Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lamp

Well here is that 1.00 lamp I found yesterday I had asked you all how to take apart. I got in there last night looking at it and took the little felt piece off the bottom and noticed the little bolt that held it all together. I thought, I wonder if THAT is what holds it all together and the glass vase thing isn't glued to the base at all? So I started taking the little bolt off and sure enough the vase came off. I had to get some slack in the electrical cord though but that wasn't hard to do. Anyway I broke the Styrofoam base they had to stick all the little flowers into, and all that junk just fell out. I had to wipe out all the moss like stuff in it but now I have a clear vase for putting the shells into. They had the little flowers glued in there as you can see from the pic. On the other pic the base is upside down so you can see how it looks without the little black felt over it. The lamp is larger than it looks. The vase looks to be about a gallon size or more. NOW to get those shells!! ;)

Wanted to show you all the lamp before and the lamp after I took out the old flowers. As I stated before, I have the shade that came with it.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Love the lamp! It will look great filled with sea shells!