Friday, August 29, 2008

Flamingo's and Flowers

Well I got my DD's attention yesterday. ;) I bought me not one BUT four pink flamingo's. Wanted to show you WHY I wanted some. I found them at the thrift store for 2.45 for each pack of two. I knew she would probably roll her eyes when she seen them wanting to know, MOMMAAAAA WHAT are you going to do with those? hee hee

Also wanted to show you all how well the zinnas I planted from seeds are doing. As you can see, the butterflies are lovin' them!!! All day long it's a joy to watch them feed and flutter back and forth around each other!

NOOOOOOOOOOO I DID NOT know Tasha passed away! Man she was such a precious lady! HOW did I miss that? I guess because I don't watch the news much but that's the first I have heard about it. :(

Make it an awesome day!


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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sorry to be the one to break the news about Tasha Tudor. Sure was sad to hear about it myself. :(

About the flamingoes, we have a group of citizens in our town that will put them in someone's yard and will not remove them unless they get a doantion for some cause they are focused on at the time. But they put about 500 of them all over your front yard! It is hilarious to see! They mainly do this to the large business owners, politicians, etc.