Thursday, September 18, 2008

Painting the Bedroom

I do my best thinking after I go to bed at night. I guess that's because I am finally stopped and my brain has slowed down some. lol I can't focus on 2-3 things at a time or I get very aggravated and annoyed so I guess my brain is busy all day and at night I can really think. ??? That's what I figured anyway! ;)

I was lying in bed a couple nights ago thinking about this bedroom, just how I could paint it. I am trying to think of the future because I know I will grow tired of the blue paint and not everything will match blue! I KNOW I want SOME color in there though and not just go a neutral color. I have the chair rail up in there 1/4 way up the wall all around the room. This is my thinking. Do the main wall where the bed is, that's the largest wall with NO windows OR doors on it, do that one a pretty soft sky blue. Then do the others white along WITH the 1/4 of the wall under the chair rail on the wall where the bed is, white. That way the WHOLE room will be white except for the top part where the bed is where there is blue. THAT WAY, when I grow weary of the blue, ALL I will have to paint is that one top wall! I can paint it any color then because all the other walls is white. I need to paint the trim in there as well though and now I am trying to think of a color to paint the trim. I thought about a sand color but don't want that clashing with the blue since there is molding up at the top of that wall as well. I even like the thought of the off white for the whole room instead of just white but need it to be as close to white as possible because I will be using bedspreads that are white, and then the other one has a beige background. It may not look right if I go white walls and use the beige background bedspread. Plus I have to keep in mind my headboard is off white and the furniture WILL BE one day as well.

Oh my goodness, she's at it again. I just LOVE this woman!!!! Bonita is who I am referring to! Man she hit me today!!!! THANK YOU BONITA! :) I have been going through loads here lately and I don't guess I'm handling it as well as I should be or maybe I am trying to handle it all on my own and not allowing God to help me. I can't go into it any farther on here but I just get sooo much out of her posts!!! Here is what she had to say today. LOVE how this woman lets God use her! AWESOME LADY!!!!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It's so funny that you think after you've gone to bed..I'm the opposite, I think as soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep because I couldn't even tell you want I was thinking about last night or any other night!

Paint is tricky! I painted my bedroom a couple years ago but I'm ready for a change too. If I were you I would look at a lot of different photos of rooms you like and then copy one that you like. I always like white but not stark white trim and I like the trim color to be the same throughout my home...not that you asked my opinion or anything! LOL

Daffodil Hill said...

Lots to consider there, Rose! I would probably paint the trim a soft off-white. The area below the chair rail could be a slightly darker version of the trim color. Something that looks good with your white furniture.

I would probably paint the top of all the walls a light blue, which still wouldn't be too much to paint over when you get tired of it. The bottom of each wall would be neutral enough to remain with whatever color you choose in the future.

As for mixing whites, off-whites, and tans, it's really ok to do that, especially if you use each shade in several places.

Do you still want to know my blue paint info, or have you found one you like?