get it all painted.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you Daff and Cranberry for your comments about yesterdays posts. I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates clutter!


Thank you Daff and Cranberry for your comments about yesterdays posts. I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates lots of clutter and disarray.

The main problem with me is the back. Used to the house being in disarray would have made me work at it until I got finished with it no matter what time I finished it. But now with the bad back, I can't do that or it will be in disarray muchhhhhhhh longer because if it starts getting inflamed I will be in bed. So when that left leg starts pulling and like I like to say, feeling like a 2x4 because it's sooooo stiff, I KNOW it's time to stop no matter what. So I have to take it in steps now and pace myself. Folks used to say I reminded them of the energizer bunny because I go and go and go. Can't do that now or I will be paying for it with the back. It definitely puts a kink in things that's for sure. I have started picking up the things that are on the dresser etc. so I can pack those up and maybe put them in a box and have a little less clutter. Was thinking I could stick those in the attic so they will be out of my way while I get this done. When I get these cushions for my patio sprayed with the scotchgard I will have the office/sewing room I can put a couple pieces of furniture in as well. That way hopefully ONLY the bed will be in there. I really really need to paint the ceiling in there as well!

I have been waiting on the love bugs to leave so I could spray the cushions and get them out of here. If I put them outside without the spray on them and they got wet I would have to clean them again before I could spray them. So the love bugs has everything on hold. lol Did I say how I HATE THE THINGS? ;)

I just happen to think that I hadn't even said I was planning on using some of my accessories in the master bath as well. So that's why I am collecting so much stuff. I am going to do it as well because it hasn't been updated since we built the house back in the 80's. It still has the old dusty rose wallpaper up in there. That should really be fun getting that stuff off. One that I really dread!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can You Tell

Can you tell, I am getting mighty close to getting started on this bedroom project? I just dread the house being in disarray while it gets done. I have no where to put things so they wont be in the way. So everything will be very cluttered for awhile until I get it all done and I HATE that! I can't stand all the clutter and things not being where they belong. I will NEED your prayers once I get started on this project. lol

More Beach Things

Just had to show you what I got! Yep love em but going to change their colors so they will match our room. These will be so neat with my beach art print I got from the garage sale! I needed some more things for the wall in this theme. I'm SO excited! I think they will be neat with white and a little blue brushed on them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Accessories for Master Bedroom

You can click on the pix to make them larger. I found some more things for our bedroom project today. Not sure which ones I will use on the dressers etc. or which ones I will put on shelves. Either way I will have plenty things like this to choose from. As you can see I found another one of the lamps for putting the seashells in. I had to pay a little more than 1.00 for this one though. ;) This one was 5.00. But that's still a good bargain huh? ;) I found several bags of seashells for either putting in the candles or filling in on the lamps. Here is a pic of the little buckets I was telling you about yesterday as well. I stuck a candle down in them so you could see the size of them.

Not sure what I am going to do with the item in the 3rd pic yet. I know I will paint it and remove the necklace hanger from it. I thought it might be pretty to put a neat shell in or something. Who knows, just liked it and got a deal on it to. I found that and several more items and they all were only 1.14. In that deal was a very pretty pillow case that has pink roses on it and you know I can't pass anything up that has pink roses on it. I also found me a tupperware lid to a bowl I have that needed a lid.

Notice the RELAX sign in amongst all the items! ;) Not sure which color it will be painted but it will be either country white or sky blue I'm sure.

The little glass water bottle someone painted and did an awesome job on it to, I might add. As you can see it wasn't much either. I picked it up off the counter and then sit it back down and went back and got it again! It's sooooo stinkin' cute! ;) I couldn't figure out WHAT I would do with it but I liked it. Yeah I know. I know!!!! I guess I could just sit it on a night stand.

Oh and the little fishes ;) I will definitely have to paint. Just whatever color I need more of in there I guess will be their colors. I don't need to buy ANYMORE candle holders or it will look like I am having a seance in there. lol

OH and did you SEE THE LITTLE SHIP IN THE BOTTLE?? How cute is that? They also had the little lighthouses but I didn't get those. Might have to get one of them to go with this pic on the calendar that I posted a pic of yesterday. If I use the pic I could put me a shelf up under it and use a lighthouse. Not sure about that one yet.

I also got the blue paint so I will be getting started soon on that project. Just need to let this arm and shoulder heal some more before I start that. I think I/we are really going to like this room when I am done with it THIS TIME! :) I'm hoping DH is going to help me with this project.

I got a couple packs of blue sand with shells in it for candles if I need some more blue color in there. I bought like 6-7 packs of these small shells because I knew I wanted some for using in the candles as well as some other things. Also for those lamps to so I'm sure they will be used.

Now I can't wait to get started painting!!!! When the guy opened up the lid on the paint after mixing it, I was like, uh that's really blue! LOL It's soooooooooo hard to tell about paint! BUT one thing about it, it will be MUCH LIGHTER in color than it is now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was one of my "lazy days". :) About all I have done is emptied the dishwasher and refilled it. lol No I did wash a couple loads of clothes and fold them. Still lack folding the other one since it's just finished.

So you see, I DO REST! ;) You just don't know anything about it. :) I really like accomplishing something. I feel like I have wasted my day when I don't get anything accomplished.

I got in the utility room and pulled out a couple gallons of paint. My thinking was, the red paint's (in the bedroom) so dark that it will take a few coats to cover it. Since I already have kilz under the red paint, my thinking was I could just use the trim paint on the top part of the room where the dark red is and that way it wont be so hard to cover up with the off white paint. That way I can finish using this gallon of trim paint that I had used in there when I painted the bottom part of the wall and not have to buy sooooo much of my new paint colors. I was looking for my kilz when I found that gallon of trim paint that I used in there. It's almost a full gallon of paint. I thought I had over 1/2 gallon of kilz but it must be stuck some where else. lol I had decided to paint the bedroom the same green color the living room is since we loved that room so and I had already bought the paint for the bedroom back in the fall last year. I guess I can use it some where else though. ???? Then when I found this beach art print I knew I had to do a beachy theme in there. I am soooooo looking forward to this look! I am trying to figure out a way to do roman blinds for the window so I can use either lace or sheers in there so it will be very airy looking.

In a few minutes I am going to watch a movie with DH.

I've been noticing this calendar I have in here in the office. This months scene is a light house beach scene. I think I am going to mat and frame the pic for our bedroom since I need some more pix for the room.
Okay now to go watch that movie. :)

Make it a great day!

Beachy Bedroom Decor

You can click on each pic to make it larger if you want to see it larger.

I found a couple more items tonight at Ross for the beachy bedroom. One of the items is a pretty glass shell. Then the other two are small glass shells. Those are salt and pepper shakers but they were so cute I knew I could arrange them in a way that wouldn't be noticeable. Also got me 3 small metal buckets with handles for putting some candles in.

Now I've got to get motivated to start painting this bedroom. Got to add the kilz first since that bedroom is sooooooooo dark red! My arm, shoulder, AND shoulder socket is feeling much better since I started taking the anti-inflammatory. I hurt my shoulder under the shoulder blade a few years ago when I was dumping the ducks wading pools. Ever since every time I turn around I re-injure the crazy thing. Got up with it hurting last week or the week before and then everything else on the same arm started hurting. Reckon it knew it was going to get a work out when I start painting that room? ;) It was getting to the point I just wanted to carry it around in a sling it hurt so bad. SO happy it's feeling better now!

Went to the library and found several of the Coastal Living magazines I am going to look through for ideas.

While at B.A.M. I looked at several books on painting and on how to choose colors etc. I just wish I could knock out a wall in that bedroom and add a bay window or something in there for more light. lol I LOVE windows! We have 4 in the living room and I dearly love all the light in there!!!

My little buddy found these gorgeous sea shells for me that is in the thick glass vase with the glass ball legs. I wanted to show you a pic of them without the candle in there AND with the candle in it. The candle is a pretty blue. This color isn't true. Didn't she do well finding all those pretty shells? She got to go to the beach this past weekend and found those for me. Thank you Mattie! :) These are different than the ones I have already so I just had to use them here in this pretty clear holder.
The square candle holders I found last week. Going to add either sand to the bottom of them or tiny pea gravel and then candles on top of that. The little plate you see behind the square glass candles, I found for .25 and it's like mother of pearl or something like that. I figured it would be neat sitting on a little stand like I have it. As you can see I'm getting quite a collection.
The very first pic is what I found tonight at Ross. The larger glass shell was 1.99. See the smaller shells, those are the pepper shaker and salt shakers. See you can't tell that's what they are by the way I have them laying. Cool huh? :) They were only 1.49 for the set. They also had a very large vase that has shells on it but it was green and I just didn't know how that would look in there with the blue and the off whites.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall AND Soup and The Recipe

WHAT is it about fall or what feels like fall, that you think soup? I guess in the heat of the summer all you want is something cool.

While at the library last week I found a couple diabetic cookbooks and were looking through them when I spied a potato soup recipe in one of them. I LOVE soups! My DH (Dear Husband) isn't wild about soup BUT will eat it on occasion. I fix it now and then because I love the stuff and my thinking is, I like to have what I like sometimes to. ;)

For the past few days the weather around here has been cooler. NOT that it's suppose to STAY that way for any length of time. But around here a little cool weather is better than none at all. So it has me thinking soup. So I fixed that nice potato soup today and had it cooking most the day in the crock pot.

I started out this morning hunting my frozen chicken broths that I put in the freezer when I boil chicken for various reasons. I needed 5 cups of water the recipe said but it called for bouillon cubes which I don't use because of the sodium. I know they make them with less sodium now but just have never started buying them since I figured out this way. Anyway I got out 2 small bowls of my chicken stock and 1 large bowl thinking okay, this will be enough chicken stock/broth. My plans were to put the stock into a large pot and get it defrosted so it would be ready to use when I got all the tators peeled and diced up. So I put it in the large pot on the stove and got it started thawing. Then later went back to it and saw it had pieces of chicken in it. I was like oh, there must have been some small pieces of chicken in the bottom of the broth and I just left them in it for seasoning. So I went on about peeling the tators. THEN later when I went back to check on the melting stock, I realized what this was! lol It was left overs from my rotisserie chicken that I had boiled and put up for seasoning foods or for seasoning veggies or something like that. I thought, hummmmmm this might really be good 'cause the rotisserie chicken is smoked and I bet that would be good in the potato soup, so I left it.

I got all the ingredients put together and decided to get it started on the stove in the large pot so it would get cooked for our dinner. Then I put it in the crock pot and let it simmer for the rest of the hours and that way I didn't have to keep it stirred from sticking. As last time I forgot to get a pic of it. Plus my plans were to have company over to help us eat it. Had called the company and they didn't answer their phone but figured they were outside and just left a message for them on their answering machine. My plans were to really fix it up nice for them. Had taken out some of my china we don't use much and she's never seen. Got out the pretty bowls for the soup, then got out saucers for their crackers. I also got out the cups and saucers for some coffee or hot tea afterwards. The recipe called for you to dice up chives for putting on the top of the soup when you put it in your bowls. You put shredded cheese and then the chives. So that was the plan.
Anyway they didn't get our message on the machine, lol, and they came over on their golf cart (they live pretty close to us) bringing back some DVDs we had loaned them. They had their grand kids with them and couldn't stay, BUT still didn't know we had called them. lol I was busy on the computer when they came and they didn't come in and DH had said something to them about them eating with us and I guess they thought he was just being nice. Talk about miscommunication! LOL We had planned yesterday, for my DH and her DH to shoot some target practice here this evening anyway. So DH tells me after they've left they wanted us to come over there since they had their grand kids with them. They were just riding them around on the golf cart and bringing us t he DVDs. So we called them back and asked had they eaten yet and they hadn't thank goodness. So what did we do, yep, we took dinner to them! ;) Except for all my china, we did leave that home.

Man it WAS GOOD to! Even though I say so myself. ;) We all eat 2 bowls of it and we have left overs for tomorrows lunch.

Here's the recipe in case anyone is interested in it. Although I didn't really do mine like this one. I just basically used it as a guide. I did add lots of garlic to mine as well as cooked some chives in it. Also since I didn't have the bouillon cubes in mine I had less sodium and even used low sodium crackers as well.

Potato Soup

Makes 10 servings- Ideal slow cooker size is 4 quarts

6 potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 leeks, chopped
2 onions, chopped
1 rib celery, sliced
4 chicken bouillon cubes
1 TBSP. dried parsley flakes
5 cups water
pepper to taste
3 TBSP. light, soft tub margarine
12-oz. can fat free evaporated milk
chopped chives

1.) Combine all ingredients except milk and chives in slow cooker.
2.) Cover, cook on low 10-12 hours, on high 3-4 hours. Stir in milk during last hour.
3.) If desired, mash potatoes before serving.
4.) Garnish with chives.

1.) Add one carrot, sliced to vegetables before cooking.
2.) Instead of water and bouillon cubes, use 4-5 cups chicken stock.

Exchange list values:
Carb 1.5
Basic Nutritional Values:
Cal. 123
Cal. from fat 14
Total fat 2 gm
Sat. fat 0.1 gm
polunsat. fat 0.4 gm
monounsat fat 0.8 gm
cholesterol 0 mg.
sodium 447 mg.
total carb 23 gm.
dietary fiber 2 gm.
sugars 7 gm.
protien 5 gm

Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying to Do Things On Our Own

I have often thought about how we try to do things on our own and then when we are at the ends of our ropes that's when and only when we hand it over to God. Oh but it doesn't end there! We keep taking it back like He doesn't know HOW to handle it like we do. I have said, okay here it is God, it's yours, I can't do this, it's Yours and before long I was worrying about it again and again and again. I had to keep reminding myself, no I have given this to God, and I AM NOT going to take it back and start worrying about it again. It's IN HIS HANDS! And some times I would have to keep saying that when I would start worrying again about what ever it was, nope it's in His Hands!

I have learned over the years you first have to take it to God, and then you can handle it WITH His help, what ever it is. But like I said, I have had to keep reminding myself nope, it's in HIS HANDS now, NOT MINE! It's HIS!

Several years ago I was sharing with some christian ladies about something I was going through TRYING to find a solution for and I was at wits end worrying over it. A few days after I shared my problem with them, it hit me, Rose, turn it over to God! He KNOWS ALL about the situation and JUST how to handle it! Then I thought, DUH now WHYYYYYYYYY hadn't I thought about this BEFORE NOW! And then something else hit me later on, now WHYYYYY didn't those ladies OR at least ONE of those ladies tell me to pray about it? Why didn't one of them at least ask me, Rose, have your tried praying about it? Then something else hit me, they're in the same boat I am, trying to handle things on their own to. I'm not trying to be critical of these ladies. I was seriously trying to find a solution to my problem, turning to them for help. When I turned it over to God, He had in handled in less than two weeks! The problem stopped just like when you fix a leaky faucet, the water stops. I didn't have to DO anything, BUT hand it over to God and tell Him that I COULD NOT HANDLE IT and did not know HOW to handle it but I KNEW THAT HE DID know how!!!! He handled it perfectly! He truly can and will handle our situations IF ONLY we will give them to Him and ask Him to handle them for us. We can make our selves sick trying to deal with things all on our own. Sometimes we think we are allowing Him to take our problems since we pray and ask Him to but we're not letting go so He can. We're still trying to do it and He REALLY doesn't need our help! We're weak but we think we're strong. 2 Co. 12:8 tells us, My power works best in your weaknesses. Paul, like us, was a self-sufficient person. The thorn in his flesh kept him humble reminding him of his need for God and it helped others around him to see God working in his life. As we see our limits we will go more to God. If we never had any problems we wouldn't think we ever needed God. We would definitely think we could "do it all our self!"

When we realize we have done wrong we have to go to God and ask His forgiveness. We also have to forgive ourselves and not keep beating our self up for what we have done or said. If we really meant it when we ask God for His forgiveness then the next thing is to forgive our self as well. Some of us are our own worst critics as well as enemies. We beat our self up for things we've done or said and will not let it go when God's already forgiven us since we asked Him to. Our God is a loving God. I just can't see Him standing there with a pitch fork demanding things that we demand from our self when the word plainly says to ask Him for His forgiveness and He WILL forgive! He didn't say might forgive, He said WILL FORGIVE! We have to stay focused on Him and His word to stay renewed and our minds renewed. The world is saying, you deserve this, you deserve that, on and on. Well Jesus didn't get these things so WHY do we think WE deserve them? The world around us wants us to think of our self. Jesus tells us to think of others more than our self. You deserve a break today, You deserve to treat yourself, You deserve to go to the spa, on and on. If we listen to what the world/satan tells us, and do what the world tells us, how can we think of others more than our self? When I give something to someone, I'm to not think of getting something in return. My focus should not be on me. If we don't do a quite time with Him and His word daily we don't have the strength we need to fight what the world is telling us, or not to do what the worlds saying because we're hearing the world more than we're hearing from God and His word because we're not IN His word regular. You can't serve two masters He says. You can't straddle the fence. You can't have it both ways. You're either hot or cold He says in His word. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways He says. I always like to say, where there's a will there's a way. There HAS to be a will, you have to BE WILLING. But we really can, do all things through Christ who strengthens us, that didn't say, through our self, it said through Christ!!! I have to depend on Christ for He and He ALONE is my strength AND my rock! I am MORE than a conqueror through Him. Greater is He that is IN ME, than he that is IN the world. I'm not of the world. I can't think like the world, because I am Gods child and I have a map I have to go by, the Holy Bible. That is how I am suppose to behave by what it says. I've often heard this asked by Christian folks I look up to, if you are the only Bible some folks read, what are they reading in you? Do they see Jesus, am I leading them to Jesus? Do they feel His peace when they are around me? Do they feel His comfort, Do they see my joy because He's within me? There's NO WAY we can do it all on our own! We HAVE TO HAVE God's help and His guidance in our life day by day EVEN in the little things, NOT just the big things. He REALLY is there for us and REALLY does love us! Call on Him in the little things AND in the big things!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


LOL Cindy @ Romantic Homes Blog....... I JUST left a comment about your decorating on your blog and come here and you have left one on mine! :) THANK YOU! I can use ALL the help I can get on this subject! I'm thinking I don't want to go a stark white either. But I do want the sky blue in there for some color.
Oh yeah, it takes me a while before I can go to sleep at night. My brains still in over load.
Thank you all for your comments!

Painting the Bedroom

I do my best thinking after I go to bed at night. I guess that's because I am finally stopped and my brain has slowed down some. lol I can't focus on 2-3 things at a time or I get very aggravated and annoyed so I guess my brain is busy all day and at night I can really think. ??? That's what I figured anyway! ;)

I was lying in bed a couple nights ago thinking about this bedroom, just how I could paint it. I am trying to think of the future because I know I will grow tired of the blue paint and not everything will match blue! I KNOW I want SOME color in there though and not just go a neutral color. I have the chair rail up in there 1/4 way up the wall all around the room. This is my thinking. Do the main wall where the bed is, that's the largest wall with NO windows OR doors on it, do that one a pretty soft sky blue. Then do the others white along WITH the 1/4 of the wall under the chair rail on the wall where the bed is, white. That way the WHOLE room will be white except for the top part where the bed is where there is blue. THAT WAY, when I grow weary of the blue, ALL I will have to paint is that one top wall! I can paint it any color then because all the other walls is white. I need to paint the trim in there as well though and now I am trying to think of a color to paint the trim. I thought about a sand color but don't want that clashing with the blue since there is molding up at the top of that wall as well. I even like the thought of the off white for the whole room instead of just white but need it to be as close to white as possible because I will be using bedspreads that are white, and then the other one has a beige background. It may not look right if I go white walls and use the beige background bedspread. Plus I have to keep in mind my headboard is off white and the furniture WILL BE one day as well.

Oh my goodness, she's at it again. I just LOVE this woman!!!! Bonita is who I am referring to! Man she hit me today!!!! THANK YOU BONITA! :) I have been going through loads here lately and I don't guess I'm handling it as well as I should be or maybe I am trying to handle it all on my own and not allowing God to help me. I can't go into it any farther on here but I just get sooo much out of her posts!!! Here is what she had to say today. LOVE how this woman lets God use her! AWESOME LADY!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lamp

Well here is that 1.00 lamp I found yesterday I had asked you all how to take apart. I got in there last night looking at it and took the little felt piece off the bottom and noticed the little bolt that held it all together. I thought, I wonder if THAT is what holds it all together and the glass vase thing isn't glued to the base at all? So I started taking the little bolt off and sure enough the vase came off. I had to get some slack in the electrical cord though but that wasn't hard to do. Anyway I broke the Styrofoam base they had to stick all the little flowers into, and all that junk just fell out. I had to wipe out all the moss like stuff in it but now I have a clear vase for putting the shells into. They had the little flowers glued in there as you can see from the pic. On the other pic the base is upside down so you can see how it looks without the little black felt over it. The lamp is larger than it looks. The vase looks to be about a gallon size or more. NOW to get those shells!! ;)

Wanted to show you all the lamp before and the lamp after I took out the old flowers. As I stated before, I have the shade that came with it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thank you Rhoda, Lucy!!!

Well I guess I will just have to "MAKE ME" a place to store mine! I had to chuckle at your statement Rhoda, about under the stairs being YOURS. ;)

I was thinking maybe I could get me some of those large plastic tubs that have the nice lids on them to put my things in and put them in the shed outside. That way my house wouldn't be cluttered with it all.

Just this evening, I found one more lamp, yep ANOTHER ONE! The ones I have in the bedroom now just aren't right. The ladies on the decorating forum told me last year, or was it the year before ???? The base of them was just too small for the height of the lamp they said. They were nice about it. Anyway this is one of those lamps that has the clear vase like base to it and I am HOPING I can take it apart and put SEA SHELLS in there! Right now it has some sort of dried flowers in it. I'll have to do before and after pix. I found the lamp for 1.00 and it also has the shade. I will definitely HAVE to do something with the shade though. Also if you have ever taken one of these lamps apart to put something inside there, will you please let me know how you did it? It looks like mine is glued to the metal base. I may have to soak it in some water to make the glue turn free. ???

I also found some nice thick square glass votive's for my blue candles and sea shell idea for the bedroom. Also got some more twigs for the flower or should I say the TWIG arrangement! lol

Thanx again ladies for your comments on my question.

May I Ask You Ladies a Question?

I was just making my rounds in blog land reading my favorite blogs when I came up on Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality. She was sharing her version of white pumpkins. She loves garage sales like I do. That made me wonder WHERE does SHE keep all her decorating items shes found to decorate with? So....... WHERE do you all store your garage sale/thrift store items you want to decorate with? Do you have a spot you keep them? Please leave us your answers in the comments if you don't mind because we all would really like to know. I don't have space at all for storage and probably others need some ideas as well. HELP.......... and thank you all for responding!!!

Make it an awesome day and remember to be joyful. :)

Thinkin' About My Beachy Bedroom

Yep still dreaming here about that beachy bedroom!
Came mighty close to bidding on these pics last night!
Man those things are FINE!!!! BUT I already have that paint print I picked up at the garage sale the other day. It's kind of like these and I was afraid that would be too much of the same kind of thing in there. Our plans are to go to Gulf Shores again before it gets too cold so maybe I can find me some more nice large sea shells at that great gift shop over there. LUV that place!
I am really really wanting to downscale my furniture in our bedroom because it's too large for that small bedroom. I saw something the other day in a magazine at B.A.M. (Books A Million) that really got me to thinking. I have this large dresser and had been looking at it for awhile now thinking about cutting the ends off it. I can just hear some of you! LOL Anyway each end is JUST alike. Have been trying to figure out HOW to make it work like this because I wouldn't want it looking like it was cut up when I get finished with it. Anyway the pic in the magazine I found, they had something like this on each side of their bed for night stands. I thought, NOW THAT'S what I could do! Man what space I would have in there then. I would only be losing 3 teeny tiny drawers in the dresser by cutting it like this. Then I would be painting it like I had planned to do to begin with, the country white color. I don't know if it would work for night stands or not since it is taller than our bed is. Anyway we have this woodworking place near us that makes things. I had thought about taking it to them to see if they could do what I am talking about and it would make it smaller for the bedroom.
Edited to say: I have a favorite blog that I have to read EVERYDAY. I just LOVE Bonita's Streams of Living Water! You have just GOT to check out what she said today! These days it's really annoying me that folks are STUCK on self. I guess we ALL are selfish to some extent and I KNOW I am as well. But it's NOT ALL ABOUT ME! I have 2-3 really selfish people in my life right now and they are just about to drive me insane. One so called friend is so bad she wont even let you have the floor to talk. She talks over you when you talk. It's really gotten to me here lately because it's like she doesn't care about what you have to say, only what she wants to say. Even when I am shopping it's all around me, folks leave their buggys in the ailses and they look at you like they could kill you if you move their buggy to get around it. I mean it's gotten really bad. I really really liked Bonita's post today, and it REALLY IS TRUE, it's REALLY NOT ABOUT YOU OR I! I love her comment, "attitude tune up". I just love it when someone speaks from the heart and you can really tell she does that!
You go Bonita!!!! :) I need an attitude tune up lots of times!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Good Laugh

Awhile ago Antiques Road Show was on. We always like to watch that show! I walked into the living room just in time to see it on. DH hadn't told me it was on. He has those TV ears so we don't hear the TV now. He's hard of hearing and he always had the TV so loud that you could hear it all over the house. So we got him some TV ears and he loves them! Now he can hear EVERYTHING they say. NOT that that's good by any means but you get the point. ;)
Anyway I sit down to watch the show and was sitting there for a few minutes and the phone rang. It was one of our friends so DH answers the phone. He was talking to him and I was watching the show. There was this guy on there that bought a large picture and he said the reason he bought it was for the frame. He liked the frame. They kept on telling him the info about his pic and the guy tells him, and you bought it for the frame? Why yeah, I liked the frame. The guy says, well the pic is worth between 12-18K and I fell out. That was so funny to me I was rolling in laughter! I must have really needed a good laugh! lol I am still chuckling when I think about it because he bought it for the frame and the frame was messed up. But I to liked the frame! The pic inside was boats and women on shore waiting for their men to come home, nothing really neat about the pic at all. But it was worth 12-18K and he paid 25.00 for the thing just for the frame! It just hit me in the funny bone and I was howling in laughter! DH was looking at me and I just couldn't stop laughing. Our friend still on the phone with him said he needed to bottle up my laugh and sell it. Everyone being down in the dumps about the stock market he said. Can you imagine? I was like heck, sell the painting and keep the frame! LOL

Finishing Projects, and Ike

I have been in one more mood today. Nothing seems to be going right and I am sooooo grouchy so I just found me something to do. I had planned on spraying the scotchgard on my outdoor cushions today but thought about that and decided I better not because the love bugs would cover them and that wouldn't work. So they are STILL piled in here in the office. I can't take them out until they have been treated or they will mildew so I am stuck with them in here until the love bugs are gone I guess.
I feel so sorry for the folks in Texas. We've been there and know what they are going through. They have been on my mind today AND in my prayers! When you don't have electricity and water it makes things triple hard. Then they tell you to conserve your gas you have in your cars and you make loads of trips trying to get your supplies you have to have to survive. Well I guess you COULD make it without ice, but try it sometime for a couple days and see how bad it is. We're all spoiled to these modern things in life these days and it makes it very hard when you don't have the things you're used to. Plus losing your home or your things and the grief of it all. Just kills me knowing what all they're going through right now. :( I sat and cried watching the news this evening. It just really gets to me.
I just had to find me something to do because I felt like I just needed to accomplish something. So I got out the wooden box I found the other day that I put on here for you all to see. I got one of the dowel rods out of it and glued the piece back on it that was broken. I have it in there gluing now. I turned it upside down so it would rest on it's broken area so it would glue better with the weight on it.
Then I took those poor lace curtains off my china cabinet and got those things hemmed. They have been hanging up there now I know for a year without a hem in them. Well they are finally hemmed!
I also did some de-cluttering again. Man it's totally amazing to me how it can pile up! A little pile here and a little pile there in this little house soon gets to be wayyyy too much to handle. lol Plus with me not feeling well everything seems to be magnified! lol I guess I may as well laugh huh?
Thank you all for your sweet comments about my food. lol I warmed some of it today for my lunch and also added some cooked mixed veggies to it. I didn't need to eat anymore collards today. They make me swell so bad! So I just cooked some mixed veggies to go with the other things. I love garlic! You can't get too much of the stuff in my food. So I added just a little of my healthy butter and then a heaping tablespoon of the garlic that's in the jar to the veggies. Man they were so good! Yep there's nothing as good as a home cooked meal is there? :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Food, Stuffed, AND Country Talkin'

I cooked lunch today and we had collard greens, Mexican cornbread, broccoli cornbread, (for the D.D, dear daughter) fried chicken wings, and broccoli and cheese. You should have heard my D.H. (dear husband) As I was cooking the meal he kept saying, man this meal is going to be good while he paced back and forth through the kitchen eyeing the food cooking. ;) I guess it's really true, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! LOL He knew what I was going to cook today for lunch so when we sit down to eat I told DD he had talked in his sleep last night about the lunch today and I didn't crack a smile. DD looks at me like did he really? Then DH says, no I didn't. Then I burst ed out laughing. He eat until he couldn't eat anymore. Have you ever tried soaking your chicken in baking soda and water with salt added to it? It really makes it good for frying. I soaked it for about an hour or so today but I normally soak it longer. You can even soak it over night like that and it's really good. Then you just drain off the water and flour it like normal. The salt seems to pull out all that old blood and then the soda seems to make it tender or something. Really good vittles! ;) Sure wish I'd taken a pic of our spread while I had it out on the table, but you KNOW what I had in mind! lol

Speaking of baking soda, have you ever heard anyone call it, baking sody? There are lots of older folks around here that call it that. I just think it's so neat how folks talk. Several years back I called my mother in law to get a recipe she had. When I wrote the recipe down I wrote it JUST LIKE she told it to me on the phone. It's so funny to read the recipe. She was one of the cooks that didn't hardly use recipes for the main stuff she made. I know folks that have to have a recipe for cornbread. I just put the ingredients in and stir. lol But lots of folks use a recipe for it. My mother in law was a really good cook! She always soaked her chicken in salt water over night. She made the best chicken I have ever put in my mouth. Oh and her spaghetti, man now that was fine! I'm not really wild about tomatoes cooked in food, not that I don't like them because I do. I got sick off canned tomatoes many moons ago when I was a teen and thought I was dying. Now I'm just not to wild about tomatoes. I do like them fresh from the garden and cooked in things if there's not loads of them in the food. Anyway she knew how to cook the spaghetti!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bargains From Ross'

Hubby and I went to B.A.M. tonight and while there looking at books and magazines about beachy rooms, ;) I kept thinking, walk over there to Ross's and see what they have. When I headed in B.A.M. I thought about it but said no, and went on into the book store. I kept thinking while I was in there about Ross so I decided to walk over there and check out what they had. Well good thing I did cuz I found some more beach bargains for the bedroom. The brownish little candle holders have a whole through the top so you can string something through there and hang them. They have sea shells and an anchor on them. I thought some hay string would really be cool to hang them with since it''s the color it is. I bought two of those and two of the little tea lite fish as well. The little fish were 1.99 each and the little tea lite brown candle holders were 2.99. The seagull was 3.99.

I found some pretty blue candles earlier today for votive cups for 10/1.00 and bought 30 of them but got different colors, not just the blue ones. I keep seeing the pretty clear vases with the sand in them and a candle with the sea shells in them and I really like those. I found me a couple nice thick square glass things at Ross tonight and was going to get those for that idea and one of them was cracked and they didn't have another one. :( That would have been soooo pretty because it was really thick glass and just the right size to for the candles I had already bought today. Oh well I'll find some more later I'm sure. I also saw something else at Ross and just so happened to have my camera with me this time! Will have to post a pic of that to I guess. It's sticks, lol with sea shells glued onto them. I loved that idea and thought that would be SOOOO neat in a vase of some sort. I didn't buy those I just took a pic instead because I have sticks AND I have some pretty sea shells that I picked up off the beach that I would like to make me some with. So now I can make my own. Also they were like 8.00 for them and I knew I could have many more shells in mine that that with the sticks I already have on hand. So now I need to find me a vase for this idea.

Garage Sal-ing

I had to get gas in my car today and pick up some grocery items and in my doing that I spied a garage sale sign. On my way back from getting the gas I pulled off the road and jotted the address down to the sale. I went but didn't find anything of interest. So I thought, let me ride around town here and see if I can locate another sign. Yep I found one more. Got the address and what do you think I find but one more pink rose item! YEP! A cake stand. Even my (D.D., dear daughter like this one) So I guess I did REALLY GOOD for her to like it. lol I paid 4.00 for the cake stand.

I also found at the same sale, a lace curtain, 2 very wide panels and a valance all for 1.00 each. I've been thinking about the curtain for my bedroom. That would be really airy looking for my beachy room. ;) Of course I would have to have a roman blind behind it for added privacy. Anytime I find lace panels I always get them because I can do all sorts of things with them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting Decisions

Well I am highly considering painting the master bedroom BLUE! I keep looking at paint cards and I keep going back to the blue! I ask our dear daughter this evening to come into my bedroom and look at the paint card and that old dusty rose carpet to help me decide IF it would clash or not since I want to go all the way to the floor with the paint and not chop the room into with two different colors on the chair rail. shooooooooooooo talk about a run on sentence! ;) The color I am looking at is Lowes Valspar Big Sky SR1203. I even thought about getting some of those little stick on stars and moons to put on the ceiling in there. lol I love the outdoors and that would be so neat! DD has them in her room and I have slept in there and it's really neat when you turn the lights off and lie in bed with the stars above your head.

You know I just happen to think, I could paint one wall in the blue and then get another color that matches the blue that has a green tint to it since I want to be able to use all 3 of my spreads in here. When I get tired of one spread I can use the other ones. Then my plans are to paint all the moldings and all THREE doors that are in this poor little room ALL an off white color that matches the other color or colors. lol I am TRYING to make it ALL work so I wont be stuck with only one choice of colors in there. This Big Sky blue color is soooooo pretty and SO VERY RELAXING looking! Daffodils room is so relaxing and airy looking until I really really like the idea of using the blue. PLUS my pretty beach art print would look SO PRETTY on blue walls! I have painted this room SOOOOO MANY times and I'm really really thinking on this one so I wont have to paint it again for a few years since I'm not getting any younger. Also this room is sooo dark right now with this red paint in it and I think this will make it much lighter and airy looking. I feel SO CLOSED IN in this room! The little window in there is so small it makes it dark and closed in looking. I thought about using a mirror and putting some curtains over it to make it appear to be a window on the other wall just to give it more light. Anyway decisions decisions. ;)

I've been looking at beachy cottages online and I do love the nice clean airy look most of them have with the white walls and the light blue paints. I have gotten a bunch of the pix off line as inspirational ideas.

All I have in pix so far to hang on the walls in there is the beach looking print I posted here and then I have a mirror and shelf that I painted country white that I can use in there. That's about all I have. I thought about painting a wooden shelf and putting it in there with some shells on it. Needing some ideas on other things than sea shells though. I know I don't want to use light houses and stuff like that. I just don't want to get too many shells in there and over power things. lol

The Wooden Box

For lack of something better to call it. I have no idea what it is unless it IS for magazines. As you can see it has all those dowel rods in it. My plans was to paint it so I was going to cut the dowel rods out to. I have also got to glue the piece back on. It was broken on one end at the top. In one of the pix you can see it. I haven't glued it back on yet. I just stuck it on there to get the pic. I paid less than a 1.00 for it. For some reason it reminds me of a box you'd find deep in the ocean with treasures in it. lol IF I ever get a little grand daughter I might just have to make her a little baby doll cradle out of it. It's a really neat piece. I keep loads of books beside my bed on my side so I just might have to put my books in it. That would work huh? :) I am still trying to decide on a paint color for the room so if I do decide to put this in there with my books in it, I would defiently have to paint it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Musical Bell And Sea Shells

Today I went back to the antique store my sister and I went to a few weeks ago and got me some of the sea shells they had there. They had the larger ones for 3.00. Not sure that's a good deal but didn't know where I could find any this size around here, so I paid it. (getting ready for my beachy bedroom.) Then they also had some for 2/1.00 that I bought a few of. I didn't want them all to be the same so I just bought like 8 of the small ones I believe it was. I'm going to add some more shells to it but I wanted different kinds. Anyway then went to the thrift store and found the little wooden bowl pedestal thingy for 1.55. I thought that was really neat and trying to decide IF I need to paint it country white or leave it as is. I think the sea shells show up in it well like it is, but don't know if it will stick out like a sore thumb in the bedroom with whitish or blue walls and beige furniture whenever I get all of this done! lol
Anyway while in the antique store I found this musical bell and just had to have it because it has PINK ROSES! As you can see from the price it wasn't much. It's pretty large to , it doesn't look it in the pix but it's about 8" tall. The lady had marked it down to 4.00, but I would have paid the 7.50 she had wanted for it because it's well worth that. NO WAY I would make it for that. :) Anyway I thought it was VERY PRETTY! It has the wind up music box on the inside of it. I'll have to cut me a piece of cardboard for the bottom of it and maybe cover it with some off white satin cloth since the bottom is left open. I have no clue where it will go but I saw it and it's definitely me! It's not an antique though, but that's okay with me. :)
I also found a couple more things but the wooden box thing needs gluing back. I will post pix of it. I'm really not sure what I am going to do with it but it was made from some really nice wood and has some really nice handles on it as well. I thought it would be nice for magazines but I think I want something else in it. It almost looks like a baby doll cradle. But I know it's not because it has dowel rods in it. It would be SO NEAT to sit on the hearth and put pine cones in it. But my house is really too small for larger stuff like that to sit on the hearth.

I also got my light sockets for the two chandiliers I have been working on finishing. NOW I have to get with my friend who does electrical work to see just how I need to wire the things. I wanted 3 lights per chandilier but I don't know HOW to wire one with three lights and only one electrical cord. lol

Prayer Of Hope

Something I just found on my floppies. Hope you enjoy and it gives someone strength to face another day.

Prayer of Hope

Dear Master, take me by the hand,
And guide me through this day;
The path ahead is rough, oh Lord,
And painful is the way...
Dear Master, take me by the hand,
And fill me with Thy peace;
Uplift my heart and soul, oh Lord,
That I may find release...
Dear Master, take me by the hand,
And give me strength to cope;
Protect me from the cares of life,
And bless me with new hope...
Dear Master, take me by the hand,
And keep me close to Thee;
Release me from all doubt and fear,
And set my sprit free!

By: Hope C. Oberhelman

In Memory Of Our Little Chipper

One more time!

I just had to show you these pix. You can click on them to make them larger pix.

We lost our little buddy, Chip, to lung cancer right before Christmas '07. We STILL miss him SO MUCH! I'm sitting here crying as I post these pix of him that was on some of the floppies I posted about earlier. He dearly LOVED opening up Christmas presents and I just had to show you! He always got several to open up. As you can see he was after his present my husband had in his hand. Then in the other photo you can see how much he loved sitting by the electric heater. That's one of his Christmas toys he is holding there.

We went yesterday talking to a guy that used to raise Boston Terriers to see if he had any but he has stopped raising them. We think we are about ready to get another one. We had Chip for 11 wonderful years and dearly loved that dog! He was a part of our family and we miss him SO MUCH! I'm so glad I took so many pix of him! He sure was a great dog!!

Bellingrath Gardens

As I was telling you, it's gorgeous in the spring. We have been many times and I love it, it's just so peaceful.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Bugs 2 AND Another Bargain

First off let me start with the more positive things and I PROMISE I will try to end it with a positive to!! ;)

We went to one of our little salvage stores around here today, just looking of course. I'm browsing around there and notice this box that says floppy drive on it. Well back in Nov. '07 my husband bought me a new computer. I mean a fancy thing with WIN. Vista and a mega huge monitor. It's almost as big as our TV. lol Anyway I just noticed a few months back this thing doesn't have a FLOPPY DRIVE! I had given my old computer to my daughters boyfriend by this time and here I am with herds and herds and HERDS of floppies with NO WAY of getting all my things off these floppies! I was getting worried because I have loads of my digital pix that are just plain out precious to me, on floppies as well as all my embroidery programs I bought for my embroider machine and all kinds of decorating inspirational pix, on and on. I mean LOADS of stuff on these floppies and I had no way of getting my stuff. I was very unhappy. THEN today I spy this external floppy drive for 1/2 off of 29.99. I checked the box to make sure everything was there and it was!!!! I have been playin' with it all evening now! lol I have already filled up one CD with pix and stuff and started working on another one.
My daughter was going to take the most important ones and try to put them on a CD for me at her boyfriends house but I wanted ALL my floppies because some wasn't labeled properly with what was on them! ;) So I had no idea which ones was the most important. So now for the next few days I will be getting my things on the Cd's and emptying the floppies of their contents. Needless to say I was mega excited to find this. I had just asked my daughter a couple weeks ago, reckon they make external ones I could use on my computer to get my things off these floppies? She said she didn't know. Well now I have one and I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! God is SO GOOD to me!!!!! He REALLY IS! This happens to me a lot and I KNOW where it comes from!!! :) I don't take it for granted! Thank you Father!!!! YOU know my hearts desire and You DO give me the desires of my heart AND I DO thank You!!!!! Some times it hits me to the point I'm so humbled I start crying because He's just soooo good!
Now for those pix up there. ;) Those are some pix of those pesky love bugs! I blew the carport and patio off yesterday evening late and this is what's piled up out there just today. See the steps? Excuse the little corner part of the brick being off there. Our dog many moons ago got loose and was dragging his chain around the yard. lol He got it caught in the corner of the brick there and tore the bricks out. DH (dear Hubby) hasn't ever fixed it. The dog did the same thing to the front steps as well. Anyway these critters make a mess as you can see and are very annoying to say the least! You are very blessed if you don't have them. :)
Speaking of putting all the pix and things off the floppies onto the Cd's, I asked my daughter how could I print out all the things that were on the Cd's once I added them to the program. I said there HAS to be a way to do that. We couldn't figure out any other way than to open up Microsoft works and then go back to the program with my "stuff" on it and we hit the button print screen and then went back to the M. Works pad and hit the control and V buttons on the keyboard all at the same time so it all would appear on the M. Works pad. Then we printed it out. We had to do that several times because it only prints out just what's on the screen and I think I wound up with like 5 pages of print outs. lol That's not even one box of floppies!
I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday! I'm still taking the Airborne stuff though. Going to take the whole little bottle.
Have you ever been to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile Alabama? Well if you haven't you're missing somethin'. As I was browsing through all these floppies this evening I came across 4 floppies with pix of the gardens on them. I mean it's a gorgeous place but I do love it in the spring with the azaleas are blooming! I'll have to make another post to show you a couple of my pix. We've been at Christmas time as well and it's pretty at that time of the year to. But I just LOVE spring time so I guess that's why that's my favorite!
Hope everyone is well AND having an awesome day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beachy Master Bedroom

Yep I'm STILL looking. :)
I have found loads of ideas but have decided ;) I need a bigger bedroom! No serious, there are loads of ideas out there and I just wanted to share some links I found. Someone might want to turn their bedroom into an beach oasis as well. In my searching I have found a few links with some standing candles off to the sides in the pix. I have some that I am going to try and figure out where in our bedroom I can place them. Will have to paint all 3 of them but hope I can find JUST the right spot for them all! The room is soooo small! It looks very cluttered when I add too much. It makes it really hard for me to decorate! Also need to start hunting me some larger sea shells. :) A pretty blue wall with white clouds and a canopy over the bed. This is a childs room but you could easily change some things to make it for adults. Check out this coastal chic one from Home Depot. I LOVE the airy feel to these rooms!!! The white and the light blues! awesome!!!! Isn't this sooooo romantic looking? You could change the wall color to a pretty light blue and change the throw pillows to another color. Check out Mabels Painting the Bedroom subject on her blog. My bed is about the color of her newest pic and I was wondering what it would look like with the walls painted blue or a pearl color. Now I know and I like the look! :) A little too dark for my bedroom since I only have the one window. But it's still very pretty with the white. Very pretty! Note: Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style Really Cool Color Palette

No Pix Today, Sorry!

As I stated yesterday, I was going to get pix of the patio and carport floor of all the love bugs. But I have not been feeling well today. Then on top of that, it rained this evening so there wasn't as many as yesterday out there on the floor to show you.

Since Gustav headed toward us, I have noticed loads of folks with some sort of bronchial stuff. Our daughters boyfriend had it and now she's got it and I think I am trying to get it. Our daughter went to the Dr. yesterday. I have been taking more Vit. C's for the past few days hoping to avoid the stuff and then last night my throat started getting sore (one of their symptoms) and I started taking the Airborne stuff trying to keep from getting the mess. I don't do not being able to breathe out my nose! lol Our daughter sounds like she has a bad head cold and is very hoarse sounding. I got up like that this morning but had started taking the Airborne last night at 9:30 and took a couple more doses every three hours after that so I'm hoping I kick it before it attaches itself to me! ;) Anyway also been taking it all day today and just praying it helps me not get this. Started the hubby on it tonight so maybe he wont get it either. I'm feeling pretty drained today and stayed in the bed most of the day to let my body rest to try and fight the stuff. So I do hope you all will forgive me for not taking the pic today. :) I noticed Daddofil saying her folks had something as well. Several other folks around here are sick as well. After Katrina lots of folks were sick with sinus stuff. Just makes ya wonder what these things are blowing in on us. OR maybe it's because we were so stressed out over it all until we made ourselves sick. Who knows? I just hope everyone gets well fast and back to their normal selves. :)
Daff, how cool is that? Your bedroom is also blue. Do you remember the name of your paint color? I don't want a real dark, I wanted a really light blue color something like maybe sky blue.

Hee hee after I posted this I started reading on your blog about your blue heaven! Man it is VERY peaceful looking! Makes one go, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's so relaxing! I want me some wicker furniture SO BAD! Our bedroom is really small but MAYBE I could fit in ONE of the chairs! I thought I had found me one the other day at my favorite shopping place. But then on second look at it, it was in BAD need of some TLC in which I had no idea on how to give! The whole back was out of it and I have no clue how to fix that. Dearly LOVE your blue heaven Daff! You did great!!!!!

I was just thinking, my carpet in the master bedroom is that dusty rose from the late 80's. I have wanted to change the two carpets out, in the bedroom, and the living room now for ages but my husband doesn't see the need of that for some reason. ???? Anyway so I will have to live with that dusty rose carpet unless I pull it up and just paint the sub flooring a color. lol So what I am wondering is, the color blue is not going to look right in there with THAT carpet is it? I might just HAVE to go with the white or pearl color. I'm going to get a paint card and check it though before I decide against the blue color. :)

Get well everybody!
Make it an awesome day!!!

Beachy Bedroom

The more I think about this beachy bedroom the more I am likin' this idea. I dearly LOVE the outdoors anyway and just a couple years back realized just how much I love the beach! That is, when it's not so hot on it! lol I like it in early Oct. when it's not sooooo hot! I don't do the heat, especially this humid heat in July-Sept. we have around here!!!!! Anyway I am really wondering what color I need to paint this room! I am so worried I wont like the off white or pearl color. I saw one room done in a soft tan color and I like that for their room but worry it will be TOO dark for my one window bedroom. :(

If I go to town tomorrow my plans are to pick me up some paint cards so I can choose the right color this time since this bedroom has been painted like 3 times and I still am not happy with it! You know I just happen to think. I probably have some in my filing cabinet.

Check this out! This tells you the meaning of colors. I think I like the blue since it's calming, cooling, and relaxing. Then the white would really be nice to paint all that old brown molding and the doors with because the white is purifying, unifying and expanding. Well I hope that expanding means your mind, because my body doesn't need to be expanded anymore. ;) Check this link out. It's very neat! I've learned a lot here in just a short time! I really like the idea of a really soft blue!

I also found some decorating ideas for the bathroom that joins our bedroom. I've been wanting to redo this poor thing as it still has the old pink wallpaper in there we put back in '89.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Bugs

So you say you don't know WHAT love bugs are? Well aren't you ONE LUCKY (BLESSED) human being? ;) I have NO CLUE WHY they are on the face of the earth! NONE! Nothing could eat the things they are SO BITTER! ughhhhh YES they are bitter! And YES I have tasted them, NOT by choice I can assure you! You know how we have this food chain with the critters? Well I don't know HOW these things fit into the thing because they are of no use whatsoever!!!! EVERYONE hates the things! We have them EVERY spring AND fall! They are out now in droves! And I do mean droves! I will get you a couple pix of them tomorrow because today I have already blown them off the patio and carport.

THEN I thought, ugh, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy didn't I take a pic of these gorgeous things to share on my blog! There was not ONE SPOT you could have stepped on our patio OR carport without stepping on these nasty things!!! NOT ONE! It is totally covered in them. OR should I say, was totally covered with them. It hadn't been but like 15 minutes at max when I blew them off the floor but some of them have made it back AND brought their friends with them! After they mate, I believe the male dies and the females go in the ground and comes back in force in the spring and then later in the fall. They are attracted to white or light colors and you don't dare wear those colors outside because they will wrap you up! And I can not stand anything crawling on me! They will litterly drive you nutz if you have to be outside with them. They also love something about the fumes on a car when it is running. This white car is my daughters, bless her heart! They will ruin your paint job on your car if you leave them on there for long periods of time. You can't even drive anywhere without them getting ALL OVER your windshield! When they dry, you just about have to get Brillo pads to get them off your car and windshield.

You see just inside my back door on the floor? They're that bad or worse EVERY evening. We have the screen door but they come in after the wooden door color , it's a light peach color and then the screen, beige, so it draws them! I had planned on having at least the wooden door itself painted before they came out in the fall but as you can see, I didn't get it done. :(

I have some pix of them I took this evening after I thought about sharing these nice little critters with you folks that don't know what they are. You lucky things! WHYYYYY do us southerners get all the yucky critters? ;)

Here is some info on them if you are really interested in them! Several years ago I read up on them but really don't remember it all now. Trust me when I say, they're not JUST in Florida or Texas!

Stay tuned for tomorrows pix of my black carport and patio.

Make it an awesome day! Stay inside away from the love bugs! LOL

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Garage Sale Art Print

When we went to take our niece her birthday present her Grandma, Aunt, and Mom were having a garage sale. I spotted this art print and just had to have it. I LOVE THE SCENE on it! It makes me feel like I am in Gulf Shores Alabama when I see it. I LOVE THAT BEACH! I had NO IDEA, NONE at all where I was going to put it. It does not fit with my deco style at all but I knew if I didn't get it I WOULD BE SO SORRY when I thought of WHERE I could use it to make it fit in. Anyway on the way home I kept looking at the pic and it hit me! OUR BEDROOM!!!! :) My plans were to paint the walls pearl white in there anyway. The print has blue in it, it has a little pink in it AND the white and off white! I have the two spreads that has the blue in them. One of the spreads is white with a light blue background. As some of you know it is chenille. I dearly love chenille spreads. Anyway the other is a darker blue with lighter blue here and there in it. Then I have the off white background spread that has the pink flowers in it that I wanted to also keep because it is SO ME! Anyway as usual I got it for a bargain. I paid 2.00 for it. :) Needless to say I AM A VERY HAPPY CAMPER because I DEARLY LOVVVVVVE this print! It is very large. It doesn't look that large but it's sitting on my sofa and it's over halfway of the sofa. Now I am thinking, airy, beachy theme for my bedroom! LOL I could use some sea shells and also use the idea I saw at Southern Hospitality's blog with the glass vase, crooked sticks and sea shells. Stay tuned, more to come later! LOL

Hannah's Tea Set

Hannah really liked her tea set. She was having a fit over how it was wrapped and just kept on about it. I think she really likes it. She wants her Pawpaw to make her a little cabinet to display it in now.
You can see my daughter in the pic on the other side of the table.
Then there is a pic of my husband, Hannah's grandma, and Hannah's little cousin. Mawma's holding the little cousin. ;)
Everybody came in there to watch her open her presents. She had a fit because she had SO MANY presents.