Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well I think we are done with the corn. Don’t think my DH wants to see another ear of corn for awhile. lol

The three of us, my DH, my sister and myself has put up over 600 ears since Tuesday. Well actually DH and I did it ourselves on Tuesday then my sister came and we put up corn yesterday and today. We put up 300 something yesterday on the cob and then we put up over 200 today, cut off the cob. Needless to say we are some tired folks. But man that stuff is nothing but good! Let me give ya a little recipe my sister in law gave me this morning.

You throw all of this in a crock pot. No need to melt the margarine or the cream cheese, just throw it all in the crock pot and turn it on.

1- 8 oz. cream cheese

1 stick margarine

3-6 cups of corn

sister in law said she used the corn in the sleeve that is frozen but you can use cream corn and whole kernel in the can. Anyway I threw some of our corn we had cut off the cob into the crock pot and made some of this for us to eat today for lunch and we all liked it but my DH because he just does not like cream cheese. I THOUGHT he wouldn’t be able to tell it had it in there but he did. lol Anyway we really liked it. My sister and I were discussing it saying how we thought it would be even better and would be a whole meal except for some cornbread, if it had fried ground hamburger meat in it or some chopped up ham.

Now I am ready to can some squash and some dill pickles AND some pickled squash. I got on here to see IF I could find a green tomato relish recipe. My sister in law was telling me about a recipe she had that was sooooo good with peas. I’ll get it from her if I don’t find it on here. A friend called this evening wanting to know if I wanted both and I said yep. :) Mine’s not in yet, and they’re finished with theirs now.

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