Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beachy Bedroom Decor

You can click on each pic to make it larger if you want to see it larger.

I found a couple more items tonight at Ross for the beachy bedroom. One of the items is a pretty glass shell. Then the other two are small glass shells. Those are salt and pepper shakers but they were so cute I knew I could arrange them in a way that wouldn't be noticeable. Also got me 3 small metal buckets with handles for putting some candles in.

Now I've got to get motivated to start painting this bedroom. Got to add the kilz first since that bedroom is sooooooooo dark red! My arm, shoulder, AND shoulder socket is feeling much better since I started taking the anti-inflammatory. I hurt my shoulder under the shoulder blade a few years ago when I was dumping the ducks wading pools. Ever since every time I turn around I re-injure the crazy thing. Got up with it hurting last week or the week before and then everything else on the same arm started hurting. Reckon it knew it was going to get a work out when I start painting that room? ;) It was getting to the point I just wanted to carry it around in a sling it hurt so bad. SO happy it's feeling better now!

Went to the library and found several of the Coastal Living magazines I am going to look through for ideas.

While at B.A.M. I looked at several books on painting and on how to choose colors etc. I just wish I could knock out a wall in that bedroom and add a bay window or something in there for more light. lol I LOVE windows! We have 4 in the living room and I dearly love all the light in there!!!

My little buddy found these gorgeous sea shells for me that is in the thick glass vase with the glass ball legs. I wanted to show you a pic of them without the candle in there AND with the candle in it. The candle is a pretty blue. This color isn't true. Didn't she do well finding all those pretty shells? She got to go to the beach this past weekend and found those for me. Thank you Mattie! :) These are different than the ones I have already so I just had to use them here in this pretty clear holder.
The square candle holders I found last week. Going to add either sand to the bottom of them or tiny pea gravel and then candles on top of that. The little plate you see behind the square glass candles, I found for .25 and it's like mother of pearl or something like that. I figured it would be neat sitting on a little stand like I have it. As you can see I'm getting quite a collection.
The very first pic is what I found tonight at Ross. The larger glass shell was 1.99. See the smaller shells, those are the pepper shaker and salt shakers. See you can't tell that's what they are by the way I have them laying. Cool huh? :) They were only 1.49 for the set. They also had a very large vase that has shells on it but it was green and I just didn't know how that would look in there with the blue and the off whites.

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Daffodil Hill said...

You are really making progress with your bedroom! Such a fun new look for you. Glad your shoulder is feeling better. {{hugs}} : )