Monday, August 30, 2010

Bargain Shopping

Well today I went to my 2 favorite places to junk store shop and this is what I found today. I KNOWWWW the fan is really dating itself BUT I loved those things then and STILL DO love them now, and this one is HUGE! lol I don’t know WHERE I will put it but I love them and went ahead and got it and it wasn’t but $1.00. ;)

I even bought a blouse today and all I spent was $4.50 for all of it.

See, it’s almost the size of my kitchen table. ;) I will probably paint it some color but not sure which one yet. I thought it would really be pretty above my lady pics in the living room but that might be a little too high up. ??? You know me and this decorating!


The girls on the decorating forums going to love this next one! Paint colors….. just look at em!


I needed another pot about this size and since it wasn’t but 2.50 I bought it. The little teapot was so cute I couldn’t pass it up either. I figured it would be really cute with flowers in it since it doesn’t have a lid for it.


Anyway I had fun although I didn’t find much stuff. I really like the paint cards so now I can have lots of colors to choose from when I decide I wanna paint something. I’m planning on painting my front and back door one of these days.

Have an awesome week and get out and find those treasures for YOUR home! :) Rose

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