Friday, December 23, 2011

Sewing Projects

Well now that Christmas lunch and dinner is almost made I sit down to finish the old comforter I started fixing a few months back. I got tired of seeing all those things that needed fixing or repaired on my sewing cabinet so I started a couple days ago working on them all.  Fixed the elastic in 4 old sheets I had that was still sound and after all I love the old things!


This was filled with something like poly fil and when I washed it the mess balled up inside it like you would not believe. So I tore it apart and put a blanket inside it and then hand sewed the circles back in it. That’s how they quilted it from the factory but I had to hand sew them back in. Then I put the border around the edges. The border was the dust ruffle that came with it. Well actually I found another one just like it (the dust ruffle) at the thrift store and I bought it. I am going the comforter as a quilt for right now but the way I change up things I might one day have it as a comforter again. I put another piece of fabric on the back of it instead of what it came with. Thinking I might want to make some pillow shams to match it later on. So that’s another reason I bought the other dust ruffle so I will have some ruffles for the pillow shams out of it.

I put it over my table in the sewing room and it’s at night so it’s a little dark in there. I didn’t think about turning on the flood lights I have in there. lol

This next pic is a pic of the edging I put on it.


One more project finished! YESSS! It feels so nice! Now if I could just get that wall of shelves up for my sewing room! One day SOON I hope! Hubby said to wait until after Christmas!

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR as well!


mississippi artist said...

I always love finding a fellow Mississippi blogger. I have been enjoying reading your older posts this morning. I live in central Mississippi, near Jackson, but am from Oxford. My blog is by for a visit sometime.

Rose said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for giving me your link! Yeah it's always nice when I find Ms. bloggers as well. Thank you for your kind comments and be sure and come back to visit me again. :)