Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on Canning

Yep we’re STILL at it.

Today we canned dill pickles. I started washing the cucumbers and put them out to dry while I worked on getting the jars in the dishwasher. I had to stop and go get some jalapeño peppers to put in them. Got them and got back home, then had company come in for awhile. But I went ahead and worked on my pickles because I knew I would be late in the evening finishing them. As I was putting the spices in the jars I realized I WAS NOT going to have enough dill seed. UGHHH UGH UGHHH I could have sworn I bought more of that but I didn’t. :( So DH had to go BACK to town and get more dill seed. So while he was gone I cut up the squash he had washed while I was working on the dill pickles. We just now got the squash bagged up and it’s sitting out on the cabinet waiting for it to cool enough for the freezer. There was 8 quart bags of them. I am going to make squash patties with them this winter so I drained out all the water.

I got the dill pickles finished this evening finally. It looks like a couple jars of them is not wanting to seal. I am so tired I am fixing to go to bed. Then tomorrow I need to get my corn relish made.

Marilyn, from Mississippi, I am so sorry your squash hasn’t made. The squash and the pickles I am putting up, a friend gave me from their garden. They were finished with it and asked if we wanted to pick some. I planted squash and cucumbers but ours isn’t blooming yet.

Now I am going to hit the hay because I am worn out!

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