Monday, June 29, 2009



These two batches are cooling so we can peel them.


We're canning tomatoes today. I made 8 pints last night. They are so pretty. I had picked some banana peppers from our garden and a small bell pepper so I put that in them. Then this morning my sister in law called and told me to come get hers because she was done with them. We went to get them and I could not believe how many were on those plants! There was a mocking bird pecking holes in herds of them. I could have choked the thing! We had to throw away I don't know how many that thing had ruined! Anyway we weren't expecting near the amount we got so needless to say we didn't have NOTHING to put them in. So I keep a blanket in the back of my SUV and I also have the plastic liner with walls on it and I just laid the blanket out on it and piled them all in there. The whole entire thing was FULL of tomatoes and piling up. We have been peeling them today and had to take a break to let the next batch cool so we can start peeling them. Man talk about a happy camper here, but I am! Was thanking God once again for how He provides! On one of these batches I plan to make some hot sauce. I have several that aren't ripe enough to can yet. So between now and the time I am going to can them I am going to find me some hot pepper to put in it. The recipe calls for SIX CUPS of chili peppers to 10 cups of tomatoes. Man that sounds mighty hot to me! lol But it also says NOT to mess with the recipe amounts because it might not be safe then. Anyway got to get off here and get some more mators peeled. ;)


Some we’ve already peeled awaiting the others so I can cook them.


More to can when they get ripe. Went ahead and picked them if they were even starting to turn red because of the bird! UGHH

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Deal

Found a couple things yesterday when we went to lunch. I just love this little phone. It was 2.00. I love how it rings to. Even sounds like an old one ringing.


Then found this peeler but no instructions. Been online trying to find some but didn’t find any for it I could download off the internet. :( It was also 2.00.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Loads Done Today

DH and I have been very busy today. We cut and shredded the veggies for 2 batches of the Green Tomato Relish last night and let it soak in the fridge over night like the directions said to do. I got up this morning and got it cooked and put into the jars and was done with it by 12. This made 21 pints.


Then I got in there last night after we got back from picking the cucumbers and shredded all the stuff that goes into the Amish Garden Relish and put it in the fridge to soak over night like the directions said to do on that. That batch made 14 pints I believe it was.


THEN I decided DH could do the Pickled Bell Peppers while I cooked, and put the Garden Relish in the jars and we could be done with that one as well. He got the bell peppers all sliced up and the jalapeño's sliced because they were mega huge ones. Then he got the garlic peeled and put those into the jars with the alum and the bell peppers. He got them all ready for me to pour the hot vinegar, water, salt mixture in and seal them. We got 12 quarts out of them. These are so good with spaghetti or pizza or even chili. The alum makes them crunchy. Anyway the reason I asked DH to go ahead and start working on the bell peppers, the whole crisper in the fridge was full of just bell pepper and I needed the space to put some onions I'd planned to buy tomorrow at Save Rite. Again, 1.00 per 3 pound bag for onions. Seemed like Walmarts was almost 3. I am out since I used the rest of them in my Garden Relish last night. I might decide to can something else so I figure I might better get at least 2 of them. ;)


As you can see there are still more pickles over there to put up. Our cucumbers is just about starting to make now. We have a few squash we will be able to pick in the next couple days. This will be the first of ours so far. I have gotten some banana peppers off our 2 plants and have canned 1 quart of them so far. DH is eating them almost as fast as they are making. lol

Man I am tired. I wont have any trouble sleeping tonight. ;) I sure wish I could happen up on another one of those bell pepper deals! I would make some more of these pickled bell peppers because they are really yummy! 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More on Canning

DH and I just got finished chopping and shredding the tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers for more green tomato relish. That other was so good we had to make more!

Plus my sister in law called and said with this dry spell we’re having they are worried the tomatoes are going to be blistered from the sun so they didn’t want them to go to waste for us to come get us some more green ones so they don’t get ruined. That was SO SWEET of her to do that! The vines are breaking from the weight of them so I tried to get those off first. We have enough to do a double batch of them this time. So that will be 4 gallons of green tomatoes.

I have a huge plastic dish pan sitting in the fridge with them soaking in the salt brine now. If I’d done 1/2 gallon more I wouldn’t had room in there for them. And speaking of, let me tell ya a story……

Went to the grocery, Save Rite because every time i have been there their produce is MUCH LESS than Wal-marts is. For example, HUGE bell peppers, 2/1.00 where Wal-Marts is .98 each. Celery, .98 each now 2 bucks or over. Carrots the same way, much less.

Was going over there after the bell pepper because we wanted to can some pickled bell peppers and I needed a bunch to do that with. My recipe makes 6 quarts and I made myself a note on my recipe that the largest green Tupperware bowl piling up with sliced ones makes the 6 quarts. I don’t even know if Tupperware sells that bowl anymore. And when I saw my note I was like, WHERE DID MY BOWL GO TO? Hadn’t missed it until I saw that note! LOL The reason I hadn’t missed it is because DH’s Mom had given me a stainless steel one that I love the bestest. Oh dear got off my story there, sorry about that!

Anyway back to the story, So went over to the produce to get my bell peppers, and did I say they were mega HUGE? ONLY 4 will fit into the plastic bag they put there for you to use so I was looking around for something to put them in since I was going to get bunches.

Walked over to this cart with wheels on it and there was a box with bell peppers that had gotten busted. Nothing wrong with them but they were busted. So I asked about those as I was paying for my others and my other produce and she said she’d call back there for me. She did and they were going to mark those down, which they did, and guess what the price of 10 of them was? .99!!!!! Yep, .99… I was doing the happy dance! hee hee

Got 10 huge bell peppers to add to my other ones for making our pickled bell peppers. We’ve got them all sliced up and even used some of them in our green tomato relish we just got finished cutting up. Was thanking God yet again for supplying my needs! He’s soooo good!!!  ALL THE TIME!

Now to get that relish made and the pickled bell peppers made. :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Day Shopping

EXCEPT FOR THIS HEAT it was a good day shopping! The car temp was showing it was 103 and that’s NOT the heat index! HOTTTTTTT

First off I just GOT TO show you this chair! It’s metal and sooooo dainty! It was 5.00.


Now for my next deal….. it was 1.99 and I COULD NOT pass it up! You all KNOW how bad I’ve got it for anything tea related! ;) Well this is SO CUTE, you can’t tell how small it is on this pic. I should have put a cup beside it so you could see how small it is. I just love it!


Next one… DD is going to love this one! It’s a VCR tape of the Beatles. It was 1.55 at the Salvation Army thrift store.


Last but not least, got to tell you THE REST of the STORY on this one. ;)

Awhile back I found me a really nice basket at a local thrift store for 2 bucks. I wanted it for picking the garden. I thought it would be cool to put my veggies in it instead of an old 5 gallon bucket. Well after DH saw mine HE WANTED ONE TO! Told me to get to looking for him one to. So today I found him one, lol, complete with tulips! ;) I just got to show you it WITH the tulips first! I had taken them out already but had to go back and stick them back in it to take a pic. He was making jokes about it as we were walking through the store, (yeah he actually went IN the store this time, it was TOO HOT outside to sit in the car!) saying he has him a basket complete with tulips in it. lol  The whole thing complete with tulips………. was 3 bucks!


Now for the pretty basket!


Got lots of other stuff but these are the best. I also got a huge roll of Christmas wrapping paper. It’s like those rolls at Cracker Barrel. It was either .50 or 1.00 not sure which but both are good prices for that large roll! I’ll be sick of it before I get it all used.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Canning Summer Veggies

Well my hands better but still blistered up so I still have to be careful but DH and I shredded and chopped up all the veggies last night for Mountain Chow Chow. I think he’s really gettin’ into this canning! ;) He asked me last night what else was we going to can and sounded excited when he asked. lol

So I have got to get off here and get the chow chow out of the fridge and toss in the spices and the vinegar and get to cooking it. Jars are all washed up and ready to go. I will try and post a pic later.

Alrighty, I got 12 half pints of the chow chow and here's that pic! It is a new recipe to me and I kept having to add water to it because it was sooo dry! IS chow chow suppose to be that dry? I added water 3 times and then decided since I had added SO MUCH water that I might also need to add some more vinegar.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Burnt Hand

Thank You Daffodil! I am taking care of myself and having to ask for help as well. ughhhhh don't like that part. lol
To let you all know what I am referring to here, I burnt my hand pretty bad yesterday at lunch time trying to fry some fish. About 1/2 cup of it splashed out on me and some went down the front of my shirt, but it burnt my thumb from my nail to about 1" from my wrist. I have some prescription stuff to put on it 3x a day. It's very hard to type so this wont be a long post. Now it's just annoying because I was really working at canning a bunch of stuff, veggies, pickles etc.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Tomato Relish

Got the Green Tomato Relish canned today. Got 8 pints of it and have one in the frig. that wasn’t quite full. So maybe I should say, 8 and 3/4 full one. lol


Now to do some Chow Chow.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Veggies

I got the snap beans put up today and wound up with 5 more quarts of them. This time I managed to keep the pressure cooker close to 10 pounds of pressure most of the cooking time. It went over a little here and there but for the most part stayed close to 10 pounds. I am letting it cool now so I can take them out and maybe I will do that right this time. The other day I took the pressure off too fast and lost most all my water in one jar and it went wayyyy down in another one. Haven’t used this canner but twice now so I am still learning how to use it.

Went this evening and gathered a couple gallons of green tomatoes from my sister in laws garden. WOW does she have a garden!!!! ONE HUNDRED tomato plants and they are loaded to the hilt in tomatoes. Going to tell her, hey sis, when you get tired of them, just let me know and I will come get em. ;) SO I might need more jars if she does call me. lol

Anyway got the green tomatoes shredded up, DH cut up the onions and bell pepper for me. I chopped up the peppers and tossed in the salt to soak until morning. Then I will do what ever is next. Got this recipe from my sister in law and all I know is to let it soak over night. I know you add sugar and vinegar to it but don’t know how much or what else to do. Her recipe called for 2 gallons of the green tomatoes so that’s the one I used but didn’t finish writing it all down. I will call her in the morning and get the rest of the instructions. lol I have several more green tomatoes left over. We were guessing at 2 gallons and over guessed by a few. So I was thinking, hmmmm fried green tomatoes? lol I gave my chopper shredder machine away because it made too much noise and I didn’t use it much. Man I sure wished I’d had it with shredding those tomatoes. I shredded them with one of those old hand held metal shredders and was so afraid I was going to get my fingers in the shredder. After about 4 tomatoes I noticed my hand turning blood red and thought oh noooo I am allergic to these things! So I washed my hands with soap and water and dried them and put on some rubber gloves. I guess it was the acid in them doing that to my hands but man they were itching!!!! It was pretty hard to use the gloves to shred them because the fingers on the gloves were too long. lol I was so afraid I was going to have bits of yellow in my relish. ;)  But we got it done and it’s all soaking now in it’s salt. I am going to use Stevia sweetener in this batch instead of Splenda. One recipe I have that has way less tomatoes calls for 6 cups sugar! I can’t do that because I’m a diabetic and that’s just too much sugar!!!

Now when I get done with the Green Tomato Relish I plan on canning some Chow Chow. Found some VERY PRETTY bell peppers today at Save Rite for .88. They are twice the size they normally are so needless to say I didn’t have to buy lots of them. I think the green tomato relish called for 4 and we only used 2 because they were soooo huge. Then I believe the chow chow calls for 2 cups.

Got the green tomato relish canned (June 16th)today. Got 8 pints of them.

I sure wish I could get my hands on those 3.00 off coupons for the Ball canning jars. If I get any tomatoes I am going to need more jars. The coupon was back in April but good until Oct. 10th I believe it was. I was reading on the Harvest forum  there at the garden web and found out about it. You buy 2 boxes of Ball jars and you get 3.00 off. I would stock up on them this year! lol

EDITED to add..... got me some of the 3.00 off coupons!!! For you folks needing some coupons, check Ebay, search for Ball canning coupons. I got mine for 2.19 for 10 of them and that was with S&H on the buy it now option. You have to buy 2 boxes of the jars to use the 3.00 coupon but hey, if you gotta do it anyway, save 3 plus dollars. The coupon expires the 10th month so I have time to buy plenty between now and then. And man IF someone would put them on sale, we could even save more! ;)

Also edited to add this that happened to me while doing that green tomato relish! I used one of those metal screen mesh balls to put all my seasonings in and boiled them in it because I didn't want all that in my relish. Was going to toss it when I was finished cooking it. Well I grabbed my string I had tied to it to pull it out and all I got was the chain and the hook thing that closed the ball. The little metal thing that held the latch on, CAME OFF IN MY RELISH! UGHHHH I used the magnet that I use to get the lids out with and tried to find it with that but needless to say, I couldn't find it. Will have to be careful when we eat them and not eat that thing. Wont be able to give any of those to anybody either. Can you beleive that?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picking the Garden

As you know from my post, we had to go pick the garden again this evening. As we were driving up to the garden, their peacock was over in the back of one of his trailers he hauls things in. I saw him walking around in it. lol Then as I started picking the cucumbers (while DH was gathering the eggs) I noticed it heading toward my SUV. Now I had the tail gate of it open so we could put all the veggies back there in the back and they would all stay cool with it opened. I looked up and this thing was headed just as straight to my car as it could go. I said to it, oh no you don’t, you’re not getting in my car. The thing made an awful noise and headed faster to my car. lol So I ran to my car to shut the tailgate so it couldn’t get in my car. Well as I walked to my car he went toward the field and then when I looked back at him to see WHERE he went, my windows were down on my car……. here is where he decided to perch! So needless to say I had to get the camera. Isn’t he pretty?



while I had the camera out, I wanted to show you just how pretty their garden is. There isn’t much grass in it at all. With the lack of rain we have had, I am amazed it’s still putting out. It’s bigger than this pic looks like it is.


Squash Fritters

Squash Fritters

You ever have cornbread fritters in the summertime? Down south in the summer when it’s so hot, you don’t want to heat up your house by turning on the oven so what you do is, you make cornbread fritters instead of cornbread in the oven. Well some one came up with squash fritters and man they are good. Instead of cutting  your squash in little circles or length ways, you stew them and you can add onions if you’d like and cook them until tender. Then you drain them well and you toss in some cornmeal and an egg and make patties or fritters out of them. I like yellow cornmeal so that’s what I use. I had a few left over today when I was canning some so I figured I would make us some corn fritters out of them and just had to share with you. Sure wish you could come to supper. ;)


After all of this canning and picking the garden…….. man am I ready for a tea party! I was just over at Sandy’s Tea Society and man that got me in the mood for one. If you’re not a member and you love tea, by all means go over there and get signed up and post messages and recipes. The ladies are SO SWEET and that is one of the rules there as well, to be kind. I don’t have a lot of time to visit it but I go check it out when I can. The link is below if you are interested in tea like I am.


Marilyn from MS. left a comment to me and I thought I'd respond to it on here. Yeah Marilyn there is lots of work to canning as you know first hand. You said not many people home canning these days and you're soooo right. Let me tell you a little story you'll probably relate to.

On Friday night we went out to eat with some friends and I was going to go to Walmart and get some more canning jars since I am out. Have no clue what happened to all my canning jars but I wont go there right now. Anyway after we ate we were off to get the canning jars. Well since I am Miss Betty Bargain I'm thinking, I got to have about 3-4 boxes so I am thinking, I wonder who else would have the things other than Wal-mart because I know how they are about some things. I have found lots and lots of things at Dollar General for much less than Wal-mart, has them. So I think, I wonder if Walgreen carries them. Lots of things there at Walgreen's when they have a sale is good priced. So I stop in there since we're passing it anyway. No they didn't have canning jars. After asking TWO people that DID NOT KNOW what I was referring to. Had to tell them both like 3 times and even said you know, like jars you make and put jelly in? Canning jars? Well finally they decided they didn't carry them. I was like what in the world? These people act like they don't know what a canning jar is. DH said they probably didn't. Anyway called Rose's dept. store and they said they carried them. Went there which wasn't but a mile or so from where I was and theirs was 10 bucks a box! OUCH! I knew Wal-marts was less because I had just seen them a couple days before when I was getting some sure jell for the no sugar canning. So I went on to Walmart and wound up getting them for 7.88 a box, so I got 4 boxes. You should have seen folks looking at my buggy full of canning jars. lol One even says to me, somebody is fixing to do some canning, in which I replied, yep already been doing some canning and doing more. I don't think I will really need 4 boxes of the jars but with everything going up like it is, I decided, what the heck, they're not going to waste, they will be there when I need them and JUST IN CASE I do can more I will have the jars on hand. Anyway I had fun watching every ones expressions of by buggy load of canning jars. hee hee

I want to make some chow chow but that will go into pint jars. In a few weeks I'm thinking we'll be having some peas. The brother in laws plan on planting some when the corn is plowed up.

Simple Things

A friend of ours left for Gulf Shores on Sat. and wanted us to keep their garden picked (we’d been picking it and putting it up for a week now since they were done with these things we are picking) and also wanted us to gather the eggs. So DH went over yesterday evening and gathered the eggs and picked  the squash so we wouldn’t have to gather those and the snap beans and the cucumbers all at one time. I didn’t have an extra egg carton so I found this small bowl to put them in. Reminds me of the old days and I like that! :)




Fresh eggs, what could be better? Going to get about this many each day and we get to gather them until Monday evening. Then on Tuesday they will be home.


While making this post I was checking my other blogs I visit each day and I just have to share this one with you. Well actually two I guess. lol But first things first, I’ve been married for 33 years myself and I really really appreciated this from Billy Graham to his wife!!!! What a man!  I have a few blogs I visit each day that I have on my blog. I truly enjoy Bonita’s blog, she’s such a neat lady!!! Her and her friend Melissa visited the Billy Graham library and it just happened that it was on Ruth’s birthday! Go check out her pictures and her blog about it. Totally awesome!


Now for a nice refreshing SUMMER TREAT! Don’t know about your neck of the woods but our neck of the woods is mega mega hot and dry these days. This humidity is horrible so when I saw this on Rhoda’s blog I be bopped myself to town to get us some of these. So happened I had to go to Walgreens checking to see if they carry canning jars which they didn’t. To save myself a trip to the Dollar Tree I just grabbed some of these ice treats there. They have them for 2.00 and they are 12 in there. Actually at the Dollar Tree you could get 2 boxes and have 16 for 2.00 if you’re a Mrs. Betty Bargain like I am. ;) Check out Rhoda’s blog on the ice fruity treats. And yes Rhoda they are really yummy and only 9g in sugar if you have to watch that like I do. Thank you Rhoda for sharing this with us! :)

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Corn Relish

Putting up the corn relish today. I got 10 pints and 5 1/2 pints. It sure is pretty. It’s a new recipe for me and it was wayyyy to strong tasting with the vinegar. I diluted it with water so it wouldn’t be soooo strong. Then it needed more sugar which I’m not using. I’m using Splenda instead. Then it STILL needed something I thought, so I added some celery salt. It’s better but nothing to write home about. ;) I guess it will be really good with peas this winter.


P6130983 P6130982

I got 12 quarts of dill pickles put up yesterday and 6 quarts of stewed squash and 7 quarts I believe it was of snap beans. I had to go get me some more canning jars last night. I had lots and lots of jars and I have no idea what happened to them. I bought 4 boxes of them last night. Don’t know if I will get them all filled or not but at least I should have plenty if I need them. I know I am going to put up more snap beans. Plus next year the jars will probably be priced higher so at least I will have them when I need them.

I think I actually have about 3 hours that I can chill out this evening. I think I might just take me a nap. lol

Now this evening this poor yard of mine has got to be mowed! DH is going to gather the squash while I mow. It is SO HOT here right now and we NEED some rain soooo bad. So I’m not getting out there to mow until around 7 I think so maybe it will be a little cooler anyway. This humidity is horrible right now with this heat.

I sure hope you all are having a great weekend. I’m off to take a nap. ;)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on Canning

Yep we’re STILL at it.

Today we canned dill pickles. I started washing the cucumbers and put them out to dry while I worked on getting the jars in the dishwasher. I had to stop and go get some jalapeño peppers to put in them. Got them and got back home, then had company come in for awhile. But I went ahead and worked on my pickles because I knew I would be late in the evening finishing them. As I was putting the spices in the jars I realized I WAS NOT going to have enough dill seed. UGHHH UGH UGHHH I could have sworn I bought more of that but I didn’t. :( So DH had to go BACK to town and get more dill seed. So while he was gone I cut up the squash he had washed while I was working on the dill pickles. We just now got the squash bagged up and it’s sitting out on the cabinet waiting for it to cool enough for the freezer. There was 8 quart bags of them. I am going to make squash patties with them this winter so I drained out all the water.

I got the dill pickles finished this evening finally. It looks like a couple jars of them is not wanting to seal. I am so tired I am fixing to go to bed. Then tomorrow I need to get my corn relish made.

Marilyn, from Mississippi, I am so sorry your squash hasn’t made. The squash and the pickles I am putting up, a friend gave me from their garden. They were finished with it and asked if we wanted to pick some. I planted squash and cucumbers but ours isn’t blooming yet.

Now I am going to hit the hay because I am worn out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thrifting and Canning

Wanted to show you all my pickled squash. I started cutting them up at 4:30 yesterday evening and got finished cutting them up at 7 something. Took me awhile to get them cut up. THEN I had to cut up the onions, the bell peppers, and the garlic. It was getting pretty late by the time I got started cooking it all but I finally wound up with 26 pints. I used Splenda in them instead of the sugar it called for. It called for 2 cups of sugar per batch and I made 6 batches. I had 7 quarts left over so I just stewed those down and drained the water off and they went into the freezer. I will make squash patties from those and fry them this winter or just stew them and eat them like that. I have even put them in cornbread and that was good to. In the pic below you can see my pickled squash I canned and you can also see my thrift store purchase. I know you put plates in the top and the bottom but what goes on the sides in each whole? Is it the silver wear? I’ve never seen one quite like this one before because it has two holes on each side for the items. They aren’t large enough for mayo, catsup and mustard bottles. My total bill came up to 2.05 for the metal rack and all the next items.



leather purse, 2 blouses, and a roll of wallpaper that I am going to use for shelving paper, and a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

The next item (ottaman) I paid 5.00 for it because it’s just so cute! I will redo it in other fabric of course and not sure if I want it inside or on the patio. Going to take the cloth off and make a pattern from it for recovering it. See it’s little wooden legs? Aren’t they just too sweet?


Last but not least the 3 tiered magazine stand. The top shelf is bent a little but I can fix it. I am going to paint it beige probably. DH and I go round and round about all his magazines so I figured this one might just work since it can hold herds of magazines because he doesn’t seem to see the need of going through them and weeding out some of them. lol


So that’s my bargains for the day. Last weekend they had lots and lots of garage sales around here but I didn’t get to go to any of them. I should have stopped what I was doing and hit a few of them but I didn’t.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


For reasons I wont go into here on the internet my mind was on the tongue last night. How bad the tongue can really be when it’s not tamed. It’s SO EASY to get started going south with the tongue if you know what I mean. So after thinking on it and thinking on it last night I couldn’t help but think maybe it would be really eye opening to just really dig in and SEE what Gods word says about the tongue. I’ve done a lot of reading in Proverbs and it has A LOT to say about the tongue! I’m sure I wont get it all down here but this should be a good start and my prayer is, that it would get us to thinking JUST HOW POWERFUL THIS TONGUE OF OURS IS!

So I went to and started looking and digging in. This came from there.




May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and every boastful tongue. Ps. 12:3

and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman, Ps. 15:3

The mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is just. Ps. 37:30

Your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor, you who practice deceit. Ps. 52:2

A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue.
Pr. 11:12

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Pr.12:18

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Pr.12:19

The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly. Pr.15:2

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Ps. 15:4

A wicked man listens to evil lips; a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue. Pr. 17:4

A man of perverse heart does not prosper; he whose tongue is deceitful falls into trouble. Pr. 17:2

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue. Pr. 17:28

*The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Pr. 18:21

A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a deadly snare. Pr.21:6

He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity. Pr.21:23

Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone. Pr.25:15

A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin. Pr.26:28

He who rebukes a man will in the end gain more favor than he who has a flattering tongue.  Pr.2:23 (This one caught my eye, does this mean we’re to rebuke them? Why yeah, in the right Christian attitude of course. Oh but WHAT IF we hurt their feelings, as you hear all the time now. We’re to do what the Bible tells us to do in the right way with the right attitude.)

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Pr. 31:26

See, the Name of the Lord comes from afar, with burning anger and dense clouds of smoke; his lips are full of wrath, and his tongue is a consuming fire. Is. 30:27

Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks with deceit. With his mouth each speaks cordially to his neighbor, but in his heart he sets a trap for him. Jer. 9:8

If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. Ja. 1:26

Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. Ja. 3:5

The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell. Ja. 3:6

but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. Ja. 3:8

For, Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. 1 Peter 3:10


My DH, sister and I put up more corn on Wed. DH gathered 286 ears and we cut it off the cob and got 37 quart bags full. Needless to say when we got through that day we were ready to be done with it. DH said he didn't want to see anymore corn. lol

Now this evening we're suppose to be going to pick cucumbers, squash and dig up some potatoes at a friends house. I want to do some of the pickled squash for eating with some peas I also want to can later on. After everyone gets all the corn they want the brother in law is going to disk up the field and plant peas. DH doesn't much care for them but he said he would eat them if I canned pickled squash, or chow chow to eat with them. ;)

I am going to make some dill pickles with the cukes. I like to use those for my tuna salads, coleslaw, or potato salad etc.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well I think we are done with the corn. Don’t think my DH wants to see another ear of corn for awhile. lol

The three of us, my DH, my sister and myself has put up over 600 ears since Tuesday. Well actually DH and I did it ourselves on Tuesday then my sister came and we put up corn yesterday and today. We put up 300 something yesterday on the cob and then we put up over 200 today, cut off the cob. Needless to say we are some tired folks. But man that stuff is nothing but good! Let me give ya a little recipe my sister in law gave me this morning.

You throw all of this in a crock pot. No need to melt the margarine or the cream cheese, just throw it all in the crock pot and turn it on.

1- 8 oz. cream cheese

1 stick margarine

3-6 cups of corn

sister in law said she used the corn in the sleeve that is frozen but you can use cream corn and whole kernel in the can. Anyway I threw some of our corn we had cut off the cob into the crock pot and made some of this for us to eat today for lunch and we all liked it but my DH because he just does not like cream cheese. I THOUGHT he wouldn’t be able to tell it had it in there but he did. lol Anyway we really liked it. My sister and I were discussing it saying how we thought it would be even better and would be a whole meal except for some cornbread, if it had fried ground hamburger meat in it or some chopped up ham.

Now I am ready to can some squash and some dill pickles AND some pickled squash. I got on here to see IF I could find a green tomato relish recipe. My sister in law was telling me about a recipe she had that was sooooo good with peas. I’ll get it from her if I don’t find it on here. A friend called this evening wanting to know if I wanted both and I said yep. :) Mine’s not in yet, and they’re finished with theirs now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Corn

We’ve shut it down for the day. DH got up with the chickens this morning gathering corn. We put up 165 ears but lots of those were 2-3” long. For some reason DH broke the ears instead of cutting them off the shucks and some of the corn was left up in the shucks.

Brother in Laws did a great job as usual with the corn. Isn’t it pretty?

Silking table……. just a small amount so far.


Table where I put the corn that had been blanched so it can cool and be bagged up.


Close up of the blanched corn. I had a mega huge fan blowing on it to help cool it faster. It didn’t take long at all for it to cool.


Some in the pot blanching. Since I wanted it put up on the cob I let it stay in the pot a little longer than I would have if I’d cut it off the cob. I had to eat me a couple of the smaller ears and man it was really good. Didn’t have any salt or anything on it either. YUMMY!



Now for one of my potted plants I got in it’s pot a few days ago. I thought of Rhoda with this one since she likes the lime green. I bought these large pots last year when I bought the fabric for the patio cushions and the swing. I’ll need to fertilize the plants since I haven’t done that yet but they should do really well in their new home.





I found these last fall at a little junk store for 3.00 each. I wanted them to put on the patio wall. I might just sit them in the little book holder thingies and set them on a table out there. I just loved them!


Now for the little patio table all put together. I had posted a post about it a few days ago telling you my friend Tammy had given me this little set. I found the curtains at my favorite thrift store.  They were $6 for the whole box. There were 4 rather large curtains in the box. I thought they all came from a hotel but someone told me they probably came from a hospital. Anyway I took one of the curtains since I didn’t need that one, and made a table cloth and some little round chair cushions with it. I have another tablecloth cut out that I plan on adding some lace or something insets on it to dress it up. I have lime green candles in the little glass centerpiece.


Last but not least is this accident plant. lol The reason I call it accident is, my Aunt gave me the arrowhead plant at the end of the summer last year. I stuck it in this pot and it was still very small when I stuck in the dark green leaf plant last fall. My sister in law gave me a piece of her plant and it was too late in the year to plant it outside so I stuck it in here until summer. Well it’s filled in so much and I really like it. Going to keep it in there. I do need to trim the poor thing though because it’s getting a little out of hand. My sis probably would like a piece of it as well as a friend of mine. So none of it will go to waste. ;) I hope you enjoy seeing all my pics. OHHHH just happened to think… see the Easter Lily stuck in the plant. DD sat that there to transplant in the yard, so that’s NOT part of my potted plant. ;)


Monday, June 1, 2009


Well it looks like I am going to get rather busy putting up corn real shortly. ;) The corn patch has started coming in as they call it around here. Wonder where it’s coming? OR is it going? hee hee Anyway both brother in laws that work off shore gathered some today because they are heading out sometime this week going back to work. I must not forget to get some pix of all this corn we plan on putting up. My sister is suppose to be coming and we’re going to put up corn together. That should be a little more fun that doing it by ones self. DH and DD picked it last year and they also shucked it AND DH silked it. That was the first for me. I’m usually right in the middle of it. ALL I had to do was put it in bags! WOW I can handle that! LOL I could get spoiled really quick here. ;) No seriously this time we’ll have to blanch it because we’re putting up so much this time. Last year we only did 10 gallon bags of corn on the cob. This year we plan on putting up more than that!!

So if I’m not on here for a few days, you’ll know I’m putting up my corn.

Also  I think DH finished his deer feeder so I will try and get a pic of that tomorrow. I think we’re going to really enjoy this thing! ;)