Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Bugs 2 AND Another Bargain

First off let me start with the more positive things and I PROMISE I will try to end it with a positive to!! ;)

We went to one of our little salvage stores around here today, just looking of course. I'm browsing around there and notice this box that says floppy drive on it. Well back in Nov. '07 my husband bought me a new computer. I mean a fancy thing with WIN. Vista and a mega huge monitor. It's almost as big as our TV. lol Anyway I just noticed a few months back this thing doesn't have a FLOPPY DRIVE! I had given my old computer to my daughters boyfriend by this time and here I am with herds and herds and HERDS of floppies with NO WAY of getting all my things off these floppies! I was getting worried because I have loads of my digital pix that are just plain out precious to me, on floppies as well as all my embroidery programs I bought for my embroider machine and all kinds of decorating inspirational pix, on and on. I mean LOADS of stuff on these floppies and I had no way of getting my stuff. I was very unhappy. THEN today I spy this external floppy drive for 1/2 off of 29.99. I checked the box to make sure everything was there and it was!!!! I have been playin' with it all evening now! lol I have already filled up one CD with pix and stuff and started working on another one.
My daughter was going to take the most important ones and try to put them on a CD for me at her boyfriends house but I wanted ALL my floppies because some wasn't labeled properly with what was on them! ;) So I had no idea which ones was the most important. So now for the next few days I will be getting my things on the Cd's and emptying the floppies of their contents. Needless to say I was mega excited to find this. I had just asked my daughter a couple weeks ago, reckon they make external ones I could use on my computer to get my things off these floppies? She said she didn't know. Well now I have one and I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! God is SO GOOD to me!!!!! He REALLY IS! This happens to me a lot and I KNOW where it comes from!!! :) I don't take it for granted! Thank you Father!!!! YOU know my hearts desire and You DO give me the desires of my heart AND I DO thank You!!!!! Some times it hits me to the point I'm so humbled I start crying because He's just soooo good!
Now for those pix up there. ;) Those are some pix of those pesky love bugs! I blew the carport and patio off yesterday evening late and this is what's piled up out there just today. See the steps? Excuse the little corner part of the brick being off there. Our dog many moons ago got loose and was dragging his chain around the yard. lol He got it caught in the corner of the brick there and tore the bricks out. DH (dear Hubby) hasn't ever fixed it. The dog did the same thing to the front steps as well. Anyway these critters make a mess as you can see and are very annoying to say the least! You are very blessed if you don't have them. :)
Speaking of putting all the pix and things off the floppies onto the Cd's, I asked my daughter how could I print out all the things that were on the Cd's once I added them to the program. I said there HAS to be a way to do that. We couldn't figure out any other way than to open up Microsoft works and then go back to the program with my "stuff" on it and we hit the button print screen and then went back to the M. Works pad and hit the control and V buttons on the keyboard all at the same time so it all would appear on the M. Works pad. Then we printed it out. We had to do that several times because it only prints out just what's on the screen and I think I wound up with like 5 pages of print outs. lol That's not even one box of floppies!
I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday! I'm still taking the Airborne stuff though. Going to take the whole little bottle.
Have you ever been to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile Alabama? Well if you haven't you're missing somethin'. As I was browsing through all these floppies this evening I came across 4 floppies with pix of the gardens on them. I mean it's a gorgeous place but I do love it in the spring with the azaleas are blooming! I'll have to make another post to show you a couple of my pix. We've been at Christmas time as well and it's pretty at that time of the year to. But I just LOVE spring time so I guess that's why that's my favorite!
Hope everyone is well AND having an awesome day!

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