Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few Treasures

I found 3 things today at the thrift store. One I can’t post a pic of yet but the other two….. one was a sand pail full of pretty sea shells! I LOVVVVVE seashells and I have a huge lamp I found at the thrift store. Actually she gave it to me because the electrical stuff was coming apart on it. I think I have it fixed now and it’s needing it’s seashells put into it. So I think I should have enough for it now. I have done two more smaller ones with seashells in them but this one is pretty large and I like it better. I will go ahead and use one of those in our bedroom but the larger one I will use on my side of the bed since I have more space over there. The dogs bed is on hubby’s side so it’s pretty tight over there.

Will post some pix when I get that one finished. The other item I found was one of those three drawer plastic things for organizing things. I need to find out what to get black marker off with because someone wrote on it with a black marker. See pic below. I have two more of these and when I saw this one and she gave it to me for 2.00, I took it.



My sand pail full of seashells. There’s a lot of shells here for 3 bucks! LOVE thrift stores!



I will have to post pictures of the other item later on since it’s part of a Christmas present with someone.

Sure was fun shopping and finding treasures again!

More to come later! Stay tuned. Smile



Rose1957 said...

Just in case anyone is paying attention to my ramblings..... I was able to get the black magic marker off the little plastic drawer thing I found while thrift store shopping. My daughter said try rubbing alcohol and it worked perfectly!

Cora G. said...

Also heard whitening toothpaste works for that!

Rose said...

Thank you Cora! I'll have to remember that one to in case the rubbing alcohol doesn't work one day. Thank you also for visiting my blog! Come back anytime I LOVE company!!!!