Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recipe Binders Organization

We meaning my daughter and I got to work on getting those poor recipe binders organized last night. Took us a few hours but we got it done. I NEEDED to do this because….

Since going Wheat Belly, (By Dr. Davis) we have changed our eating habits and are eating no breads from flour or wheat or potatoes. We use almond flour or coconut flour or flaxseed etc. but no wheat. So I have lots of recipes now in this eating lifestyle and I have a whole lot of recipes I need to try out and see which ones we like and toss the ones we don’t. So this is WHY I have SO MANY recipes at the moment.  Then the second reason…..

I had NO IDEA how to go about getting them organized so in came Wonder Woman with her wonderful organizing skills!

third reason I would have put recipes in places I would have never remembered where they were. Some of the recipes could go in at least two places but she thought of a way to be able to remember what category they were put in. For instance, I had put ALL the bread recipes in a bread category and I had HERDS of bread type recipes. I’d been there for days just looking for ONE recipe when I got ready to cook it. She told me, if it was a bread but was sweet, lets put it in a sweet category but said the word sweet is broad so lets break it down to make muffins, cupcakes, pies, etc. in the category so it wouldn’t be so hard to find. YEA! I KNEW I NEEDED her help!

Then fourth reason it would have taken me forever just to get it done that is IF I didn’t just give up on it out of complete aggravation.  Then it wouldn’t have been THIS organized since I miss those skills!

As you will see soon we wound up with several binders and still probably need to break one or two of them down a little more. (wink)

This is two that I have made but need to do the category tabs now inside them. She did me some sheets so I would know where each category started since we went ahead and put the recipes in the protective clear sheets and then put them in the binders they go in. All the binders will be color coordinated to match these two.


This is seven binders. See how LARGE this table is? At one point last night we had it FULL bumper to bumper with recipes lying out in their categories to see what all we needed to do. She was running it all since I have NO clue!



Then I have this red one I used to use for ALL my recipes that I am going to use for herbs, health, etc. info. It wont be put with the others so it doesn’t have to match them.



So you see we got a bunch accomplished last night. Now all I have left to do is make the covers for them and the end parts on the binders so when they’re stood up in the cabinet you will be able to see which recipes they are.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wheat Belly and Recipes

I just had to share this recipe with you all. Us folks doing Wheat Belly, by Dr. Davis have certain things we can eat and this would be one of them. Someone posted this and I just had to share because I think a lot of us like EASY recipes. I think when I make this I will make 3-4 and put them in the fridge because the waits going to be hard. Winking smileAlthough IF I eat them all in one week I might not lose ANY weight that week.

Anyway I figured I would post a few more while I was posting this one.


Click on the link below for the minute microwave cheesecake. I can’t wait to try this!




PALEO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES this one we would have to change the honey to sugar free syrup to be Wheat Belly friendly.

BAKED CAULIFLOWER POPPERS these look VERY yummy! In fact I bought the stuff today to make these with.  ALSO on this same page is cauliflower rice that looks yummy to.

EASY LOW CARB COCONUT CREAM PIE This is VERY GOOD although I just used vanilla and if you really like coconut I would use a little more coconut. That’s my plans anyway. It is VERY easy to make but takes a little while to bake but very good. Hubby and I both loved it. It’s sort of like a custard but thick once it’s refrigerated. Also bought some more unsweetened coconut for another one of these. I used Stevia in place of the Splenda.

SPAGHETTI ZUCCHINI This looks very good!






BROCCOLI SALAD I have made this twice in July and it is soooo good!


BAKED CHEESE CRISP this look yummy to.






PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE   This would be good as an icing.


PUMPKIN CAKE BARS WITH CINNAMON ICING again change the honey to sugar free syrup for Wheat Belly.


COCONUT FLOUR PANCAKES again change honey to sugar free syrup.


MR PEANUT SANDWICH BREAD This is good, I have tried it. But I did make my own peanut butter to. I thought it would be real peanut butter tasting but mine wasn’t.


CANDIED PECANS again use sugar free syrup in place of the honey.


MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE again replace honey with sugar free syrup. I keep saying I am going to make this and haven’t yet. I might just have to break down one day shortly and make it!



Flax Seed Bread (For Croutons) Making Croutons

Cheesecake Bars with Fresh Blueberry Sauce This one has my mouth watering. I LOVE cheesecake!


LOADS OF RECIPES HERE Once you have read Wheat Belly you should know what NOT to eat. There will be some here we wont be able to eat since this is Paleo. So be sure and check your Wheat Belly book if you’re not sure. The agave and the honey is a no no on Wheat Belly and I know there are also other things but I can’t think of them right now.


HOMEMADE HOT KETCHUP Hot and Spicy! I WILL be making some of this SOON! I will change the brown sugar to Stevita and also IF I need a thickener I will use the guar gum instead of the cornstarch since I’m not consuming that these days. But man I bet this is SO GOOD!






PORK SKINS>>>>>Also some ideas for rolling meats, or veggies in for frying or baking. You can get those really airy crunchy pork skins at the Dollar Tree and put them in a food processer and cut them into powder. Then put an egg or two in a bowl and mix up with a fork and dip your meat or your veggie in it and then into your ground up pork skins.

ALMOND MEAL>>>>>Almond meal is not ground as fine as almond flour is. I used it to roll my okra in to fry and it was good but I also want to try the pork skins on the okra next time to see which is best. My almond meal I ordered from California Gold in a 25 pound bag. Then I took it and froze it in thick gallon zip-locks and then I also put those bags inside Wal-mart bags and tied them up so they wouldn’t get a hole poked in them. Once ground up the almonds would go rancid quick so I put them in the freezer.

CALIFORNIA GOLD link to where I bought my Almonds in bulk. You can also get them from off Wheat Bellies Blog. I will post that link below to. I had already ordered mine when they put the link on his blog. Scoll down and the links on the left side.



He also has a recipe page on Facebook.



Lots of new folks getting on board the Wheat Belly lifestyle don’t understand why we don’t do some of the other flours in our recipes. We go for the lower carb nut flours like coconut flour and almond flour for instance. Dr. Davis also says if it says gluten free to run from it because it is very high in carbs and or sugar. He says even if you are not a diabetic it will still run your blood sugar up and that causes all kind of health problems for us. IF you haven’t read his book yet, oh my goodness it’s a must read in my opinion and in loads of other folks as well.



For the LOCAL FOLKS close to the Hattiesburg,MS. area….. I am getting lots of questions were I am finding my stuff. Here is some answers to those questions…..


UNCURED BACON…. I find that at Wal-mart in the bacon section. The Little Butcher Shop also has the bacon and theirs is unsalted as well. We just salt it before we cook it. It also has the skin on it as well. You will HAVE TO CALL before you go and get them to cut you some like you’d like it to be in pound packages or whatever because they don’t always have it when we stop by to get it. LOTS of times they don’t have it. SO CALL first. Smile


The International place there beside Best Buy and the Chinese restaurant has lots of things. I went in yesterday to get some more unsweetened coconut and found several things. They have sesame seeds in nice size bags, the black and the white ones. They have coconut milk in the cans. Coconut oil in the quart size. Wal-mart also has the coconut oil but not in the quart size. The Health Plus beside the International market place has lots of things like Stevita and the flours and flaxseeds even the golden flaxseeds. The first Tues. of each month they have a 25% off sale so you can get what you need for less.



OKAY I think that is enough for tonight.


Rose Marie