Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening

Felt a little better this evening and built up a little strength to pull some of those mammoth briars out of that flower bed I was talking about yesterday. I pulled 3 piling up construction wheel barrow loads out of it and didn’t make a dent in it.

As you can see from the pic below you can’t tell I did anything to it. If you can see the little rock path to the left of the pic, I started there and went toward the little oak that is in the pic. All those PVC pipes sticking up are plants and last year the bed was so grown up that I needed to see which plants to water so I did that so they would stick out to me and hubby and we could see the plants. I’m HOPING there is still some plants beside them because you can’t see the things. I NEED to make me some paths in the flower bed so I can walk around on the paths where the bed is sooooo wide.


A close up so you can really see my mess. lol


Well in this next pic you can see just a little area off to the left where it is clear of the briars. I’ve got little trees trying to grow in there to. See my huge hydrangea bush in there? I need to fertilize the poor thing. There is ALWAYS something more to do around here. Seems I never ever get even halfway caught up. I am going to round up the bed I think when I get all those briars out of it. I need to kill a few small weeds as well as some grass that is trying to get up into the bed.


More stuff I am doing. I am getting another group of tomato plants ready to plant when my other ones grow weary of producing. See the stainless sink? I found that for 10 bucks with the faucet still attached. My plans are to fix it in our master bedroom so I can bathe Buddy (our dog) in it because doing that in the bathtub is killing my poor knees and I’m not getting any younger either and he’s just now a year old. ;)


There is two in this pot and one of them had some roots on it. It came from one of my other plants so I transplanted it for later. Then the other one in this pot I am rooting. I just stuck it really deep down into the soil and it’s looking as well as the rooted one. The really green bush beside it is a tree I am going to transplant. DH gave me some money for my Mothers Day present and I bought shrubs and bushes with it. ;) He and my daughter also got me a couple of concrete urns I’ve been wanting for years. lol


Oh and I never have finished up that shed yet either. The weather got really hot and I’ve had everything under the sun going on and then I got the virus. So you name it and it’s taken me from the shed work. Maybe I can get that poor thing done before July! lol What’s that little saying, the more I do the behinder I get? So true! lol

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