Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pool Pump

Well my pool pump finally came in today for the pool my sister and brother in law gave me. I’ve been looking online for ways to hook it up so it would be better because the heavy valves hang from the sides of the pool and they wiggle a lot when the pump is on. I KNEW it would even be wiggling worse with this stronger pump because they said the water shoots to the other side of the pool out of the pipe on the other side.

I’ve been looking at a forum for weeks trying to find some ideas. Well when the pump came in hubby started playing with the fittings that came with it and he came up with this. The pics I had printed off from the forum shows hard pvc pipe hooked to it all and then these valves you have to shut off to clean the filter is attached to the hard plumbed PVC pipe. When hubby hooked them up like this I was like now WHY didn’t I think of that? He just screwed them onto the pump itself. This pump is really huge, it doesn’t look like it but it is.




See how he has it attached to the pump? Now when I need to clean the filter I wont be tugging at the walls of the pool making them leak. The flex-able hoses will just screw right into the valves and then just screw right into the piece on the wall of the pool.


This is my ottoman the large box for the pool pump is sitting on. The pump and filter fills up the box. I had no idea it was going to be this big, although I am happy it is because maybe it will work really well.


Before I forget, in case anyone is interested, (I don’t get anything for promoting this, and I don’t even know the person selling them) it’s the 4000 GPH Intex pump. They had them on Amazon but they also had them on Ebay. On Ebay this guy had everything I needed to hook up the pump. All the fittings and even some I already had. On Amazon it didn’t say if all these fittings came with the pump or not. I even got a filter for it as well.

Now to get it all hooked up. :)

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