Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothings happening much today but ughs

Well I didn't get my cabinet hung today. Was messing around with my serger that I have had for a few years now TRYING to get the thing threaded! I have misplaced my manual for it and was having fits threading it. Since DH has retired my whole organization system has went to pot so to speak. ;) Anyway I broke one of the needles on it a few months ago and now am really needing my serger for a project and just never could get the thing threaded right. So today I took it to the little sewing shop here in town and was going to see if she could help me get it threaded. Right off the bat she tells me somethings rubbing in there when you turn the wheel to make the needle go down. So I guess when the needle broke it threw the timing off. That's what she said anyway. :( So now I have to take a second machine to the shop this year! UGH UGH UGH........ I have been sewing for 27 years now and never had to have a sewing machine put in for repair. Well this year so far my old Kenmore stand by sewing machines been in the shop and looks like the Brother serger will be next.

THEN to top all of that off, the little tea cups and saucers I have been trying to find for my niece for the rest of her birthday seems to be discontinued! :( UGH UGH UGH....... I have found them online and both places I have emailed so far says they don't have them. I emailed the local tea shop where I bought the teapot, sugar and creamer back in June asking if she could get them and she is the one that told me they had been discontinued. I was like OH NOOOO NOW WHAT? So I am still trying a couple more places I have found them online just praying one of them will still have some of them in stock. If they don' t then I guess I will have no choice but to just get all white tea cups and saucers for her set. So today has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! lol I don't say THAT often so just let me say it this once. ;)

I have also been online this evening trying to locate a book I have, trying to see what the value is for it so I can put it in a shop where I sell some of my things. The book is copyrighted in 1923 and the name of it is Mother Goose Dramatized. March Brothers Publishers. It's all in black and white and really cute book. Here I am telling you all about the cute little book and I just happened to think, well Rose WHY don't you just show them? duh..... I guess my brains fried today! I found one on Ebay and they're asking 280.00 I think for it. Theirs is in color and mines black and white as you can see. So I am still looking to find one like mine.
OHHHH forgot to tell you that I DID get ONE thing accomplished today! I did get the glass glue to glue all those glass stands together with.
Hope you all had an awesome day today and I sure hope mines better tomorrow. :)

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sorry that you had one of "those" days! I tend to have them pretty often lately!
I ahve never heard of your book, but ti looks interesting I hope you find the info you need to price it.
Have a great day!