Thursday, February 26, 2009


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I FINALLY found me a dresser drawers OR chester drawers whichever you prefer to say. ;) I found it at my favorite thrift store today for only 30.00 and I grabbed it before anyone could come along and snatch it away from me! LOL EVERYONE that I have found someone had already bought it and was coming back to get it. :( I really like this one with all the ornate things on it and the lines on it and the little legs, so cute! My dresser and drawers are wayyyyyyy too large for my bedroom and I have wanted one for what seems like forever now. NOW if I can just find me a dresser that will match it! As you know I found the little night stand a couple weeks back. I am going to paint it all to match our headboard which is country white, a beige color. Those lines in it will really show up well in the country white! So now I need to paint all my frames for the pix to match and then paint the chester and the night stand and I'll be well on my way to getting this bedroom done! My sis helped me for 3 days and man we got bunches done! Don't know what I'd done without her help because I'd STILL be painting! We got it all painted now except a few spots I need to touch up. Then I need to paint the flooring. Yep I pulled that mess of carpet up and I was dancing a little jig that the mess was GONE! Man you should have seen the sand under that padding! No wonder my allergies were a wreck all the time!
Also I wanted to tell you all that I decided to paint the bottom part of the wall white because I didn't like that other color on there once we got the blue paint on. It made the paint at the bottom have a green tint to it.

Ok for the pix........ OH ALSO I found a pic and I really like the photo in there but I got it for the mat for my canvas beach scene I have. The mat is white with a gold trim but it looks green in the pic. It wasn't but .50.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Rose, that is an awesome dresser! So cute! If I were you, I would not even worry about trying to find another to match it. Mismatched furniture is much more interesting anyway. If you paint them all the same color, that should be enough to tie them together and make them work in your room.
I'm JEALOUS of that dresser! LOL! You got a great deal on it too!

Daffodil Hill said...

Love the dresser! It is going to be perfect painted country white. Can't wait to see it.
Give my love to Georgia. My prayers are with her. {{hugs}}