Monday, January 23, 2012

Washing Powders- Dishwasher Detergent- Body Wash Recipes

Figured you all might be interested in something I just found online recently. I’ve not made any of it yet, but my plans are to make some real shortly. I do make my own washing soap and washing machine soap, but it’s liquid and it has to be melted and takes a little while to make. (the washing machine soap is liquid that is, the body soap are bars of soap) SO I want to try this recipe.

From what I understand the soap in the washing powders even melts in cold water. I know my Ivory didn’t but this is Fels Napha so I’m going to try it since I wash my clothes in cold water.

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk I can’t be responsible for you making any of this.

Here is the BODY WASH LINK




There are loads and loads of comments toward the bottom on each of those links if you’d be interested in reading them to see if you’d want to try any of these.  I’ve been using my liquid washing soap for my dishwasher as well since it doesn’t foam up or anything and it’s been doing a good job to. I like the convenience of this other one though since mine takes longer to make. Going to try this one anyway.

Let me know if you try any of it and what you think about it.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Wall of Shelves

Well I think we have gotten everything we need to get started on the shelves for the sewing room.

We called the guy that closed in the front porch for us to talk to him about building them for us. He told me we needed 5 more boards. I thought we had them all. We didn’t think about the vertical ones. lol I just figured the horizontal  ones.  DUH anyway we needed 5 boards 1x12x10’ for the vertical.  Below is about how we’re going to do them. In cube like boxes. They will go all the way to the ceiling which are 9’4” and then to the floor to. I wanted the whole wall to be full of cabinets like this so I will have plenty of space to store all the sewing things and the fabrics. I am going to paint the boards the color of the wall, which is green.


The pile of boards. The little 1x2’s are sandwiched in the 1x12’s.


I’m so excited I can’t wait to get it finished!!! LOL

This next pic is the wall the shelves will go on. I’ve got to move the cabinet and filing cabinet AND all that paint!



Got plans for that milk crate sitting on the table to. Winking smile Found a blog where a lady shows how to make a cover for them and you don’t see the milk crate at all, not even on the bottom! I have a few of them and sure hope I have enough to do what I want to do with them. I got my cloth today to cover them with and I will cover them and am going to sit them on the floor under the bottom shelf on the wall the whole width of the shelves. I’m going to store things that I don’t want to store on the shelves in them. Since my accent color is going to be black in here….. I am going to put a black tassel on the lid for them that I am going to make. I want the lid to come to a point like table runners so with the black tassel on the end to hold it shut so dust wont get inside the crates.

I want to leave an area about a foot or so on one end of the wall of shelves to put a hanging rod for hanging clothes I am working on. I have a few in there now that I don’t have a place to hang. So I figured that would come in handy. Then above the hanging rod we will put some more shelves so the space wont be wasted up there.

From what Mr. Robert figured the cubes will be like 15” square and the top shelf will be much wider than the others because we’d only have like 4 or so inches from the roof if we add another shelf up there. That would be wayyy too close to the roof to use it for anything. So that shelf will be wider and I’m sure it will get used for something! Winking smile I might even put some covered milk crates up there!  When I get all that stuff moved that’s in the way of the building the shelves I will start on my milk crate covers.

I have some tassels I am going to try and dye black because I have these and I’m not going to use them for anything else. So I figured I would try dying them to use for this project. First I have to find them! lol I have moved all my sewing things around so much trying to figure out WHERE I want everything until I can’t remember where everything is now. That’s about right huh? I bought a drop cloth today to use for my milk crate covers. I hope I will have enough of the fabric to make them all. Although I can go back and get another one IF I need it I guess.

Wanted to post a couple links to the milk crate cover in case some of you want to make one.


OK stay with me while we get this project finished. I will post pix of the process. I think he might try and get started on it like the 27th if he can. We’re going to get the boards sanded and painted in the meantime and then all we will have to do is do some touch ups. I don’t need those fumes here inside with all the breathing problems I’ve been having this winter. So we will do that outside.