Friday, May 28, 2010

Bargain Shopping Again

Was heading home today from town and noticed someone had opened up a Flea Market so I decided to stop. Found a few things and been on here trying to find these little cups online and I’m just NOT finding them! On the bottom it says, OTAGIRL Japan and they are little teacups I do believe, black in color and has gold trim with daylilies on them. I found 4 of those and you know most all tea cups don’t have handles. I wanted to use them for votive cups.

Then I also found 3 bamboo glasses and just had to get those for my daughters boyfriend since he loves the stuff. :) They have bamboo painted on them in black paint. Then I also found a glass vase like thing I plan on putting my lucky bamboo in. I have been looking for just the right thing to put it in and now I have finally found it. On the bottom of it, it says NAPCO 1164 CLEVELAND. O. U.S.A.

Pic of the little cups and the bamboo glasses.




Last but not least is the pretty green glass vase I want to put my lucky bamboo in.


Also don’t forget to check out the buy one shake and get the other one free at Sonic. We went tonight and got us one and it sure was yummy.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Life Is In the Blood

Someone posted on Facebook about there may be more value to our bones after we’re dead than previous realized. It reminded me of something I had read about life being in the blood and I said I’d share that to. I was telling them I had a book and the name of the book is, Research in Principles of Life, Basic Seminar Textbook. We’d went to a Basic Life Seminar at one of our friends churches and we bought several things because we really enjoyed the class.

Anyway like I was saying…….. In this part of the book it was talking about forgiveness and forgiving others and having bitterness etc. It said the consequences of bitterness has physical consequences for us and chemical balance of ulcerative colitis, toxic goiters, high blood pressure and this is just a few of the diseases caused by bitterness. Too much of these hormones can cause diseases in any part of our body.

The reason I related what was said about the bones to the blood was because the life of the flesh is in the blood, (Leviticus 17:11) But the “factory” for the blood is in the marrow of our bones. The health of our blood determines the health of our body. Bitterness has a direct and devastating effect upon our bones. For a study of this: Psalm 32:3, Prov. 15:30, Prov. 17:22, Prov. 14:30, Prov. 12:4, Ezekiel 32:27.

It goes on to talk about how it (bitterness) is carried on from one generation to another and affecting hundreds of descendants. The sins of the parents are visited to the 3rd and 4th generations of those who hold hatred in their heart. (Deuteronomy 5:9) They give an illustration below this telling about each generation and what it prompts.

Anyway this is a really good book in my opinion and is well worth the study of it. I really got a lot out of it and in fact I was doing a devotion of Charles Stanley’s many years ago now and it was talking about the blood and I had remembered reading this in this book. So I decided to share it all on my website in which I can’t get into right now for some reason. The site might be down or something. I was going to get on my cgi manager bin thingie and see if I could find the post I made about it all, but couldn’t get it.

These may not be of any interests to any of you but it was very interesting to me that what we do, how we act, or react, really does effect us physically as well as mentally AND more than any of this, Spiritually. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Border Flower Bed

Before I show you pix of what we are doing in the border bed I wanted to show you this pic. I do have special plans for this and one day I WILL finish it!

My gazebo…. I am going to put some more of the white plastic lattice work in around the back and sides and then do some scalloped pieces around on the top of the front. The back and sides will have whole pieces of the lattice like for walls. I m trying to find me something to attach to the center top of it but haven’t found it yet. I planted those yellow daylilies around the sides and back last summer. They have already started multiplying. I’m trying to decide what color I want to paint the table that is in it. I also have some metal chairs I was going to paint to match it. This will be such a very neat place to drink morning coffee or even some hot tea. ;)


Now for the mess! On around the corner from the gazebo to the right across the rock path, we have a mess on our hands. We cleaned out this bed believe it or not, last summer! YEP we did and it has taken over again! We have some sort of mammoth sticker that has large briars on it and lonnnng roots. I posted about it earlier in the week.

I pulled and yanked and yanked and pulled I don’t know how many loads out yesterday and then this morning Hubby and I have been pulling and yanking! We got the tarp and laid it down on the ground because it seemed easier like that. We have already dumped one load off the tarp and one load in the wheel barrow. It’s already full again. Then I have another pile started over there in the grass. You can tell we’re doing something to the bed now.


We’re going to pull these out and then I will round up the short grass and weeds that are in the bed after we get done pulling and yanking.


The tarp is huge but you can’t tell it by this pic. It’s long and narrow and you can see the mess! Hubby just got finished repairing the wheel barrow. See the new tire and he welded some flat metal in the inside where it was starting to get some small holes. When we get finished with it on this project he plans on sanding it down now and painting it. This poor thing is almost 30 years old.

Then this next pic is something I need to get transplanted into that bed we are working on. My daughter planted it in this pot summer before last and last year it out grew it’s pot. These things will fill up a flower bed and that’s just what I need out there so the grass can’t see the light of day.


Hubby and I had to quit for awhile because it just got too hot out there. We will work on it some more this evening and try to finish it up. Like I said, when we get finished with it I will use some round up to kill the really small grass and weeds and every time I see one of those briars stick their heads out of the soil it’s going to get round up sprayed on it.

So for now we are chillin’ until later on this evening until it is cooler out there. Man it sure would be nice to have a pool to dive into! ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening

Felt a little better this evening and built up a little strength to pull some of those mammoth briars out of that flower bed I was talking about yesterday. I pulled 3 piling up construction wheel barrow loads out of it and didn’t make a dent in it.

As you can see from the pic below you can’t tell I did anything to it. If you can see the little rock path to the left of the pic, I started there and went toward the little oak that is in the pic. All those PVC pipes sticking up are plants and last year the bed was so grown up that I needed to see which plants to water so I did that so they would stick out to me and hubby and we could see the plants. I’m HOPING there is still some plants beside them because you can’t see the things. I NEED to make me some paths in the flower bed so I can walk around on the paths where the bed is sooooo wide.


A close up so you can really see my mess. lol


Well in this next pic you can see just a little area off to the left where it is clear of the briars. I’ve got little trees trying to grow in there to. See my huge hydrangea bush in there? I need to fertilize the poor thing. There is ALWAYS something more to do around here. Seems I never ever get even halfway caught up. I am going to round up the bed I think when I get all those briars out of it. I need to kill a few small weeds as well as some grass that is trying to get up into the bed.


More stuff I am doing. I am getting another group of tomato plants ready to plant when my other ones grow weary of producing. See the stainless sink? I found that for 10 bucks with the faucet still attached. My plans are to fix it in our master bedroom so I can bathe Buddy (our dog) in it because doing that in the bathtub is killing my poor knees and I’m not getting any younger either and he’s just now a year old. ;)


There is two in this pot and one of them had some roots on it. It came from one of my other plants so I transplanted it for later. Then the other one in this pot I am rooting. I just stuck it really deep down into the soil and it’s looking as well as the rooted one. The really green bush beside it is a tree I am going to transplant. DH gave me some money for my Mothers Day present and I bought shrubs and bushes with it. ;) He and my daughter also got me a couple of concrete urns I’ve been wanting for years. lol


Oh and I never have finished up that shed yet either. The weather got really hot and I’ve had everything under the sun going on and then I got the virus. So you name it and it’s taken me from the shed work. Maybe I can get that poor thing done before July! lol What’s that little saying, the more I do the behinder I get? So true! lol

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Yard

Wanted to share some of my yard with you. My camera is in the shop but I happened to think I could use my daughters! duh….. anyway here are some shots around my yard and garden. This one is on the south side of my house. There is iris’s and yellow daylilies as you can see in bloom and cape jasmines are in bloom as well. We just redid this bed the end of last summer I believe it was. Oh and I also have some abelia (evergreen bush) and amaryllis. And on the edge as the outline is the monkey grass. ;)


A view from my garden into the “holler”. ;) As you can see the whole holler is a pond. I love this view!


A view of our first garden we started a few years back. I have cucumbers planted to grow on the fence. Then next is bush snap beans and at the end of the row are a few sprigs of chives. Then the row with the funky metal things are the tomatoes. Those funky metal things are supports and I sure hope they work! I will be tying the tomatoes to the strings.


Then this garden is the new garden we started this year. I wanted more tomatoes so I could can them so we made this garden. We didn’t want to add to the other one because it gets a little too much shade. I have tomatoes, peppers, snap beans and squash in this garden. And as you can see, more tomato supports. ;)


A little better view of the tomato supports. I need to get out there and tie up the tomatoes already. We had a little wind just a little while ago and they’re laying over some. The peppers took a beating to.


Next would be, or that is, I think is, rudbeckia or something to that effect. ;) It’s something like black eyed susans but much larger blooms and gets pretty tall from what I understand.


OK next is the mammoth stickers or briars whichever you’d like to call it. These pvc pipes I have driven in the ground are about 5 foot tall so you can see just how large these things are that I am TRYING to figure out HOW to get rid of! We have pulled them up and they come back with a vengeance! They are taking over this area of the 300’ flower bed. IF I don’t do SOMETHING soon they will have the whole 300 foot bed!


See the stickers on this thing? Can you say OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH!


See how tall these things are? Pity I can’t at least get berries off them! lol


See this next one? It’s just starting out from the root from the larger ones. This is how they spread from what I am learning about them. I haven’t gotten around to weeding this bed yet because I’ve been working on cleaning out and organizing the shed as well as trying to get the garden planted and tended to. Got some plants to stick into this bed though and need to get it cleaned up!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Walking Down Memory Lane

Well it all started when I found these two really nice photo albums that had their own case the other day in the thrift store. There was a box of them and I reached and got one set out to see what it was and I opened it up and the guy standing there saw what it was and when I turned to put the one I had in my buggy and walked back to get me one more he grabbed the whole box of them, and I do mean the whole box. Now I have a problem with greedy people, I really do. Really no need in greed at all. I was only going to get me one more and I knew all my photos would fit in these albums.

So anyway I had to ignore the greed of some folks and just say thank You God for allowing me to get the one set that I did get. :)

So I was going though all my photos tonight to see which ones I wanted to put in these two albums and did I say they were nice albums? Yep they were. Anyway I came across some photos of some VERY special people to me. You want to know why? OK I will tell you why……

You see my Daddy was an awesome man in my life and I just loved him dearly! No one on earth quite like my Daddy, Thomas Charles Harrison!!! These photos in which I refer to is of my niece and nephew, the ONLY ONES I have on my Daddy’s side. My Daddy would have been SO PROUD of his Grandchildren. He would get down in the floor on our level when my sister and I  were kids and play with us and take up time with us. There was no one else around when he was playing with his kids! How I do miss my Daddy!

Anyway back to my precious niece and nephew! They mean the world to me and I have no way of telling them just what they mean to me in words. I haven’t been able to go see them and visit them like I would love to be able to and it just breaks my heart that we’re all apart and not really a close family and live so far from each other. It really does because I love these two folks with all that is within me and I want to be close. That is one reason why I am so mega happy that my sister is finally in the same state I am in. We can visit and do things together like sisters are suppose to be able to do. Man how I dream of being able to do that with my niece Belinda, and my nephew Jason and my great nieces and nephew. Man how I could spoil these three kids!!!!!

Life is really really short and as you get older you realize it’s even shorter than what you thought it was to begin with. And as I get older I seem to get more sentimental than I ever was and I have always been sentimental.

But as I was walking down memory lane tonight in my photos I came across all these photos and just wanted to tell these two wonderful folks how much I love them and what they mean to me. I LOVE YOU JASON and I LOVE YOU TO BELINDA!!!! With all my heart I do and I mean that. I wanted to share some photos with you as well. Some cute, funny, and precious photos. Belinda there was one I didn’t find that I really really wanted to put on here.

It was the one of you in the little silky gown I made you when you were about 2 years old. You looked like a little angel to me in it. Then there was the one I also wanted to put on here of you in your camouflage coveralls I made you. I think you really really liked your coveralls. lol

Also Belinda I do have lots more photos of you but I couldn’t share them on here. :)

Left to right, Cindy, Belinda, Jason, and my sister Elaine facing the camera.


Aunt Lucy, in the hospital bed and Aunt Nellie standing up. This is my Daddy’s sisters. They would be your Great Aunts. Aunt Nellie is still with us, Thank you God!!! They always ask about Jason, Belinda, and Elaine if we go and Elaine’s not with us.

Aunt Lucy Jason and Aunt Nellie

Aunt Nellie hugging Belinda. Cindy is writing something by the coffee table. This is at our trailer. 1984

Aunt Nellie and Belinda

And I want you to look at this precious baby! This is Jason.


Oh and look at this really pretty girl! She’s making a face at me because I disturbed her TV watching. ;)

Belinda not happy

Isn’t she just so pretty? This would be precious Belinda!

Belinda older

Belinda again.


Belinda and Jason


Elaine and Jason

Elaine and Jason

Jason wanting to eat the plant. lol

Jason after plant

Jason and a cap

Jason and Cap

Always smiling!! :) This is at our trailer. That old rocker your Mom is in was Roberts Aunt Cadds old rocker. She told me she rocked all her kids in it. It looked like I don’t know what, but man the memories that thing had!

Jason and Elaine

Jason and Uncle Robert at our house. 1992

Jason and Uncle Robert

We had a wiener roast and popped firecrackers one New Years. Jason with his firecrackers. 1988


Belinda and Elaine


Cute little Belinda!


Mawma and Jason. This is my Daddy’s Momma, Carrie Louise. So this is Belinda’s and Jason’s Great Mawma. She was a precious and gentle of a person you’ll ever want to meet. She never raised her voice at any of us kids. Man how I miss her to. Like I said before, life is so short, really really short. That’s why we have to make the most of it and love our family because God gave them to us. And He gave me one of the best that there ever will be.

Mawma And Jason

You know what, there was some pix of you all on the pond when it iced over to. I just happen to think about those and I didn’t see those in the boxes. I must have missed a box of photos.

I hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. Good memories and sad ones of the family loved ones done gone on. Life is short, love your family while you still have time so you have NO regrets after they are gone. I love you Jason and Belinda and my sister!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Flowers

My husband gave me some money to buy me some plants with for Mothers Day. I went this morning and got a load. I got me 4 of the knock out roses and some sweet olive bushes and several more things. My daughter and hubby also got me a couple concrete urns I'd been wanting. I will have to take some pix to show you. I am trying to figure out what I want to put in the urns. I bought some evergreen ground cover to make me a couple topiaries' with, but now wondering if that is what I want in there. Anyway now I have to get all these plants planted to.

Hubby and I got the tomato supports in the ground this evening and are going to try and finish them tomorrow. We made some wooden ones for the center of the rows so the strings wont sway in the middle. So we are getting a few things accomlished anyway.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gardening and the Outdoors

I worked in my garden all day yesterday and man I can tell it today in my body!! The grass was starting to take it over so I weeded it and put the pine straw around the tomatoes. Then I also put the shingles down in the paths to keep out the weeds because it’s really hard to till it to keep out the weeds when there is pine straw all over the place. The rows to the right of the pic was suppose to be squash and snap beans but not all of them came up. So I replanted them both yesterday. I also have another garden this size to the right of those white chairs in the top of the pic.  The tomatoes are taller than they appear in the pic because the straw is a foot deep. The little plants close to the naked row are peppers.


Another angle of the garden. I went ahead and put my soaker hose in place on two rows of the tomatoes because it was nice and cool yesterday and I figured why not get it all done while it’s cool? ;) We have 4 rows of tomatoes and one row of peppers and half row of squash. Then we have a row of cucumbers, 2 1/2 rows of snap beans.


Then I just had to share my babies with you! This is a nest of bluebirds. I love bluebirds, and there is 3 in this nest. I have nesting boxes all around our almost 12 acres of land. They are really demanding. Both parents are feeding them and they snatch it out of their parents beaks before they even go inside the box. Looks like they are about ready to leave the box. I will have to keep an eagle eye out for them so our cats wont try to get them. 


Then below I have some tomato supports my hubby made for our tomatoes. There will be one of these on each end of the rows and I will attach the strings to the ends of the cross pieces. He welded washers on the ends of the cross pieces to attach the string to. The tomatoes will be in the middle of the two strings. In other words, there will be a string on each end of the cross piece stretching from one end to the other end of the garden. Then I can tie the tomatoes (as they grow) to the string to help support them. I have tried the tomato cages and they just aren’t strong enough to support the tomatoes. Last year my tomato bushes got heavy with tomatoes and the limbs broke. It made me sick because there was a bunch of them that did that so needless to say I lost good tomatoes due to those old cages. ughhhh so hopefully this support system will work great!


Then here is our families field of corn. They planted two different batches of it so it wont all come in at one time. We all got together and paid for the corn and fertilizer to plant it. They have tractors and can do a whole lot with the tractors.


Then last but not least…. another project of mine. I have 3 of these little chairs a friend gave to me. I am going to paint 4 of them black to match a black wrought iron table I have. Then the other two I am going to paint to match another little glass top table I have. I am still in the process of cleaning and organizing our shed and these were in the shed so they need to be dealt with and so when I can, I will be dealing with them as well. As you can see I will have to give them a good sanding and replace the bottoms. I thought the black ones would be sooooo cute with black fabric and white polka dots.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Shed

Well I had to take a break from working on the shed clean out. My back started bothering me and I had to chill out a couple days because I was having some mega bad charlie horses in my legs! They start doing that when my back starts getting inflamed so I know to chill out when that happens. So anyway I got started back working on it this evening and got a little done on it. I want to do some landscaping around it when I get done with cleaning it out and getting it organized. BUT I don't know if it will be too hot by the time I get it finished or not. I've found a few things in my cleaning out that I want to hang on the outside of it to dress it up just a bit. Then also found something in my bargain shopping as well. I figure a wren will be building a nest in it before it's over with. lol
Anyway just wanted to check in with you all and let you know what I am up to these days. It's just taking me a while to get this done because I can't work all day long on it day after day anymore because of this old back of mine. :( But I will keep hacking away at it and hopefully get it done sooner or later. Hopefully sooner than later. ;)
I hope all of you are well and doing something you enjoy! Have a great week!