Monday, May 17, 2010

Walking Down Memory Lane

Well it all started when I found these two really nice photo albums that had their own case the other day in the thrift store. There was a box of them and I reached and got one set out to see what it was and I opened it up and the guy standing there saw what it was and when I turned to put the one I had in my buggy and walked back to get me one more he grabbed the whole box of them, and I do mean the whole box. Now I have a problem with greedy people, I really do. Really no need in greed at all. I was only going to get me one more and I knew all my photos would fit in these albums.

So anyway I had to ignore the greed of some folks and just say thank You God for allowing me to get the one set that I did get. :)

So I was going though all my photos tonight to see which ones I wanted to put in these two albums and did I say they were nice albums? Yep they were. Anyway I came across some photos of some VERY special people to me. You want to know why? OK I will tell you why……

You see my Daddy was an awesome man in my life and I just loved him dearly! No one on earth quite like my Daddy, Thomas Charles Harrison!!! These photos in which I refer to is of my niece and nephew, the ONLY ONES I have on my Daddy’s side. My Daddy would have been SO PROUD of his Grandchildren. He would get down in the floor on our level when my sister and I  were kids and play with us and take up time with us. There was no one else around when he was playing with his kids! How I do miss my Daddy!

Anyway back to my precious niece and nephew! They mean the world to me and I have no way of telling them just what they mean to me in words. I haven’t been able to go see them and visit them like I would love to be able to and it just breaks my heart that we’re all apart and not really a close family and live so far from each other. It really does because I love these two folks with all that is within me and I want to be close. That is one reason why I am so mega happy that my sister is finally in the same state I am in. We can visit and do things together like sisters are suppose to be able to do. Man how I dream of being able to do that with my niece Belinda, and my nephew Jason and my great nieces and nephew. Man how I could spoil these three kids!!!!!

Life is really really short and as you get older you realize it’s even shorter than what you thought it was to begin with. And as I get older I seem to get more sentimental than I ever was and I have always been sentimental.

But as I was walking down memory lane tonight in my photos I came across all these photos and just wanted to tell these two wonderful folks how much I love them and what they mean to me. I LOVE YOU JASON and I LOVE YOU TO BELINDA!!!! With all my heart I do and I mean that. I wanted to share some photos with you as well. Some cute, funny, and precious photos. Belinda there was one I didn’t find that I really really wanted to put on here.

It was the one of you in the little silky gown I made you when you were about 2 years old. You looked like a little angel to me in it. Then there was the one I also wanted to put on here of you in your camouflage coveralls I made you. I think you really really liked your coveralls. lol

Also Belinda I do have lots more photos of you but I couldn’t share them on here. :)

Left to right, Cindy, Belinda, Jason, and my sister Elaine facing the camera.


Aunt Lucy, in the hospital bed and Aunt Nellie standing up. This is my Daddy’s sisters. They would be your Great Aunts. Aunt Nellie is still with us, Thank you God!!! They always ask about Jason, Belinda, and Elaine if we go and Elaine’s not with us.

Aunt Lucy Jason and Aunt Nellie

Aunt Nellie hugging Belinda. Cindy is writing something by the coffee table. This is at our trailer. 1984

Aunt Nellie and Belinda

And I want you to look at this precious baby! This is Jason.


Oh and look at this really pretty girl! She’s making a face at me because I disturbed her TV watching. ;)

Belinda not happy

Isn’t she just so pretty? This would be precious Belinda!

Belinda older

Belinda again.


Belinda and Jason


Elaine and Jason

Elaine and Jason

Jason wanting to eat the plant. lol

Jason after plant

Jason and a cap

Jason and Cap

Always smiling!! :) This is at our trailer. That old rocker your Mom is in was Roberts Aunt Cadds old rocker. She told me she rocked all her kids in it. It looked like I don’t know what, but man the memories that thing had!

Jason and Elaine

Jason and Uncle Robert at our house. 1992

Jason and Uncle Robert

We had a wiener roast and popped firecrackers one New Years. Jason with his firecrackers. 1988


Belinda and Elaine


Cute little Belinda!


Mawma and Jason. This is my Daddy’s Momma, Carrie Louise. So this is Belinda’s and Jason’s Great Mawma. She was a precious and gentle of a person you’ll ever want to meet. She never raised her voice at any of us kids. Man how I miss her to. Like I said before, life is so short, really really short. That’s why we have to make the most of it and love our family because God gave them to us. And He gave me one of the best that there ever will be.

Mawma And Jason

You know what, there was some pix of you all on the pond when it iced over to. I just happen to think about those and I didn’t see those in the boxes. I must have missed a box of photos.

I hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. Good memories and sad ones of the family loved ones done gone on. Life is short, love your family while you still have time so you have NO regrets after they are gone. I love you Jason and Belinda and my sister!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope all three of them see this. Good job, Mama. Love you. Cindy

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Rose!! You have wonderful relatives!! Thanks for sharing some stories about them! We recently send a webcam to our son, his wife, & our little granddaughter so we could "see" & talk to each other on SKYPE. It's so much fun!! Maybe you could do that with your niece and nephew to keep in touch.


Amanda said...

I love those pictures. That is awesome. It's awesome to have pictures of Mamaw holding Jason.

Rose said...

Thank you my dear daughter! I gave them the link. :)
Thank you Punky! :) I've never heard of skype before. That's cool!!
Thank you Sis! Yep it is!! I have several of Cindy with her to.
This was a really fun post to do. :) I love you guys!