Monday, January 23, 2012

Washing Powders- Dishwasher Detergent- Body Wash Recipes

Figured you all might be interested in something I just found online recently. I’ve not made any of it yet, but my plans are to make some real shortly. I do make my own washing soap and washing machine soap, but it’s liquid and it has to be melted and takes a little while to make. (the washing machine soap is liquid that is, the body soap are bars of soap) SO I want to try this recipe.

From what I understand the soap in the washing powders even melts in cold water. I know my Ivory didn’t but this is Fels Napha so I’m going to try it since I wash my clothes in cold water.

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk I can’t be responsible for you making any of this.

Here is the BODY WASH LINK




There are loads and loads of comments toward the bottom on each of those links if you’d be interested in reading them to see if you’d want to try any of these.  I’ve been using my liquid washing soap for my dishwasher as well since it doesn’t foam up or anything and it’s been doing a good job to. I like the convenience of this other one though since mine takes longer to make. Going to try this one anyway.

Let me know if you try any of it and what you think about it.


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