Friday, May 28, 2010

Bargain Shopping Again

Was heading home today from town and noticed someone had opened up a Flea Market so I decided to stop. Found a few things and been on here trying to find these little cups online and I’m just NOT finding them! On the bottom it says, OTAGIRL Japan and they are little teacups I do believe, black in color and has gold trim with daylilies on them. I found 4 of those and you know most all tea cups don’t have handles. I wanted to use them for votive cups.

Then I also found 3 bamboo glasses and just had to get those for my daughters boyfriend since he loves the stuff. :) They have bamboo painted on them in black paint. Then I also found a glass vase like thing I plan on putting my lucky bamboo in. I have been looking for just the right thing to put it in and now I have finally found it. On the bottom of it, it says NAPCO 1164 CLEVELAND. O. U.S.A.

Pic of the little cups and the bamboo glasses.




Last but not least is the pretty green glass vase I want to put my lucky bamboo in.


Also don’t forget to check out the buy one shake and get the other one free at Sonic. We went tonight and got us one and it sure was yummy.



WhineNRoses said...

Hi Rose!!
How are you? Remember me? Mama004 from sampler forum?
How have you been???
Stop by my blog when you have time!Keep in touch!!!

Rose said...

Yep I remember you! Always loved your style of decorating!
Thank you for stopping by! Come back again!!