Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Corn

We’ve shut it down for the day. DH got up with the chickens this morning gathering corn. We put up 165 ears but lots of those were 2-3” long. For some reason DH broke the ears instead of cutting them off the shucks and some of the corn was left up in the shucks.

Brother in Laws did a great job as usual with the corn. Isn’t it pretty?

Silking table……. just a small amount so far.


Table where I put the corn that had been blanched so it can cool and be bagged up.


Close up of the blanched corn. I had a mega huge fan blowing on it to help cool it faster. It didn’t take long at all for it to cool.


Some in the pot blanching. Since I wanted it put up on the cob I let it stay in the pot a little longer than I would have if I’d cut it off the cob. I had to eat me a couple of the smaller ears and man it was really good. Didn’t have any salt or anything on it either. YUMMY!



Now for one of my potted plants I got in it’s pot a few days ago. I thought of Rhoda with this one since she likes the lime green. I bought these large pots last year when I bought the fabric for the patio cushions and the swing. I’ll need to fertilize the plants since I haven’t done that yet but they should do really well in their new home.





I found these last fall at a little junk store for 3.00 each. I wanted them to put on the patio wall. I might just sit them in the little book holder thingies and set them on a table out there. I just loved them!


Now for the little patio table all put together. I had posted a post about it a few days ago telling you my friend Tammy had given me this little set. I found the curtains at my favorite thrift store.  They were $6 for the whole box. There were 4 rather large curtains in the box. I thought they all came from a hotel but someone told me they probably came from a hospital. Anyway I took one of the curtains since I didn’t need that one, and made a table cloth and some little round chair cushions with it. I have another tablecloth cut out that I plan on adding some lace or something insets on it to dress it up. I have lime green candles in the little glass centerpiece.


Last but not least is this accident plant. lol The reason I call it accident is, my Aunt gave me the arrowhead plant at the end of the summer last year. I stuck it in this pot and it was still very small when I stuck in the dark green leaf plant last fall. My sister in law gave me a piece of her plant and it was too late in the year to plant it outside so I stuck it in here until summer. Well it’s filled in so much and I really like it. Going to keep it in there. I do need to trim the poor thing though because it’s getting a little out of hand. My sis probably would like a piece of it as well as a friend of mine. So none of it will go to waste. ;) I hope you enjoy seeing all my pics. OHHHH just happened to think…..lol see the Easter Lily stuck in the plant. DD sat that there to transplant in the yard, so that’s NOT part of my potted plant. ;)


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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I have immensely enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all the beautiful pictures! Your garden is far, far ahead of ours! Maybe the difference in south MS and north MS, huh? In fact, we had to replant our sweet corn because of all the rain.

When I first got married 36 years ago my mother-in-law did her corn like you ....she blanched it before she put it in the freezer. So that's the way I did mine too. Until my widowed Daddy married again and my new step-mamma just put her corn straight from the field into the freezer as quickly as possible. I was skeptical at first but after I ate hers and it was as good or better than my mother-in-laws, I changed my ways! ha I just shuck it, silk it, wash it, put it in bags and freeze. Same way with the creamed corn except of course I cut it off the cob and then put in the bag. We had some out of the freezer today in fact. Yummy.

I have put you in my "favorites" so will be coming back to visit often to see what you are up to! :)

God bless!