Friday, September 3, 2010

Setting a Beautiful Table

Cindy over at My Romantic Home inspired me with her beautiful table settings yesterday.

I had seen some drapes yesterday at the thrift store and got an idea for them this morning and decided to go back to see IF they would happen to still be there. Well they weren’t. :( Oh well, I SHOULD HAVE went ahead and gotten them yesterday evening when I saw them.

While I was in town I decided to run by one of my favorite places to shop and this is what I found. I decided to get them and play with them to see IF I could set a pretty table to.

There wasn’t but three of them  and only for .25 each. I knew I had some solid green saucers and some off white ones and thought they might hopefully go with them.


See what I came up with?




I am still playing with them but that’s about all I have that will go with them. I would really like to find me a small set of off white plain dishes to play with like this. Most all my plates are printed with roses or some sort of fruit. I don’t have much room to store many more dishes. lol

Anyway do check out Cindy’s beautiful table settings at My Romantic Home and also the rest of her blog. I really don’t think you will be disappointed because she has an awesome home!!! She and I have lots in common because I to LOVE linens! I just need me a place to store all mine now. ;)

I hope you have an awesome weekend!!


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