Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Patio Cushions

I got to work on the patio chair cushions again day before
yesterday and last night. I got two more of the bottoms
finished and started on the backs. I've got to stuff one of the
backs I have sewn up and I only lack the 2 backs to these
chairs and I will be DONE with the cushions.
I am going to recover the 4.00 wooden chair I have out
there with the same fabric. I am really thinking
about painting it to match all the patio furniture to. Right now
it's just stained and varnished. I also have a small rocker I
want to paint that's out there as well.
Anyway I noticed the other day the solid green fabric on the
swing (the bottom cushion) I bought to fill in on the edges to
make it thick and make them fit better is mildewing on the
first one I made. Now this fabric is SUPPOSE to be outdoor
fabric! :( The silky printed piece isn't mildew-ing. This solid
green piece is really thick and has some thing like plastic
like stuff on the back of it. Anyway my sister has some stuff
that is suppose to stop mildew and I am going to use some
of that on it and then let it dry really well on the inside of the
house. And then ALL the solid green pieces of fabric on
the cushions I am going to spray Scotchgard on in
hopes it wont mildew anymore. That's ALL I know to do! It
sure is discouraging when you've made 3 cushions and aren't
even halfway done and one starts mildewing. :( What's so strange
is, it's only in the area where the seam is. The swing doesn't get
soaking wet when we have rain. It just blows in a little but doesn't
get soaked. Anyway I am just praying this solves the problem! I
probably have something like 60.00 in all these cushions with ME
making them! The poly-fil is what got me. It was like 29.00 or more.
I am making cushions for the swing, bottom and back.... then 3
chairs, bottoms and backs and then I will also have enough fabric
to cover the wooden chair and probably make cushions for the
eating tables' chairs, and one for the little rocker out there. That way
everything will match, and that is what I ALWAYS dreamed of
having! I sure will be glad when I get this project done. I am getting
tired of working on them. When I started out it was going to be a very
simple project but silly me made a pattern to go by for the swing and
the chairs and I didn't take into account when I stuffed them it would
make the shorter AND less narrow. So when I got one stuffed it was
WAYYYYYY to short AND narrow. :( I could have sit down and cried.
Because ALL of the others had ALREADY been cut out and I had
to figure out a way to MAKE them work. So that's when I went back
and bought the solid green outdoor fabric piece for the sides of
them so it wouldn't take away from my length and width. I have
been sewing for many many moons and I think this is the BIGGEST
boo boo I have ever made!!!
Ok I think I am going to work some more on my project so I can get
more finished with them. lol
Make it a great day!

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Daffodil Hill said...

I've had mildew problems with cushions on my porch, too. Let us know how this turns out. Sure hope you find a good solution after all the time and money you've put into this project.