Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recipe Binders Organization

We meaning my daughter and I got to work on getting those poor recipe binders organized last night. Took us a few hours but we got it done. I NEEDED to do this because….

Since going Wheat Belly, (By Dr. Davis) we have changed our eating habits and are eating no breads from flour or wheat or potatoes. We use almond flour or coconut flour or flaxseed etc. but no wheat. So I have lots of recipes now in this eating lifestyle and I have a whole lot of recipes I need to try out and see which ones we like and toss the ones we don’t. So this is WHY I have SO MANY recipes at the moment.  Then the second reason…..

I had NO IDEA how to go about getting them organized so in came Wonder Woman with her wonderful organizing skills!

third reason I would have put recipes in places I would have never remembered where they were. Some of the recipes could go in at least two places but she thought of a way to be able to remember what category they were put in. For instance, I had put ALL the bread recipes in a bread category and I had HERDS of bread type recipes. I’d been there for days just looking for ONE recipe when I got ready to cook it. She told me, if it was a bread but was sweet, lets put it in a sweet category but said the word sweet is broad so lets break it down to make muffins, cupcakes, pies, etc. in the category so it wouldn’t be so hard to find. YEA! I KNEW I NEEDED her help!

Then fourth reason it would have taken me forever just to get it done that is IF I didn’t just give up on it out of complete aggravation.  Then it wouldn’t have been THIS organized since I miss those skills!

As you will see soon we wound up with several binders and still probably need to break one or two of them down a little more. (wink)

This is two that I have made but need to do the category tabs now inside them. She did me some sheets so I would know where each category started since we went ahead and put the recipes in the protective clear sheets and then put them in the binders they go in. All the binders will be color coordinated to match these two.


This is seven binders. See how LARGE this table is? At one point last night we had it FULL bumper to bumper with recipes lying out in their categories to see what all we needed to do. She was running it all since I have NO clue!



Then I have this red one I used to use for ALL my recipes that I am going to use for herbs, health, etc. info. It wont be put with the others so it doesn’t have to match them.



So you see we got a bunch accomplished last night. Now all I have left to do is make the covers for them and the end parts on the binders so when they’re stood up in the cabinet you will be able to see which recipes they are.


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Gina said...

How inspiring! You will love your new system. I'm started in organizing my recipes but not to the point you are!