Monday, June 1, 2009


Well it looks like I am going to get rather busy putting up corn real shortly. ;) The corn patch has started coming in as they call it around here. Wonder where it’s coming? OR is it going? hee hee Anyway both brother in laws that work off shore gathered some today because they are heading out sometime this week going back to work. I must not forget to get some pix of all this corn we plan on putting up. My sister is suppose to be coming and we’re going to put up corn together. That should be a little more fun that doing it by ones self. DH and DD picked it last year and they also shucked it AND DH silked it. That was the first for me. I’m usually right in the middle of it. ALL I had to do was put it in bags! WOW I can handle that! LOL I could get spoiled really quick here. ;) No seriously this time we’ll have to blanch it because we’re putting up so much this time. Last year we only did 10 gallon bags of corn on the cob. This year we plan on putting up more than that!!

So if I’m not on here for a few days, you’ll know I’m putting up my corn.

Also  I think DH finished his deer feeder so I will try and get a pic of that tomorrow. I think we’re going to really enjoy this thing! ;)

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