Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tornado in Hattiesburg

Just wanted you all to know I am fine. Figured some might be worried since they know I live near Hattiesburg,MS.

I sure hope everyone is OK in Hattiesburg though! Sounds like the towns in a mess now and USM suffered some damage and one of the houses is gone they said. Thank goodness the students were off for Marda Gra’s.

Just wanted to let you all know we’re fine and had no damage!



Edited to add: My husband, daughter and I have been helping with the clean up and it IS a mess. Spots are still in need of much help! My husband has helped for like 5 days now and my daughter is off again on Monday and we’re all going back to help out again. I just felt guilty sitting around here not doing much that was very important with all those folks needing help and thanking God that He has given me the energy that I COULD help out!! We’ve seen some stuff and a lot of it is over whelming there is sooooo much to do and sooooo much stuff you don’t know where to get started picking up stuff. VERY sad situation and sooooo many folks needing help! LOADS of volunteers and such a blessing! We were cleaning up at one house yesterday and my daughter got a text on her phone and it was from a restaurant that said if you’re volunteering, bring your gloves in and you’ll get 50% off on your meal! WOW how nice!!!! SO MANY nice things like this going on around Hattiesburg that it brings tears to your eyes. We’re to help each other and treat each other how we want to be treated so I’d want folks helping me clean and do whatever needed doing if I were to be effected by a tornado or hurricane. So I’m just thankful I am being able to help!!! PLEASE keep all these folks in your prayers as well as all the volunteers helping clean all this mess up.