Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beachy Bedroom

I've been thinking since last night about our master bedroom redo. I have bought all sorts of things for this bedroom and have loads of sea shells to decorate with. Just now while reading some info about a themed room like this, they say not to over power the room with sea shells. Oh dear....lol Just what I was going to do. ;) Oh I just RE-READ it and it says unless you have a LOVE for sea shells WHICH I DO! So the way is all clear for me to use my sea shells. lol

Anyway I am seeing that the window curtain defiently needs to be airy, and light feeling so I will have to put up a roman blind to cover the window for privacy. Anyway I have lots of things and NO IDEAS as to how to decorate this room! :( I have bought pictures, some large and some small ones. I have some I have taken at Gulf Shores that I wanted to frame and put up but I don't just want one picture on the wall and nothing else around it. So I am trying to decide just how to decorate the walls. I bought a wooden shelf the other day that I want to use in there. It has four shelves on it that I can use to put candles and nick knacks on. I plan on painting it white or country white or beige. I am wondering WHAT color since I am painting the bedroom furniture the country white, I don't want TOO MUCH of that one color in there. Since some of the walls will be white and maybe a couple being sky blue and all the molding being beige, I am lost at what color to do the shelves for the walls. I wondered if the light blue would be pretty and that way the items in the shelf would really show up. Anyway just trying to get it all together in my head and am havings fits as usual! :(

I thought it might be fun to add some of the links I am checking out to see how to do my beachy bedroom just in case there is someone else that is wanting to do this as well. Here are loads of links I am checking out for info and inspiration.









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