Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shelf From My Sister

My sister and her future husband brought me the shelf tonight.
I wanted to get it sanded and painted. It was black and I wanted it gold to match the office/sewing room. I mentioned this in one of the other post I made on my blog. Anyway I really needed to get it painted since they are saying bad weather for us with this Gustav out there! It didn't need to be sitting out there on the patio or carport getting wet and me needing to paint it. I brought it inside when I got it painted and sit it under the ceiling fans so it would dry really well. Maybe tomorrow I can add the glass shelves to it and get my fabric folded up and put on it. I also plan on putting the scanner/copier and printer on it. I was also thinking about getting another piece of glass cut for the top of it so I can have more storage space on it. I thought those cute little baskets would be so cute sitting on there with my sewing things in it, NICE AND ORGANIZED!
This is going to be such a blessing for me because I will be able to see all my fabric and not have it all stashed away some where in a box not know what I have or where it is. Here lately I really want to get more organized. It's really bothering me that I am so unorganized here lately. My husband retired last year in Oct. and ever since he and I have been on the go and I'm not home like I used to be and I can't get it all done anymore.
I want to get this office decorated up because I've never had any pix on the wall or anything in here. Its basically been a junk room where EVERYTHING goes! :(

Please keep all of us in your prayers while we deal with this Gustav in the next few days. I don't know when I will be able to get back online. During Katrina we lost power and didn't have power for almost a month. No phones until late in Nov. But we all made it through it, even though it was really hard.

Also thank all of you for the wonderful comments! Thank you Daff!!! :) I sure hope we keep our power AND our phones through this one because I surely will miss you all!

Make it a great day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Patio Chair Cushions

I am almost done with the cushions! YESSSS! I am pinning the last one together now so I can sew it. THEN I can stuff all 3 backs and be done with these things!

I just noticed when I went out and took pix that I still need to do the buttons in the bottom cushion on the swing! Got to clean that mildew off the green area on it and then treat all the green areas on all the cushions with some scotchgard. That way hopefully I wont have to keep fighting the mildew on the solid green part! ugh

With it being so dark outside you can't tell much about the colors of the cushions especially that solid green color. But wanted to show you all. Hopefully I can get these things finished this weekend! I really over stuffed them so when they settle down some they will be perfect. So that's why they are soooo thick right now. We've not sit on it much yet since that swing one is a little slippery! lol With the poly-fil AND that silky feeling fabric it makes them mega slippery. So that's one reason I was adding the buttons to help hold it together better so it wouldn't slide around.

Cranberry that is so funny they do that for a donation! LOL I bet they get them to! ;)

Notice the little square table behind my chair with the one cushion in it. That was one of my bargains. I paid a whopping $1.00 for it. I changed the board on the top because it was that old press board stuff and it was all messed up. We cut a plyboard top for it and then I did the ceramic tile on it and painted it to match the other patio furniture. The little centerpiece on the table, ( swans on it) was another bargain of $1.00. I am on the look out for some votives for it now. I stuck those in it to see what it would look like and just left them.

Flamingo's and Flowers

Well I got my DD's attention yesterday. ;) I bought me not one BUT four pink flamingo's. Wanted to show you WHY I wanted some. I found them at the thrift store for 2.45 for each pack of two. I knew she would probably roll her eyes when she seen them wanting to know, MOMMAAAAA WHAT are you going to do with those? hee hee

Also wanted to show you all how well the zinnas I planted from seeds are doing. As you can see, the butterflies are lovin' them!!! All day long it's a joy to watch them feed and flutter back and forth around each other!

NOOOOOOOOOOO I DID NOT know Tasha passed away! Man she was such a precious lady! HOW did I miss that? I guess because I don't watch the news much but that's the first I have heard about it. :(

Make it an awesome day!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday to Tasha Tudor

I just adore Tasha Tudor! I first heard of her just a few short years ago. I was looking around at the library for some videos to check out and found her Christmas video! Man I fell in love with her lifestyle and her! Oh and lets not forget those Corgis!!!
Last year for my birthday my sister bought me several of her books. Needless to say I was over joyed since I love this wonderful lady. She is such a peaceful woman to me. She has this laid back lifestyle and doesn't seem to be in a hurry. She makes all her presents for people!
How cool is that? She can paint, she can cook, she can milk goats and make a garden and then tend to it. She tends to all her animals and you can just tell how much she loves life. She relaxes me so much when I watch her Christmas video because she seems sooooo relaxed herself. She tends her home, she tends her fields, she tends her animals, Is there an idol bone in this womans body? ;)
I guess my favorite book I have read of hers would have to be the one, "The Private World of Tasha Tudor" by Tasha and Richard Brown.
A few years after I saw the Christmas video of hers the library had discarded it and I got it. I guess you could say it was just meant for me. ;) I have no idea how long it had been on the shelf for sale but it made my day when I found it. Then a few months ago they also discarded a little cassette pack of hers and it is called, "The Dolls Christmas". It's a cassette set of the book and I was blessed enough to get THAT ONE to!!!! I haven't stopped to listen to it yet, unlike her I stay in a hurry. I guess that's one of the many reasons I like her! Wouldn't it be the neatest thing in the world to be able to just spend a couple days with her at her home? I bet she could do cart wheels around me as they say. In other words, I bet she could wear me out with all she does if I could stay with her for just one day. She's so nice and tidy.
I just can't say enough good about her. We surely need more like her in this world today, that's for sure! I sure hope she has the most happiest birthday anyone could ever have and MANY MANY MORE!
Make it an awesome day and do please keep us in your prayers with this storm that's out in the gulf! We're all praying that thing DOES NOT come in this direction!!!!

Project Patio Cushions

I got to work on the patio chair cushions again day before
yesterday and last night. I got two more of the bottoms
finished and started on the backs. I've got to stuff one of the
backs I have sewn up and I only lack the 2 backs to these
chairs and I will be DONE with the cushions.
I am going to recover the 4.00 wooden chair I have out
there with the same fabric. I am really thinking
about painting it to match all the patio furniture to. Right now
it's just stained and varnished. I also have a small rocker I
want to paint that's out there as well.
Anyway I noticed the other day the solid green fabric on the
swing (the bottom cushion) I bought to fill in on the edges to
make it thick and make them fit better is mildewing on the
first one I made. Now this fabric is SUPPOSE to be outdoor
fabric! :( The silky printed piece isn't mildew-ing. This solid
green piece is really thick and has some thing like plastic
like stuff on the back of it. Anyway my sister has some stuff
that is suppose to stop mildew and I am going to use some
of that on it and then let it dry really well on the inside of the
house. And then ALL the solid green pieces of fabric on
the cushions I am going to spray Scotchgard on in
hopes it wont mildew anymore. That's ALL I know to do! It
sure is discouraging when you've made 3 cushions and aren't
even halfway done and one starts mildewing. :( What's so strange
is, it's only in the area where the seam is. The swing doesn't get
soaking wet when we have rain. It just blows in a little but doesn't
get soaked. Anyway I am just praying this solves the problem! I
probably have something like 60.00 in all these cushions with ME
making them! The poly-fil is what got me. It was like 29.00 or more.
I am making cushions for the swing, bottom and back.... then 3
chairs, bottoms and backs and then I will also have enough fabric
to cover the wooden chair and probably make cushions for the
eating tables' chairs, and one for the little rocker out there. That way
everything will match, and that is what I ALWAYS dreamed of
having! I sure will be glad when I get this project done. I am getting
tired of working on them. When I started out it was going to be a very
simple project but silly me made a pattern to go by for the swing and
the chairs and I didn't take into account when I stuffed them it would
make the shorter AND less narrow. So when I got one stuffed it was
WAYYYYYY to short AND narrow. :( I could have sit down and cried.
Because ALL of the others had ALREADY been cut out and I had
to figure out a way to MAKE them work. So that's when I went back
and bought the solid green outdoor fabric piece for the sides of
them so it wouldn't take away from my length and width. I have
been sewing for many many moons and I think this is the BIGGEST
boo boo I have ever made!!!
Ok I think I am going to work some more on my project so I can get
more finished with them. lol
Make it a great day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Decorating, Blogging, Light Bulb Moment, And Tasha Tudor

Hi Cranberry, yes I remember you from the forum. :) I just don't click on a lot of the links there or here because I have a slow dial up and it takes litterly forever for the pages to load if they have lots of graphics or pix. You can see Cranberry's blog at this link.
And I see Daff posted a comment also. Yep we married in 76 as well. :) That is too cool that you had some white ones like mine! I know that brought back some great memories for you! CONGRATS on your new addition to your family!!! JUST PRECIOUS! You can see Daffs wonderful blog at this link. I've been knowing these two wonderful ladies for a little while now.
Thank you two for your comments! :)

I went to the library today where they have a T-1 connection I believe is what they call it and checked out a few blogs I've been wanting to see. WOW there is some awesome ones out there! I sure did enjoy sitting there for ALMOST 2 hours looking at the blogs! Man time can fly when you're having fun can't it?
I noticed on one of the ladies blogs she mentioned Tasha Tudor was having another birthday the 28Th of this month! I will JUST HAVE to make a post about how much I just adore that lady on her birthday and wish her a wonderful and happy filled day!!!! Although she will probably never see my blog she still deserves a spot on it! WOW what a WONDERFUL lady!!!!
While there at the library I checked out me some books to get some ideas on how to pretty fie (nope that's not a word is it? ;) ) this poor office/sewing room of mine. It has ONE thing hanging on the wall in here and can I say it doesn't fit at all? LOL BUT it has a very meaningful scripture to me, so I hung it. It is COUNTRY blue! lol My office/sewing room is a light brown tan color! The scripture? Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6
Anyway I have GOT to get some pix on this wall and decorate it up some. Another thing I REALLY NEED to do! I've got to get me a to do list going of what all I need to do and put the most important first and so on.

I added something new to my blog. It's the links to some great blogs as well as books I have read. Notice I am reading 3 books at one time! I started on one and then found the renewing your mind book at the thrift store and that looked so interesting I had to start reading it to! I was noticing on one ladies blog yesterday where she was talking about work first, house later. Proverbs 24:27 Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready, after that, build your house. Then she says, it's hard to have your focus in too many directions at once, and I said OUCH! Got cha! That's me! WHOP WHOP....... TOO many things going on at ONE TIME! TOO many projects going on at one time! NONE finished and always starting another! That one opened up my eyes a little. You know that little light bulb moment? I just found Bonita's blog last night and I dearly love it! Her blog is the Living Water blog. :) here is the part I was referring to in my post about work first house later.....
I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I have so far!

Make it an awesome day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Tammy dishes

My friend Tammy gave me these dishes for my birthday last year as I posted in the earlier post. I figured I would place them on the table and show you all. I wound up breaking one of my cups getting it out of it's 3 tiered holder. Maybe I can find me another one like it on Ebay!

I thought these were so cute! I want to find me a creamer and a teapot to match them but don't know if I will be able to or not. Anyway wanted to show you the set. I just LOVE PINK! :)
Just in case anyone wants to know......
On the bottom of the dishes it says Independance Ironstone Interpace Japan. It also has 1776 and some kind of federal building on it.

Just Ponderings

Last night or should I say this morning at 3 a.m. I decided I wanted to accomplish something! ;) So I got started on this office/sewing room of mine and tried to get it a little more organized for the moment. The reason I say for the moment, my sisters future husband gave me a glass shelf and I am waiting on it to put in here so I can add my folded up fabric on it. (I am TRYING to get a little more organized!) He has to find the other pieces to it he said. I will use it to put my printer/copier and all my folded up fabric. I will probably use it for the office stuff as well if I have any room left on it. ;) I have lots of fabric! Can I tell you all I need a larger house? LOL This room is VERY small and really not large enough for ONE thing, like and office or a sewing room let alone both of them. Anyway I had gotten in here last week and pulled out everything and had it all over the floor and just HAD to do something until I can get that glass shelf.

I have several things I can't decide if I want or need to get rid of! And YES I am a packrat! I was thinking this morning after I finally did make it into bed that I really need to get in the attic and make some room up there for all my, TO KEEP, things for decorating and have it all in ONE SPOT so I can easily reach it AND see it so I will not forget what I have up there. The items I can't decide to keep or get rid of are curtains. I have a couple sets and one set was for the four long windows in our living room that I paid like 4-500.00 for and I just can't bring myself to part with them since I paid so much money for them. I don't like spending THAT much money on stuff like that! They have to be dry cleaned and that is a problem for me because I can't see spending all that money on dry cleaning curtains, or should I say, drapes! I am highly considering making some roman blinds with these drapes! They are lined and everything. I can toss them in the dryer to get the dust out of them and I always freshen up my curtains and things with spray stuff like Fabreze. The drapes are a sand color and I had thought they would look nice in my dining room but with that yellow wall in there it makes them look nasty because of the color. I bought them from Sears a few years back but just can't make myself part with them! lol Anyway I am still thinking of what I can do with these things! ;)

Fay so far has only brought us lots of rain. It's just been lightly raining all day long and is dreary and a little weird feeling since it feels like fall out there. The ground should be nicely soaked through so I am not fussing at all since we can always use the rain. All the little critters were tanking up yesterday to. The butterflies were all over the zinnas and the birds all over the feeders including the hummingbirds. Our daughter walked out there just in time to see 7 little baby quail. She tried her best to get a pic of them but wasn't fast enough. Isn't it funny how the critters know when bad weathers coming? I think that's SO interesting!

This lady and I have something in common. I ADORE what her daughter said about the, "Happy Plates".
She LOVES tea stuff to! :) I am the same way about all the tea stuff. The pink set or should I say, the Pink Tammy set I have I don't think I have used it yet for a tea party but do plan on doing that soon! My bestest friend in the whole wide world gave me that set last year for my birthday! I will have to set up the table one day when I am in need of something pretty. Man today would be a GOOD day for that since it's soooooo dreary outside. lol Anyway I will set my table up with this pretty pink set and get a pic to show you all. It's a very unusual set of dishes. You know come to think of it, we DID use some of it at the little tea party my niece and I cooked all day for. She and I had sooooo much fun!

AND YES THANK YOU LORD for caring for EVERYTHING in my life even my teapot and tea cup status! (to quote Bonita) I REALLY REALLY like this lady! I JUST found her blog while looking at Rhoda's over at, Southern Lady's. Here is also her blog.
I adore her decorating knowledge and would just DIE if I could get her to MY HOUSE to do mine for me! OH MAN HOW nice that would be! We have a few things in common as well. She and I both LOVE flea markets and garage sales AND pretty things! Plus I also adore Southern Lady magazine and one more that I have to meantion is Romantic Homes magazine! I have been drooling over Rhoda's website now for weeks! I can't seem to get enough of it! I guess now I will also be drooling over Bonitas! lol Yeah I know, drooling isn't lady like, but hey, can't a lady goof off SOMETIME? ;) Oh I just happen to think of something, maybe Rhoda and Bonita and I could have tea at my house and then Rhoda could do her magic on my home! :)
I think this one will be my longest post on my blog! I sure hope you don't get bored with my rambling on!

No Projects

Do you ever have days you feel like you have no energy left? That ALL of your creative juices are gone? Well today was one of them for me. I kepting thinking to myself, self, you really need to get motivated and get at least ONE project done today! But for some reason, self didn't listen. ;)
I am sitting here on the computer now trying to find some canned chicken recipes. My sister gave me several cans of chicken last night. I was telling her, you know, I wonder if you could make chicken croquets with this instead of salmon croquets? So I was looking to see if anyone had a recipe online. Yep I did find one! Here it is in case anyone is interested in having the recipe.

I think I am going to make some tomorrow for our lunch to see how they are.
Tomorrow they are saying Fay is suppose to bring us loads of rain and the threat of tornadoes. I do hope and pray we HAVE NONE of the T word!!!!! So I don't know if I will be able to get on here tomorrow evening or not. I was listening to the radio earlier and they said some folks power was out. Said the dead limbs still left from Katrina is still causing us some problems.
Keep us in your prayers if you don't mind! Folks are STILL trying to recover from Katrina and don't need anything else happening!

OHHHHHH also wanted to say, I know that little tray in the other post is not wicker. It's like a straw basket but at the time I made that post, I just could not think of what that stuff was made out of for the life of me! So I do realize it's NOT wicker! LOL

Also a BIG thank you for your sweet comment! I love them all!!!! THANK YOU!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spending The Evening With Sis

My projects today was helping my sister at her house. She is trying to get the trailer fixed up to sale. So we have painted and painted and then painted some more. I mostly cooked supper this evening for all of us while she painted. But I did manage to get her little tiny (they are SO CUTE) antique lamps glass fringe added to her lamp shades. She found these at one of our other trips we went on bargain shopping. ;)

Also here is a pic of that sweet little glass vase like thing or bowl thing or whatever you wanna call it they she got yesterday that I was coveting. ;) Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet. ;) I was thinking she'd paid 1.50 but it was a whopping 2.00! lol

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Day Thrifting with MY SISTER!

We had a very good day and found a few little bargains but mainly had fun together. :) We went to the thrift stores as well as to an antique store where she found her some pretties. She found her some glass candle holders and a VERY pretty glass bowl FOR ONLY 1.50! The lady had marked it down. If she hadn't gotten that I was going to get it after she pointed it out to me! I REALLY liked that bowl! I found me one more cheese domes for my little cupcake stands for 2.00.

Then to top off the day, I have finally found someone online with the little tea cups and saucers to match the little set my daughter and I were giving to my niece for her birthday. SO EXCITED about that because I was at wits end wondering WHAT I was going to do about some tea cups and saucers to match the teapot, sugar, and creamer. I found some cups and saucers today for .25 and some plastic ones for less that I was going to just give her so she would have SOMETHING to use until I could find her the ones to match her little set. This little set has been discontinued. The ones I found today were just plain old white ones but she needed something to pour her tea into! lol Came home and checked my email and the lady online had emailed me back saying she DID have one more of those sets! YESSSSSSS :)

At one of my favorite thrifty places I found almost a whole box of printer paper. I got that and 3 little white plastic cups for the niece and a cute little square wicker tray and it all wasn't even a 1.00. ;) See WHY it's my favorite? I want to get a glass cut for the bottom of my little wicker tray. When we have company over and we're all sitting around on the patio and I make coffee, I always have to have something to put all the coffee cups and condiments on. So this will do just fine when I get the glass cut for it. :) Last but not least, I found me ONE MORE teapot for 1.55! ;) My sister was like, ANOTHER teapot? I was like, a girl can't have too many of these! hee hee She likes her purses and I like my teapots. ;)

OH and can I tell you, she bought her yet one more lamp! LOL She and I have this thing about lamps! I also have this thing about little tables, and teapots, and tea cups and and..... oh you get the point. ;) I guess we EACH have our addictions! ;)

Anyway we had a good day doing a little thrift store therapy. I NEED to start taking my camera so I can show you all the goodies I DO pass up! There were these two chandelier's that I flipped out over! IF I'd had the extra money I would have bought those two in a heartbeat!!!! 65.00 each for them! BUT man on man they sure were pretty! I could just see one of them hanging in my bathroom or maybe BOTH of them in my bathroom. I would have found a place for them!!!

The little spotted tea set is the one I was telling you about for my niece. I got her some little spoons and some linen napkins and the little sugar tongs as well. I am going to see if I can find her a little tablecloth as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chandilier Project

I am going to get started real shortly on a project I have been putting off now for a little while. That is IF I can remember where I stuck the little glass beads that go with these prisms. ;) I am doing my very best to get some projects finished that I have started!

Back last year I found a little hanging candle at Kirkland's and when I saw it I KNEW what I was going to do with it. Well I made that one and will show pix of it. Well then later on in the year they had them on sale for almost nothing so I bought another one with the idea to take every other prism off the first one I bought and put on the new one, once it was painted like the other one that is. The garland I got these prisms from also had glass beads with metal like things in-between the crystals. So I figured I could use those as every other piece on the hanging lights. My plan is to take the candles out and put electric lights in them. The garland was glass Christmas garland I had found at Wal-mart and they were something like 8.00 each. I bought several of them because I love shiny things and flipped out over these. When you use them on the tree limbs it really weighs them down because the glass is SO HEAVY! Anyway I took them apart and used them that way for a little while on the Christmas tree. But then I decided to use them for this project.

These will go by our bed in the master bedroom. I'm going to hang them at the head of our bed, on the ceiling, one on each side of the bed.
Oh I forgot to say, the pix above, the old dark one is what it looked like before I painted it a country white from Wal-mart. That's what the hanging candle thing looked like when I bought it.

Also I did manage also last night to get my cake stand glued back together as well as my nieces little cupcake stand glued together. It says to let them dry and cure for several hours. If I am remembering right it was something like 72 hours so the glue would really be dry.

And speaking of projects I have started, as I told you yesterday I was going to have to put my serger in the shop. I took it today so a few of those projects will have to wait for the serger but hopefully it will not take a long time to get it fixed.

Make it a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothings happening much today but ughs

Well I didn't get my cabinet hung today. Was messing around with my serger that I have had for a few years now TRYING to get the thing threaded! I have misplaced my manual for it and was having fits threading it. Since DH has retired my whole organization system has went to pot so to speak. ;) Anyway I broke one of the needles on it a few months ago and now am really needing my serger for a project and just never could get the thing threaded right. So today I took it to the little sewing shop here in town and was going to see if she could help me get it threaded. Right off the bat she tells me somethings rubbing in there when you turn the wheel to make the needle go down. So I guess when the needle broke it threw the timing off. That's what she said anyway. :( So now I have to take a second machine to the shop this year! UGH UGH UGH........ I have been sewing for 27 years now and never had to have a sewing machine put in for repair. Well this year so far my old Kenmore stand by sewing machines been in the shop and looks like the Brother serger will be next.

THEN to top all of that off, the little tea cups and saucers I have been trying to find for my niece for the rest of her birthday seems to be discontinued! :( UGH UGH UGH....... I have found them online and both places I have emailed so far says they don't have them. I emailed the local tea shop where I bought the teapot, sugar and creamer back in June asking if she could get them and she is the one that told me they had been discontinued. I was like OH NOOOO NOW WHAT? So I am still trying a couple more places I have found them online just praying one of them will still have some of them in stock. If they don' t then I guess I will have no choice but to just get all white tea cups and saucers for her set. So today has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! lol I don't say THAT often so just let me say it this once. ;)

I have also been online this evening trying to locate a book I have, trying to see what the value is for it so I can put it in a shop where I sell some of my things. The book is copyrighted in 1923 and the name of it is Mother Goose Dramatized. March Brothers Publishers. It's all in black and white and really cute book. Here I am telling you all about the cute little book and I just happened to think, well Rose WHY don't you just show them? duh..... I guess my brains fried today! I found one on Ebay and they're asking 280.00 I think for it. Theirs is in color and mines black and white as you can see. So I am still looking to find one like mine.
OHHHH forgot to tell you that I DID get ONE thing accomplished today! I did get the glass glue to glue all those glass stands together with.
Hope you all had an awesome day today and I sure hope mines better tomorrow. :)


Thank all you ladies for your kind words! Some of you even made me chuckle out loud! ;)
Just stay tuned for more bargains AND projects! HOPEFULLY this ole body of mine will hold out to get it all done. ;)
Thank you all again for your encouragement! It means a WHOLE LOT!!!!!
Make it and AWESOME day!!!

New Knobs Arrived

The new knobs arrived in the mail today for the little bathroom cabinet. I found them on Ebay in case anyone wants to know. I really like the way they look in their new home! The little cabinet will go in our masterbath. Hopefully now I can get the thing hung and hopefully I can decide WHERE in the bathroom I want to put it! LOL
Do you all have as hard of a time as I do in deciding?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Cupcake Stand and Cookie Stand for a Tea Party

Wanted to show you all this idea I found at a blog the other day. I had plans on doing the little tiered stand after seeing it somewhere, but when I saw the cheese dome on the stand at another blog I knew I just had to add the dome on my little tiered stand. I found the little saucer at the thrift store for .55 and then already had the little cheese dome that I had bought a few years back for probably something like a quarter. Got 3 of them I am going to use like this. Anyway then tonight at the Dollar Tree I found this little dessert dish and ALL I could think of was, oh my goodness that will be PERFECT for my little cupcake stand! You can't tell but these are saucers and not plates. They are really small in size.

I am making one for my little niece that loves tea parties. Her birthday is coming up this month in fact. I've got her a teapot and the sugar and creamer to match it . I just found her 4 demitasse spoons to go with the collection for her b-day. ANYWAY back to the little stand.

I took it apart to show you all the pieces I am using to make it. I am going to get some glue for gluing glass with to glue them all together with. I need to get some anyway because my DH put the bottom to my cake stand in the dishwasher and the bottom part came off of it. So I need to glue it all back together again.
As you see I have another kind of base on the other one. It is another kind of dessert dish turned upside down. You can also use candle holders for the base.
I'm sorry, I can't remember who's blog it was that I saw the idea on. :( She had the candle base on hers. Edited to say: I think it was Cindy over at My Romantic Home.
Hope you all enjoy my newest project.
Make it a great day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Very First Entry

Just in case you are wondering about my name, my dear ole sis gave me that name a few years back because I dearly love to shop at thrift stores and garage sales etc. I get so many bargains she named me Mrs. Betty Bargain.
I figured I could post pix of my bargains and my projects here for you all to see.
Stay tuned.......
Ok going to test this to see if I can post a pic. Bare with me as I learn here. ;) This might get interesting!

Here is a little pedistal I found for .50. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I've seen the candles made from them but this one is tall. It's about 2' tall. Any ideas?

Here is my latest project..... You can see on the bottom of it how it looked before I started painting it and then after I finished. I am going to add clear glass knobs on it. I have won them on Ebay and he said they shipped out today! YEA!

There is a pic of the knobs as well but I don't know WHERE it will wind up either.
This will go in my masterbath. I want to hang a very nice towel on the dowel rod under it. And naturally I will have to fru fru up the shelf on it. ;) LOL Like I said, this COULD get interesting! Excuse my project being on the very top! That was SUPPOSE to be down here with it's details! ;) I forgot to say how much Mrs B.B. paid for it. It wasn't much, probably like 1.00.
You can go take a peek at all my bargain finds at this link......
Make it a wonderful day!