Friday, December 23, 2011

Sewing Projects

Well now that Christmas lunch and dinner is almost made I sit down to finish the old comforter I started fixing a few months back. I got tired of seeing all those things that needed fixing or repaired on my sewing cabinet so I started a couple days ago working on them all.  Fixed the elastic in 4 old sheets I had that was still sound and after all I love the old things!


This was filled with something like poly fil and when I washed it the mess balled up inside it like you would not believe. So I tore it apart and put a blanket inside it and then hand sewed the circles back in it. That’s how they quilted it from the factory but I had to hand sew them back in. Then I put the border around the edges. The border was the dust ruffle that came with it. Well actually I found another one just like it (the dust ruffle) at the thrift store and I bought it. I am going the comforter as a quilt for right now but the way I change up things I might one day have it as a comforter again. I put another piece of fabric on the back of it instead of what it came with. Thinking I might want to make some pillow shams to match it later on. So that’s another reason I bought the other dust ruffle so I will have some ruffles for the pillow shams out of it.

I put it over my table in the sewing room and it’s at night so it’s a little dark in there. I didn’t think about turning on the flood lights I have in there. lol

This next pic is a pic of the edging I put on it.


One more project finished! YESSS! It feels so nice! Now if I could just get that wall of shelves up for my sewing room! One day SOON I hope! Hubby said to wait until after Christmas!

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR as well!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few Treasures

I found 3 things today at the thrift store. One I can’t post a pic of yet but the other two….. one was a sand pail full of pretty sea shells! I LOVVVVVE seashells and I have a huge lamp I found at the thrift store. Actually she gave it to me because the electrical stuff was coming apart on it. I think I have it fixed now and it’s needing it’s seashells put into it. So I think I should have enough for it now. I have done two more smaller ones with seashells in them but this one is pretty large and I like it better. I will go ahead and use one of those in our bedroom but the larger one I will use on my side of the bed since I have more space over there. The dogs bed is on hubby’s side so it’s pretty tight over there.

Will post some pix when I get that one finished. The other item I found was one of those three drawer plastic things for organizing things. I need to find out what to get black marker off with because someone wrote on it with a black marker. See pic below. I have two more of these and when I saw this one and she gave it to me for 2.00, I took it.



My sand pail full of seashells. There’s a lot of shells here for 3 bucks! LOVE thrift stores!



I will have to post pictures of the other item later on since it’s part of a Christmas present with someone.

Sure was fun shopping and finding treasures again!

More to come later! Stay tuned. Smile


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating

I think I am done with the decorating on the inside. Which feels soooo nice because I was getting a little worn out.

I finished the tree today. I had planned on making a tree skirt out of this piece of fabric but maybe it will get done before next year.


Ignore the old frosty window there. I am going to hang some lace panels but I need to hem them first.






Some of the candies I have on the tree.


My daughter bought me the little gingerbread men and snowflake cookies at Cracker barrel one year.

I decided I needed some more on the tree and my gold balls were a little small so I put 3 together on one ornament hook and they turned out cute on it.






Little red bird ornaments my daughter bought me at Cracker Barrel a few years ago.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorating and Projects

Well I’m getting it done one thing at a time. I got the mantel done today and now for the Christmas tree. I am hoping I can rest a little while and then I will have the energy to finish the tree. Sure wish my daughter would come home tonight and help me with it.

Anyway while I was decorating the garland for the mantel I had some candy cooking in the crock pot. Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality blog gave the recipe a few days ago. You will see her link over on the side of my blog. I love to check out her blog so I keep her link posted on mine. This is so yummy and SO EASY to make! So I’ve got the candy done as well with hardly no time invested in it.

I made a little tree from ornaments the other night. It’s one of those Styrofoam forms you can buy and I hot glued the ornaments onto it. I found mine at the thrift store a few years back.  I ALMOST sold this little flower pot. I’ve never been able to figure out what I wanted to use it for until now. After I made it I decided it needed something else so I tied a bow on it.  The little silver lamp doesn’t stay. I had planned on using it in my decorating, just not on the mantel.


I also decided I didn’t like it on the mantel so I put it here. I love the glow it puts off with the lights shining above it in the garland.


Then project number 2 was the little ceramic Christmas tree I hot glued the little beads on it. I have some multi colored lights inside it.  I found the little tree at the thrift store a couple summers back for .50 and I knew I would use it one day.


Another project I did a few days ago. I cut the letters out in cardboard and covered them with duct tape and then garland and lights.


Here is the mantel all decorated up. I still need to sit the little ceramic tree on something and the picture. I didn’t want to have to hide what I sit it all on so I am trying to figure out WHAT to sit the things on. I’ve got a couple gold boxes I think I will use for the picture.


Close up of the garland decorated.



And now the crock pot candy.


Close up of the candy. This stuff is so good and it’s just too easy to make. Thank you Rhoda for sharing the recipe with us!


OKAY maybe now I can get this Christmas tree done before the nights over and then I will be just about finished with my decorating. I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas tour.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

MAKING it Work

I have started my Christmas decorating and am working on a few things in my mind. lol Yeah in my mind. I have to get it together there first. Winking smile 

I’ve been wanting a few Christmas pictures to decorate with. Someone back last summer gave me the idea that I am using. Sorry I can’t remember who or where it was that I saw this idea. If I did I surely would give them credit. Anyway they took an outdoor flag and framed it. It was VERY pretty AND nice! SO I went to Michaels and found me a huge flag because I NEED a huge one for over my fireplace mantel. The flag is 28x40” I believe it was. Well I get home and get the large frame out of the attic that I wanted to use and it was TOO LARGE, the frame that is. ughhh. SO I am bound and determined it’s going to work. So I play with it for awhile and figured out a way I can make it work! Then awhile ago on Pinterest I saw another idea I can use with THIS idea! They used clear 2” wide tape and put lace the same width as the clear tape to decorate their Christmas packages with.

You see I had to cut the top AND the bottom off my flag because it was too wide and tall BOTH ways I tried it. The top and the bottom had the words Merry Christmas and I wanted that left on there. Sad smile 

So I am going to use my Cricut and do the words Merry Christmas down the sides on each side of my picture. I’m going to have to put some cloth down the sides because the flag isn’t wide enough to fill in the frame. SO where I add the fabric to the sides I will use this idea about the lace to dress it up. THEN I will put the words Merry on one side of the flag and then Christmas on the other side on top of the lace and tape. I hope this is making sense! You’ll see, ‘cause I will post some pix.

Well here she is. I had put the Merry Christmas on there with black vinyl but it was much too bold so I went back and did it in the red and green.


Another shot of it. I just sit it up on the mantel because I haven’t gotten it decorated yet.


Now here’s another one I did. First I drew out the letters on cardboard and cut them out. Then I covered them in duct tape so it would be more weather resistant.

Here it is with the cardboard. Then I covered this in duct tape.


Here it all fixed up with the garland and the lights on it. 


Got the lights on the Christmas tree and the garland on the mantel as well but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with any of that.

But at least I have gotten started decorating!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I wanted to come on my blog and just wish you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you have an awesome day and have all the things you love and look forward to eating on this day we set aside to celebrate for Thanksgiving.

Have a really blessed day!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging Cricut Mats and Making Building Blocks

Today was a good warm day to get some projects done outside.

I wanted some way to hang my cricut mats and I found these little clippies at the Dollar Tree. I got my trusty drill and 3 drill bits and drilled a hole in the back of each one so they would hang on my hook on my peg board.

I started out with the smaller drill bit and worked up to the bigger one so it wouldn’t break my little clippies.


On the card it says power clips and they are for food storage.


You can see the holes in this pic. I found a bit that was a little larger than the hook so it wouldn’t be such a tight fit when I hang it on the hook through the hole I drilled.


I clipped two of them together on this clippie. You can see how the clippie hangs on the little peg hook in this pic.

And I have 2 extra clippies to use for something else.

Then I went on from that project to this project below. I’ve been wanting some building blocks for a long time now to use for my mantel at Christmas time. I want to fix Merry Christmas for it out of the blocks. I did several different sizes so I would have larger ones for the capital letters and some shorter ones for the other letters. This is an old work table out on the patio. I need to paint it again. I had planned to put ceramic tile on it back during the spring but it made the table too heavy so I decided against it.


My daughter got some primmer on them tonight for me. She almost got them all done. I think she said she only lacked 20 finishing them. I figured I would use my cricut for the letters.


I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday looking and found a couple bags of plain blocks and they wanted 8.99 for each bag. They had about 8 or so per bag. I would have had to have 2 bags just to get Merry Christmas from them. That would have been 18.00 bucks plus tax. So I went to Lowe’s and got TWO 2x2’s eight foot long I believe they were for 1.42 each. Did you get that? 1.42 each. It took longer to sand all of them than it did to cut them out. lol  I cut some of them 1 1/2” and some of the 2” and some of them 3” tall and I’m thinking some 3 1/2” tall. I have a BUNCH of building blocks now and I do mean a bunch. I figured I would do the word Faith, and maybe Family, and some other words for decorating with. But for Christmas decorating I will do Joy, Peace, and Merry Christmas, and not sure what else. I am also thinking maybe I wont do them in Christmas colors so I can decorate with them all year using them to spell out other words during the year. I’m having a little trouble finding Christmas colors in vinyl anyway. I found a red and white gingham check and one that has apples and green leaves and when you cut it up it looks a little Christmasy. I’m using contact paper for my vinyl actually instead of Cricut vinyl and it works wonderful!

My husband bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas and it came with 3 cartridges and they are all Christmas cartridges. I have the Gingerbread one and I am thinking about making some Christmas tree ornaments with it for the tree IF I have time.

Anyway stay tuned with me and I will post more pix when I get the projects done. Leave me a message or two. I love hearing from you all. Smile


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quotes on Sewing Room Wall

My daughter got to work on putting the quotes on the sewing room wall today. I wanted to show you all what she got done. I couldn’t wait to share it with you. She got about halfway with them. We hope to work on them some more on Wednesday. The ceiling is pretty high she’s having to climb the ladder to reach them. I think it’s about 9 foot something, almost 10’.
















More to come later. Thank you all for your comments!  I love having your company!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quotes for Sewing Room

My sister in law let me borrow her Cricut and I am having a ball with it! I have got several of my quotes cut out now.  I’d LOVE to get me the Christmas cartridge for mine and do some Christmas words!

The ceiling of the sewing room is pretty tall so now I am trying to figure out just how I am going to get all these stuck onto the wall with me not liking heights. My sister just so happens to be in Oklahoma now so I can’t get her to put them up there for me. Winking smile So just maybe my daughter isn’t going to be busy tomorrow or one day pretty soon so she can do the climbing for me.

Don’t know if you have ever heard of a Cricut or not but these things are something. They are so much fun to play with. Folks make things to put in their scrape books with them and cards . You can do all kinds of things with them. You can do those words to stick onto you walls with them to.

I will post some pix soon of what I am doing I hope.

Well last Saturday didn’t work out. Da daughter had a migraine and just never did feel up to it. So she promised me Saturday we’d get er done.

Here are a few I have done. For some reason I missed the d on the distracted and had to go back and do it. LOL


I just had to have this one! The little hummingbirds will go in-between the quotes so they don’t all run together.


Now you can see all of the last quote on the next pic.


I LOVE this last one! Winking smile


Like I said hopefully we can get these ON the walls Saturday. I hadn’t planned on putting any quotes on the wall where the vinyl siding on the porch used to be but I think I am going to put some. I stuck some messed up ones on it because the vinyl is textured and I wanted to see IF they would stay on it. Stuck it up there this morning and it’s still hanging on so I think it will stay on there. YEA!

One more step to getting this sewing room completed! I also bought a few 1x12’s the other day so I could get started on the part of the wall I want all those shelves. It’s going to take quite a few so I figured I would get the boards a few at a time until I got what I thought we would need.

Come back and visit me later so you can see the quotes on the wall.



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Projects

I went to my favorite thrift store a couple days ago and I found a few things that I wanted. One was a small pair of white cotton Battenberg curtains that I made into these. I had this little pillow and it didn’t have a pillowcase so I made it one and then made an extra for when this one needs washing. The little set of curtains wasn’t but .50 and I knew I would do something with them because I LOVED the feel of the cotton!




Then I also found this little bookshelf for only 5.00 bucks. I am in BAD NEED of some book shelves for all our books! I will have to touch this one up and get some of those little doo dads that you stick in the holes on the sides for the shelf to sit on. I had one pack but didn’t have enough for the second shelf to sit on. I’ve got to screw the back on a little better than it is to. But that’s no biggie. It will make a nice little book shelf I think. In fact I am highly considering making me a pattern from it so I can make a couple more but maybe a little taller. Like I said I NEED some bookshelves for all these BOOKS we have! I ALMOST bid on a couple large ones last weekend at the auction but they went wayyyy too high for pressboard ones when I can make them out of 1x12” pine and it be solid board and no warping to boot.


Last but not least, some of my rolls of shelf paper for a project in the sewing room. Remember me telling you all about putting some sewing quotes at the top of the sewing room wall? Well some of these rolls are for that and then some are for covering boxes with for storing magazines and other stuff. The one on the end on the right side, I found when I found the bookshelf and the other things. It wasn’t but like .50 as well.


My daughter was with me when I bought all the pinks and green ones, thank goodness. I’d been worried the greens would have clashed with the green on the walls but she said no, so I got it. It doesn’t clash thank goodness!



Stay tuned because I hope to shortly have my quotes made for the walls.