Monday, August 30, 2010

Bargain Shopping

Well today I went to my 2 favorite places to junk store shop and this is what I found today. I KNOWWWW the fan is really dating itself BUT I loved those things then and STILL DO love them now, and this one is HUGE! lol I don’t know WHERE I will put it but I love them and went ahead and got it and it wasn’t but $1.00. ;)

I even bought a blouse today and all I spent was $4.50 for all of it.

See, it’s almost the size of my kitchen table. ;) I will probably paint it some color but not sure which one yet. I thought it would really be pretty above my lady pics in the living room but that might be a little too high up. ??? You know me and this decorating!


The girls on the decorating forums going to love this next one! Paint colors….. just look at em!


I needed another pot about this size and since it wasn’t but 2.50 I bought it. The little teapot was so cute I couldn’t pass it up either. I figured it would be really cute with flowers in it since it doesn’t have a lid for it.


Anyway I had fun although I didn’t find much stuff. I really like the paint cards so now I can have lots of colors to choose from when I decide I wanna paint something. I’m planning on painting my front and back door one of these days.

Have an awesome week and get out and find those treasures for YOUR home! :) Rose

Tuesday, August 17, 2010







Happy Birthday to you…..

Happy Birthday to you….

Happy Birthdayyyyyy…….. dear Chelsea




I love you,

Aunt Rose

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Book

Wanted to tell you guys about a book I just finished reading that I enjoyed so much, All Rise is the name of it and I have Pats blog link in my lists of blogs. You have just got to check out her blog AND her book. I could not put it down once I started reading it.

She has been a friend of mine for many years and has always wanted to be a writer. I am so excited for her in this time of her life.

I am not getting paid to tell about her. Just wanted to share a good book with you. She is also in the process of writing another one now which I can’t wait for!!!!!

All Rise, By: Patricia Daspit

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eating Healthy

I don’t know about you but I’ve started trying to eat a little more healthy these days. Dr. keeps on at me about too much fat in my blood and cholesterol and triglycerides too high as well. I’ve been worried about not eating the things that are high in fat but that’s not worked for me. So I am trying to look for the things that will bring the cholesterol and triglycerides down, the good fats in other words. IF I am understanding this right those are suppose to help bring the bad cholesterol down. So I wanted to share a recipe I have came up with that is fun, easy, AND fast which matters most to me other than being healthy.

I went to Sams wholesale warehouse the other day to get me some of their shredded lettuce and I also get the organic spring mix as well. But that day I noticed they had a cole slaw mix that has shredded cabbage, red cabbage and carrots in it. So I bought a bag of that and the bag is a 3 pound bag and it wasn’t but like 3.00 for the huge bag. You ask, what in the world are you going to do with such a large bag of cole slaw mix? Well I had a tiny bag that I had bought the other day and I needed some veggies to go in my quesadillas that I was making so I stir fried the cabbage slaw mix and it was VERY GOOD! Almost like the egg rolls you get a Chinese restaurants. 

So we liked it soooo well that I bought that large bag at Sams. I wanted to share with you how I made the quesadillas.

I used…..

extra virgin olive oil

garlic toes


cole slaw mix

boiled chicken

cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack

wheat tortilla shells


First I put some olive oil in a stainless steel skillet, about 2 tbl. I put in two really large chopped up toes of garlic and fried them in the oil until lightly browned. In my opinion you don’t get too much garlic, I love the stuff. I had a small whole onion sliced in strips waiting to be thrown in with the slaw mix. So after the garlic was nicely browned I threw in the cole slaw mix and the onion and stirred it around until it all got done.

You can do all of that ahead of time and just have it waiting for you when you come home from work if you’d like to do it that way. I went ahead and did the whole bag so I could try freezing it in quart freezer bags. Then I can take out the amount I want when I am ready to make quesadillas.

Then all you would have to do is to take out your wheat tortilla shells and put in your shredded slaw and onion mix. I also add about 1 tlb. of chopped up boiled chicken to this as well as about a tea. of cheese. Now I am using less cheese which I don’t like because I LOVE the stuff! ;)

Then I just spray the skillet with Pam or a generic brand of it and then fry the quesadillas with the mixture of veggies, cheese and chicken in them until they are brown.

Here is the bowl of slaw already cooked. As you might have figured, this is what we’re going to have for dinner. This stuff is soooooo good! I sure hope it’s freezable after it’s cooked, I am going to try it anyway to see how it will be. This is the whole 3 pound bag cooked and it will make a ton of quesadillas.


I figured I could get away with putting less meat in these so we can cut down on the amount of meat we are eating, which will save on the grocery bill as well. But it wont be easy because all of us love meat!

I also put up some yellow crooked neck squash and I have strained the water out of those and used those to make quesadillas as well and they were really good. Do it just like this but instead of the slaw mixture you use the squash. Spinach is also great.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Vacation (Cont.)

As promised I wanted to post more pix for you to see……



Note this IS a partial skull of a crock that was found in Lee County,MS.







Petrified palm tree.


and another petrified wood found in Wilkinson Co. in MS.


and my very favorite things, SEA SHELLS! :)





Florida Panther- This large cat once roamed Mississippi and other southern states. About 20-50 Florida panthers still live in Florida, but it’s future is uncertain. Officially listed as endangered in Mississippi, it is presumed extirpated from the state.

Last but not least, this cute little turtle. They had bunches of these and little alligators that were alive in tanks.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Vacation

Yesterday our family went on a little day vacation. We headed to Jackson in this heat! At 7 a.m. it was already 85 degrees and before we left up there it was 106 and that is actual temp not heat index. Can you say HOT? We still had fun though and really didn’t sweat down because we were inside.

All I could do was to think about my little nephew Cade, and HOW MUCH he would have enjoyed THIS PLACE! (the Science Museum)

OK where did we go you ask? We went to the Natural Science Museum and then the Old Mississippi State Capital. I am going to make a few posts about it in the coming days along with a few pix for you to enjoy. I will have to make several blogs about it because if I post just half the pix I have on my camera I’ll be sitting here for days with this slow dial up I have. lol So bare with me as I get them posted and come back to see all the pix because I can assure you, it WILL be neat! Both places were awesome and WELL WORTH the visit in the heat!





That praying mantis was made from ratthia sp?  and pine needles! The WHOLE thing!


Hubby admiring this big ole huge thing!


Some of these things were HUGE! I sure wouldn’t want to come upon them in the woods in those days, THAT’S for sure! NO WAY you could out run them! lol


Cindy, my daughter enjoying it all.


Look at the size of this turtle! These things are made from stone replica of the ones they found in several counties in the state of Mississippi.


THAT is a giant beaver!!!


OK that should do for now. Stay tuned for more.