Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Urn Christmas Trees

Finally got my urns this year for my birthday so I made me some little Christmas trees in them with some tomato cages and wrapped the cages with garland. It didn’t take long at all to do it.

This project didn’t cost me anything because I already had everything I needed to do it with. The old garlands I have had many years and the lights, oh AND the tomato cages. lol

The tomato cages fit so snug into the urns I didn’t have to attach them in anyway. I was worried about how to attach them because I didn’t want to have to put soil in them. I tried it first and they fit so well I didn’t add any soil to it.

One is fatter than the other one but it’s ok. That piece of garland was fatter than the other one. This is the skinny one without lights. It was raining, cold, AND windy out there today but I got em done!


Now here it is with lights.


Then here is the other one that is fatter.


Both of them together. Sorry the pic is a little blurry. I am going to add some garland around the door with some bows and lights as well but I was too chilled to do that today. With all the rain, wind, and cold, I had to get inside and warm up.




If you’d like to make you some little Christmas trees you can find all kinds of directions online. Just go to www.google.com and type in how to make tomato cage Christmas trees and you will get lots of directions.

It’s very easy. All I did was turn the cage upside down and tie the wires together that you stick into the soil. That is the top of it. Then I stuck them into my urns and started putting the garland around them. I just used pieces of the garland to wrap around the cage here and there to hold it in place. Then I added the lights. You might need 3 garlands between the two of them though because 1 wasn’t quite enough to get one of them all covered. I had some short pieces that I used to finish it up with. Then I used a strand of 100 clear lights and a 50 strand for each one. I think I might need more lights on them though so you could use 2- 100 strand lights on each tree. It was fun to make and didn’t take but about 15-30 minutes each. I had to transplant a plant that was in one of my urns, so it took me a little longer on one of them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope each and every one of you get to be with family this year and you truly are blessed indeed.

Nothing like being with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. So many folks are lonely and have no family. It would be so neat to make them a part of your family this Thanksgiving.

I think of my friend Georgia Keefe at this time of the year every year. She was my online friend. She passed away awhile back and I sure do miss her but she is with her Ben whom she loved so much. She was always emailing me funny stuff and keeping me laughing. She lost her Ben (her hubby) at around Thanksgiving several years ago and she would share with me how she missed him and how lonely she was. She lived in Indiana and how I wish we could have met in person. She was such a sweet lady and I tried my best to encourage her.

At Thanksgiving she wouldn’t have anyone and I asked her to find a lady friend at church and go out to eat on Thanksgiving and go shopping etc. So she did that one year because she said she was going to be alone and I just couldn’t stand the thought of her being alone on Thanksgiving.

So if you know someone like Georgia, you might want to ask them to share in your Thanksgiving and make them a part of your family. I know they will appreciate it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU TO GEORGIA!!!! I KNOWWWWW you are having a much better one than we could ever have on this earth!

Man I can’t close with that like I was going to do! Have you ever thought about having Thanksgiving in Heaven? Now THAT would be Thanksgiving! Could you just imagine the food and how it’s all spread out on the table and how pretty everything is and how God is just chatting with us all and we’re praising Him? A little like the Lords Supper pic we see with the long table and everyone gathered around it and all our friends and family that have gone on? Oh my goodness it’s just going to be awesome spending Thanksgiving with our King and our love ones one day!!! Make sure and thank Him for our blessings and again HAPPY Thanksgiving to you all!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thinking About Christmas Decorating

Am wondering how many more folks are thinking about Christmas decorating?

I usually do my decorating after lunch on Thanksgiving day. Well I used to do that but now a days I start some time after that. One year I even started in December with it. I have NEVER waited that long because I was just too excited about getting it done.

My hubby and I bought a Christmas tree a few years ago at Lowes but when we got it home, it was much too big for the space it needed to go in. I should have taken it back then, but didn’t. So I have lived with it ever since. I couldn’t ever put the lower branches on it because it was wayyyyyyyy too big around and it was also so close to the floor there was no space for the presents.

Those branches we weren’t using so last year we took those and cut them to fill in some areas on about 3 rows that were missing branches from day one.

So last year hubby tried to get me to throw the tree away and lets just get another one. You know how it is after Christmas, no extra money. I told him no, I can’t get rid of it until I get a new one. Then this year it hit me, why not cut the inside part of the branches off so it wont be sooo wide.

So when I got the idea I asked hubby would he cut the branches off so we could keep this tree since we’d paid so much for it. It’s a nice full tree and the ones I’ve seen for around 200.00 aren’t as full as this one. So that’s what we’re doing now, cutting them off. He lacks 3 more rows from being done with it. I got a couple shots of him and the tree while he’s working on it. You can’t tell, but he DOES have some glasses on to protect his eyes from the steel.

Hubby loves this cutting tool. It has came in sooooo handy for all kinds of things. I think this is the one that somebody gave to him.

Robert and the Tmas  tree

As you can tell, I always color code my rows of branches on the tree. That way we will know what row goes where as we’re putting it together. You can’t see these once the other branches are put on the tree. When we bought it, there was different colors of paint on row but it was so faint I decided to color code it with pipe cleaners.

As you can see the tree is sooo nice and full. I haven’t even messed with the branches to fluff them out or anything. We just stuck them in place to make sure we’re getting shorter as we go up the tree.

TMas tree

Stay tuned for some decorating photos really really soon. I will start that up some time after Thanksgiving hopefully. I’m going to start working on the tree and when that’s finished I will decorate other things n the house so please come back and visit me again soon.

P.S. It just  hit me, Hubby is going to see his brother for a little while so I might just get the garland out of the attic and decorate the banisters outside. I don’t like to do it when it’s cold because I freeze to death trying to get it done. It’s a pretty day for it so I just might go ahead with that today.