Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasure In the Making

Well this would should be really fun!

My sister remarried her 1st husband and he has a daughter from another marriage. I hate to call children step children! So I’m not going to do that! Anyway she is getting married shortly and needed a home for beginning her new life. I WISH I had thought to post before pix of it but didn’t think to!

Well let me back up, you wont know what in the world I am referring to!

Stephie’s (young lady to be married soon) her step Dad does repair work and he acquired this trailer. Stephie is going to fix it up for their home and it’s a neat trailer! I am SOOOOOO excited for them!!!

Anyway this place was just left after the tree limb went through the roof and her step Dad, Dad and future hubby are going to fix it. From the looks of the trailer it was like time stood still after the tree limb went through the roof because the lady just left things as they were in there.

There were lots of stuff in it along with furniture etc. Lots and lots of stuff in it! It's just so neat for them to be starting out their new life with so many things that make a house a home! You would not believe the clothes, shoes, and magazines this lady had! There was a 55 gallon bag of shoes! Anyway I went over to help them on Monday and we got a truck load that was over the cab of the truck out that day. Then they got out another large truck load the next day.

I talked to my sis last night and they were shampoo-ing carpets and washing down the walls. I will probably be going back today so maybe I can get some pix if she doesn’t mind me sharing them on here.

I love seeing the before and afters of things like this turning into a treasure. That is sooooo much fun to see the after shots!

OK got to run….. more to continue on this subject later. :)

OK update on the place. They are really working on it and they're putting the porch on as of last week. Even started putting on some of the skirting as well because the part where the porch goes needed it's skirting. All this came with the trailer which is soooo cool. When we, my husband and I got married we bought a trailer and ours didn't come fully furnished with all the things you need to start out a new marriage. So I know how hard it is to get the things you need and that's why I am just so excited for them and they can make this place their own and fix it just the way they like which is also really cool. I wish them all the best in the world for the most happiest marrage ever!

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