Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Thinking

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Yeah I'm STILL in the thinking stage trying to figure out just how to decorate our master bedroom walls. I just saw something over at Rhoda's that she had done over her bed that I like. I had thought about using these before I saw hers but didn't know just how high on the wall to hang them on each side of my canvas beach print. But now that I see hers I know how high to hang it all. She has a pretty print over the bed with these little shelves and right now I can't think of what they're called. See the first pic on her link to see what I am referring to. I had planned on using a round canopy over the bed at the head of it to so I don't know if all that will be TOO MUCH or not. You know me, I kinda over do sometimes. ;) Anyway I plan on sitting some shells on my little shelves I have for each side of my beach canvas painting. I plan on painting them and the frame of the painting the same color. I guess I can hang the round canopy and see if I like it or if it's too much and then I can take it down if it is too much huh? ;)
I need to get all my things I bought for this bedroom redo together and some sheets of paper and sit down on the floor and see IF I can get it all together in my mind. I've bought soooo much stuff for the room and will use what I don't use in there, in the bathroom when I get started on that project. Yeah one more project! These two rooms haven't been updated in 20 years now. I still had dusty rose in each room.
The bedroom is so clean looking with the white and sky blue walls. I love it and it's soooo peaceful looking to. We're already lovin' it.

Edited to tell you that I got my pic frames painted tonight and need one more coat of paint on them now to be done. Wanted to show you the pix. I'm wondering if I need to touch up the little country white shelves with some of the treasure gold stuff so you will be able to see my sea shells I am going to put on them. These will go on each side of the large canvas print they are beside in the pic. The canvas print will have the same color frame on it as the other frame on my post. I forgot to say that it WILL have a frame around it. The frame is still wet so I couldn't put it together yet.
I've got to go and get the mat cut because it needs to be cut at the sides so you can see more of the boat and the lighthouse. The mat looks like it's a peach color, but it's not. My lighting in the kitchens just not good at night for taking pix.

Friday, February 27, 2009


As you all know I am project poor. Here lately for some reason I don't want more projects I want simplicity but I'm finding myself with even more projects! UGHHHHH Now I am wondering just when am I going to be done with this bedroom redo. I've got to paint all the furniture I have bought because what I had was wayyyyy too large for the room and it was just too cluttered! I have a filing cabinet sitting back there at my back door that is in my way waiting for it's coat of paint as well. First it will have to be sanded and then painted. I just might toss that project to DH since he could do that one I think. :) Maybe he will do it for me. I'm feeling drained here lately and I guess a little old at the same time. lol Just ready to get this bedroom finished and my house back in order. I can't stand disarray. :( I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to have some order in their home. But I do love making things look better as well but just don't seem to have the energy these days that it takes to get it done. Also worried about my online friend Georgia who has stage 4 cancer. I keep praying that God will help her with the pain and she wont have to suffer for a long time. I know that He knows what He is doing but I am compassionate and can't stand the thought of her being in lots of pain. Please keep her in your prayers if you don't mind.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I sure enjoy them all! You guys are awesome!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


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I FINALLY found me a dresser drawers OR chester drawers whichever you prefer to say. ;) I found it at my favorite thrift store today for only 30.00 and I grabbed it before anyone could come along and snatch it away from me! LOL EVERYONE that I have found someone had already bought it and was coming back to get it. :( I really like this one with all the ornate things on it and the lines on it and the little legs, so cute! My dresser and drawers are wayyyyyyy too large for my bedroom and I have wanted one for what seems like forever now. NOW if I can just find me a dresser that will match it! As you know I found the little night stand a couple weeks back. I am going to paint it all to match our headboard which is country white, a beige color. Those lines in it will really show up well in the country white! So now I need to paint all my frames for the pix to match and then paint the chester and the night stand and I'll be well on my way to getting this bedroom done! My sis helped me for 3 days and man we got bunches done! Don't know what I'd done without her help because I'd STILL be painting! We got it all painted now except a few spots I need to touch up. Then I need to paint the flooring. Yep I pulled that mess of carpet up and I was dancing a little jig that the mess was GONE! Man you should have seen the sand under that padding! No wonder my allergies were a wreck all the time!
Also I wanted to tell you all that I decided to paint the bottom part of the wall white because I didn't like that other color on there once we got the blue paint on. It made the paint at the bottom have a green tint to it.

Ok for the pix........ OH ALSO I found a pic and I really like the photo in there but I got it for the mat for my canvas beach scene I have. The mat is white with a gold trim but it looks green in the pic. It wasn't but .50.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things Enjoyable

Wanted to tell you all about the deer that are feeding here on our property. :) DH is feeding them corn and has feed them a whole bag in less than a week now. There is four of them and we stood in our bedroom window last night and night before watching them feed. We have a light out there that comes on at dusk and it lights up the whole place. They are soooo pretty! I have no idea how anyone could kill them! I guess you could if you were hungry. ??? Anyway we are having a blast watching them feed. I got pix night before last but you can't really see them well. I've always wanted this to happen and now it is! :)

Gettin er Done

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Here's a shot of the doors and casings that my sister helped me with when we were painting. I was asking Rhoda over at the Southern Hospitality site about putting some moldings on my old plain doors and she said yeah, that I could do that on her comment from the post before this. So yipeeee I am going to TRY that so I can put some ump into those old plain Jane doors! You'll see what I mean in these pix. Sis did an awesome job with her priming of the doors and facings! Someone commented on the other post at how nice it was that she helped me and I'll HAVE TO AGREE! She said her sis would have ran like the house was on fire. lol I had to chuckle at that comment. NOT that her sis wouldn't help her, but about running like the house was on fire. I'm sorry that yours wouldn't help you though! :(

I read some where and they said to paint all your frames the same color so I am going to do that I think. I am going to paint them all a country white I think. That way they will show up well on all the walls in there since one wall will be white.
Remember the canvas beach print that I found at the garage sale back at the end of last summer that spirred this idea for the beachy bedroom? Well I couldn't wait to show you all how it looks against this blue wall! I forgot to open the shade on this photo so the blue wall isn't as light in color as it actually is in this pic.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


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Well my sister and I got started back painting my master bedroom. (Remember it's suppose to be a beachy theme when I get finished with it.) I don't like the color on the bottom of the wall, which isn't new paint. I had left that from before when I painted this time to see IF it would look right with this blue and I don't like it because it looks like it has a green tint to me now with the blue. So it will be painted off white, a beigish color. I already have the paint but am too lazy to go get the paint color. lol I will probably get started on that this next week. I sure didn't want to have to paint it again because that beadboard is some kind of hard to paint! Sorta like painting levelor sp? doors. lol Anyway I got the ceiling in the bedroom painted before my sis got there and also sanded down all my doors in there as well as all the moldings around the doors so she could get started priming it all when she got here. So she got all that done and then I got the blue paint on the walls. We took down my molding at the top of the walls so I could paint it and not have to be soooooo patient since that's ONE THING I'm NOT these days! LOL
My garage sale painting I bought is going to be SO PRETTY up there on that blue wall with the off white frame and all those pretty blue colors in the painting! Hopefully I can work on painting the trim for the top in the next couple days. My sis is going to come back and help me some more and then we can put it back up when she comes back. She'll bring the thingy that you shoot the nails in the molding with. I can't remember what the thing is called right now. ;)
Anyway at least we're this far now with this room!!!! YIPEEEEE I am highly thinking about riping out that mess of dusty rose carpet (YUCK) and just painting the subflooring white! I think that will look much better! That is until I can get the DH ready for buying some more floor covering! ;) That's not a priority for him right now.
I'll have to post some pix of the other side of the room with all the doors tomorrow when its more light outside so you can see the primer on the doors where she painted. All the moldings and doors will be a beige color and then the one wall with the doors will be white. The wainscoating and chair railing will also be white.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well I think I am going to get started painting that master bedroom tomorrow! Even though my right rib cage is killing me. UGHHHH Taking tyenol for it but I think I may need an adjustment. I sure am hoping it's stopped hurting by tomorrow. I think I will get my daughter to massage it tonight and tell me where it's tight so I can put the ice pack on the tight area tonight. Because as you know I am ready to get THIS JOB DONE! :) Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beachy Bedroom

I've been thinking since last night about our master bedroom redo. I have bought all sorts of things for this bedroom and have loads of sea shells to decorate with. Just now while reading some info about a themed room like this, they say not to over power the room with sea shells. Oh Just what I was going to do. ;) Oh I just RE-READ it and it says unless you have a LOVE for sea shells WHICH I DO! So the way is all clear for me to use my sea shells. lol

Anyway I am seeing that the window curtain defiently needs to be airy, and light feeling so I will have to put up a roman blind to cover the window for privacy. Anyway I have lots of things and NO IDEAS as to how to decorate this room! :( I have bought pictures, some large and some small ones. I have some I have taken at Gulf Shores that I wanted to frame and put up but I don't just want one picture on the wall and nothing else around it. So I am trying to decide just how to decorate the walls. I bought a wooden shelf the other day that I want to use in there. It has four shelves on it that I can use to put candles and nick knacks on. I plan on painting it white or country white or beige. I am wondering WHAT color since I am painting the bedroom furniture the country white, I don't want TOO MUCH of that one color in there. Since some of the walls will be white and maybe a couple being sky blue and all the molding being beige, I am lost at what color to do the shelves for the walls. I wondered if the light blue would be pretty and that way the items in the shelf would really show up. Anyway just trying to get it all together in my head and am havings fits as usual! :(

I thought it might be fun to add some of the links I am checking out to see how to do my beachy bedroom just in case there is someone else that is wanting to do this as well. Here are loads of links I am checking out for info and inspiration.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Water Gardening Site

I was telling Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. site about me digging my own goldfish pond and figured some of you might like to see it as well. This is my water gardening website link below. As you can see when you get to the site, I haven't updated it in almost a year now.
I had always wanted a goldfish pond and knew my DH would probably say, you don't need that or something to that effect. lol So one day when he was at work I got the idea, OK TODAY is the day for my pond! I wanted one SO BAD that I lined this thing in Bisqueen black plastic! Which didn't last no time. Anyway back to my digging the pond. I laid out the shape I wanted it with the water hose and then dug around the hose with a shovel to get the kidney shape. Then moved the hose and started tilling up the soil with my tiller. Then all I had to do was scoop out the soil with the shovel into my wagon that was backed up to the hole I was digging. By the time DH came home from work I had it dug. ALL I lacked was leveling the bottom of it which he gladly helped me do once he got over the shock of me standing inside the large/deep hole in the side of our front yard with the tiller. (grin) The hole is 2 foot deep and since we had to replace the Bisqueen liner every year we bought a EDPM liner for it made from old recycled old tires. I bought my liner from and so far they are STILL the cheapest on them I think. Anyway below is my site if you would like to see it.


Just wanted to get on here and tell you all, there isn't much to tell around here these days. BUT I sure am hoping I can get started on my bedroom again. I've had that stomach virus and am feeling better now so I sure hope I can really make a dent in that bedroom! I am SO PAST READY to get er done!!!! Never dreamed in a million years I'd be THIS LONG GETTING IT DONE! It's BOUND to be worth all this when I get this thing done this time! LOL after ALL this wait!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I wanted to wish you all a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Sure hope your hubby doesn't forget to get you something or do something for you!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Side Table

Found this little side table today. I had to take something to the thrift store to donate and looked while I was there and found this for only 15.00. I wanted a couple small tables like this for night stands for our bedroom. They only had the one though. :( I will paint it the country white that our headboard is painted so the scratches doesn't matter to me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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I found this and it reminded me of Carolyn over at Cranberry Crossing. It's a little lamp and the little jug is about a foot tall. My mother in law used to have one of these things, hers wasn't a lamp ;), and it was large and she used it to can her sweet pickles in. I KNOW what the thing is called but right now the old brains not wanting to work for me. lol Anyway I thought I would share some pix of it with you all. I found it at my favorite bargain store. :)

The pineapple on is dates it I guess but I thought it was really cute so I bought it. It doesn't fit my decor but I thought it was cute non the less. Got plans for it. ;) It didn't have a shade on it and I do wish it did because I'm not a prim decorator and I have NO IDEA what kind of shade would look well on it.

Then last but not least is this rooster tea pot. I also have plans for it later on. It's been mine for a pretty good little while now but soon I think I will be getting rid of it. The rooster teapot isn't a lamp. That's the lamp I posted pix above of in the background of the rooster teapot.
Yes indeed CROCK is the word I was looking for Daff! Thank you! COULD NOT think of that word to save my neck!