Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Border Flower Bed

Before I show you pix of what we are doing in the border bed I wanted to show you this pic. I do have special plans for this and one day I WILL finish it!

My gazebo…. I am going to put some more of the white plastic lattice work in around the back and sides and then do some scalloped pieces around on the top of the front. The back and sides will have whole pieces of the lattice like for walls. I m trying to find me something to attach to the center top of it but haven’t found it yet. I planted those yellow daylilies around the sides and back last summer. They have already started multiplying. I’m trying to decide what color I want to paint the table that is in it. I also have some metal chairs I was going to paint to match it. This will be such a very neat place to drink morning coffee or even some hot tea. ;)


Now for the mess! On around the corner from the gazebo to the right across the rock path, we have a mess on our hands. We cleaned out this bed believe it or not, last summer! YEP we did and it has taken over again! We have some sort of mammoth sticker that has large briars on it and lonnnng roots. I posted about it earlier in the week.

I pulled and yanked and yanked and pulled I don’t know how many loads out yesterday and then this morning Hubby and I have been pulling and yanking! We got the tarp and laid it down on the ground because it seemed easier like that. We have already dumped one load off the tarp and one load in the wheel barrow. It’s already full again. Then I have another pile started over there in the grass. You can tell we’re doing something to the bed now.


We’re going to pull these out and then I will round up the short grass and weeds that are in the bed after we get done pulling and yanking.


The tarp is huge but you can’t tell it by this pic. It’s long and narrow and you can see the mess! Hubby just got finished repairing the wheel barrow. See the new tire and he welded some flat metal in the inside where it was starting to get some small holes. When we get finished with it on this project he plans on sanding it down now and painting it. This poor thing is almost 30 years old.

Then this next pic is something I need to get transplanted into that bed we are working on. My daughter planted it in this pot summer before last and last year it out grew it’s pot. These things will fill up a flower bed and that’s just what I need out there so the grass can’t see the light of day.


Hubby and I had to quit for awhile because it just got too hot out there. We will work on it some more this evening and try to finish it up. Like I said, when we get finished with it I will use some round up to kill the really small grass and weeds and every time I see one of those briars stick their heads out of the soil it’s going to get round up sprayed on it.

So for now we are chillin’ until later on this evening until it is cooler out there. Man it sure would be nice to have a pool to dive into! ;)

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