Sunday, June 14, 2009


Marilyn from MS. left a comment to me and I thought I'd respond to it on here. Yeah Marilyn there is lots of work to canning as you know first hand. You said not many people home canning these days and you're soooo right. Let me tell you a little story you'll probably relate to.

On Friday night we went out to eat with some friends and I was going to go to Walmart and get some more canning jars since I am out. Have no clue what happened to all my canning jars but I wont go there right now. Anyway after we ate we were off to get the canning jars. Well since I am Miss Betty Bargain I'm thinking, I got to have about 3-4 boxes so I am thinking, I wonder who else would have the things other than Wal-mart because I know how they are about some things. I have found lots and lots of things at Dollar General for much less than Wal-mart, has them. So I think, I wonder if Walgreen carries them. Lots of things there at Walgreen's when they have a sale is good priced. So I stop in there since we're passing it anyway. No they didn't have canning jars. After asking TWO people that DID NOT KNOW what I was referring to. Had to tell them both like 3 times and even said you know, like jars you make and put jelly in? Canning jars? Well finally they decided they didn't carry them. I was like what in the world? These people act like they don't know what a canning jar is. DH said they probably didn't. Anyway called Rose's dept. store and they said they carried them. Went there which wasn't but a mile or so from where I was and theirs was 10 bucks a box! OUCH! I knew Wal-marts was less because I had just seen them a couple days before when I was getting some sure jell for the no sugar canning. So I went on to Walmart and wound up getting them for 7.88 a box, so I got 4 boxes. You should have seen folks looking at my buggy full of canning jars. lol One even says to me, somebody is fixing to do some canning, in which I replied, yep already been doing some canning and doing more. I don't think I will really need 4 boxes of the jars but with everything going up like it is, I decided, what the heck, they're not going to waste, they will be there when I need them and JUST IN CASE I do can more I will have the jars on hand. Anyway I had fun watching every ones expressions of by buggy load of canning jars. hee hee

I want to make some chow chow but that will go into pint jars. In a few weeks I'm thinking we'll be having some peas. The brother in laws plan on planting some when the corn is plowed up.

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