Friday, June 26, 2009

Loads Done Today

DH and I have been very busy today. We cut and shredded the veggies for 2 batches of the Green Tomato Relish last night and let it soak in the fridge over night like the directions said to do. I got up this morning and got it cooked and put into the jars and was done with it by 12. This made 21 pints.


Then I got in there last night after we got back from picking the cucumbers and shredded all the stuff that goes into the Amish Garden Relish and put it in the fridge to soak over night like the directions said to do on that. That batch made 14 pints I believe it was.


THEN I decided DH could do the Pickled Bell Peppers while I cooked, and put the Garden Relish in the jars and we could be done with that one as well. He got the bell peppers all sliced up and the jalapeƱo's sliced because they were mega huge ones. Then he got the garlic peeled and put those into the jars with the alum and the bell peppers. He got them all ready for me to pour the hot vinegar, water, salt mixture in and seal them. We got 12 quarts out of them. These are so good with spaghetti or pizza or even chili. The alum makes them crunchy. Anyway the reason I asked DH to go ahead and start working on the bell peppers, the whole crisper in the fridge was full of just bell pepper and I needed the space to put some onions I'd planned to buy tomorrow at Save Rite. Again, 1.00 per 3 pound bag for onions. Seemed like Walmarts was almost 3. I am out since I used the rest of them in my Garden Relish last night. I might decide to can something else so I figure I might better get at least 2 of them. ;)


As you can see there are still more pickles over there to put up. Our cucumbers is just about starting to make now. We have a few squash we will be able to pick in the next couple days. This will be the first of ours so far. I have gotten some banana peppers off our 2 plants and have canned 1 quart of them so far. DH is eating them almost as fast as they are making. lol

Man I am tired. I wont have any trouble sleeping tonight. ;) I sure wish I could happen up on another one of those bell pepper deals! I would make some more of these pickled bell peppers because they are really yummy! 

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I'd say you & your DH have really been busy making & canning all these great tasting foods! They all look sooo very yummy!! I'd love to try my hand out in making some of your pickled bell peppers. I've not made any of them before. I just know they'd be a big hit at my house too!

Love reading your blog Rose! I just got back from a month's stay in Calif. on May 22nd, and just slowly getting back into reading all my favorite blogs and the country sampler forums and all...

Thanks so much for sharing your receipes with me too Rose!