Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simple Side Dish

Wanted to share a recipe I have made a couple times. Hubby loves and I do mean LOVES rice and this one he really loves! It’s very easy to make and fast to!

Really and truly you could probably make a meal out of this by just adding some small pieces of boiled chicken if you’d like to have a whole meal. I would have to have a piece of cornbread with mine though. ;)


Broccoli and 3 Cheese Sauce with Rice

I use brown rice because it’s healthier for me, but you can use white rice if you prefer. Brown rice takes longer than white rice to cook. I usually cook more than what I need for this meal because hubby loves the rice so much. Cook about 1-2 cups of rice. You may not want as much rice as I put in ours. You may only want 1 cup. Try it both ways and see which one you like best.

Then get you a 24 oz. size of Green Giant Broccoli and Three Cheese Sauce. It’s the bag you steam. Go ahead and stick it in the microwave and steam it.

When it’s done and sit as long as the recipe on the back of the bag says to do, mix it with your rice.


Hope you enjoy this recipe!

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