Saturday, February 21, 2009


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Well my sister and I got started back painting my master bedroom. (Remember it's suppose to be a beachy theme when I get finished with it.) I don't like the color on the bottom of the wall, which isn't new paint. I had left that from before when I painted this time to see IF it would look right with this blue and I don't like it because it looks like it has a green tint to me now with the blue. So it will be painted off white, a beigish color. I already have the paint but am too lazy to go get the paint color. lol I will probably get started on that this next week. I sure didn't want to have to paint it again because that beadboard is some kind of hard to paint! Sorta like painting levelor sp? doors. lol Anyway I got the ceiling in the bedroom painted before my sis got there and also sanded down all my doors in there as well as all the moldings around the doors so she could get started priming it all when she got here. So she got all that done and then I got the blue paint on the walls. We took down my molding at the top of the walls so I could paint it and not have to be soooooo patient since that's ONE THING I'm NOT these days! LOL
My garage sale painting I bought is going to be SO PRETTY up there on that blue wall with the off white frame and all those pretty blue colors in the painting! Hopefully I can work on painting the trim for the top in the next couple days. My sis is going to come back and help me some more and then we can put it back up when she comes back. She'll bring the thingy that you shoot the nails in the molding with. I can't remember what the thing is called right now. ;)
Anyway at least we're this far now with this room!!!! YIPEEEEE I am highly thinking about riping out that mess of dusty rose carpet (YUCK) and just painting the subflooring white! I think that will look much better! That is until I can get the DH ready for buying some more floor covering! ;) That's not a priority for him right now.
I'll have to post some pix of the other side of the room with all the doors tomorrow when its more light outside so you can see the primer on the doors where she painted. All the moldings and doors will be a beige color and then the one wall with the doors will be white. The wainscoating and chair railing will also be white.


Anonymous said...

Very soothing color -- ahhhhhhhhhh.

21stCB said...

Very soothing color -- "ahhhhhhh"

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Rose, it all looks great so far! Your sister is such a sweetheart to help you get this done! Mine would run away like the house was on fire! LOL!
I can't wait to see the finished product. painted bead board is so pretty! And I love teh idea about ripping up the carpet and painting the subfloor. A friend of mine took a skill saw and cut grooves in her subfloor and then stained and sealed it. Her old subfloor now looks like antique hardwood floors! Her hubby helped her and it turned out awesome!

Karen said...

Hi Rose, your bedroom looks very pretty....and I love the bed! How cozy looking.