Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes I am at it again tonight and no ;) I am not getting any money for trying to encourage folks to go SEE this movie. :) But did want to tell you if you'd like there is also a book to go along with this movie. It's called, Love Dare.

Thank you all again for your kind comments. I just love coming on here and getting your comments.

Make it an awesome day,

Thursday, October 30, 2008


If you haven't went to see this movie, by all means stop, take a break and go see it. :) We finally got to go tonight and we both loved the movie! I wish I could afford to pay EVERYONES way to this movie because it was THAT good to me! We bought the book before we went to see it and have plans on going through it together. Actually we'll each have one, DH and I so we can put what we want in ours without the other knowing what we put in it. lol I just wish I could get everyone to go see it that is married or even thinking of getting married. Just can't say enough about this movie and don't want to say too much because I hate someone telling me what the movie is about and messing it up for me by telling about it. SO I will hush now and just pray that you will go SEE THIS MOVIE! :)

Make it an awesome day! GO SEE THIS MOVIE! LOL

Monday, October 27, 2008


LOL..... Yeah Rhoda, we left some sea shells. We were near Fort Morgan when we went. So actually wasn't in Gulf Shores. We went the weekend they had the shrimp festival and didn't know that was going on. It really messed us up because of all the crowds, for doing anything in Gulf Shores. We even had to pay to park at the souvenir place to get our things there and never have had to do that before. Also had planned on going on the beach at Gulf Shores on our last day just to play around there some. The vender's were on the beach and all the crowds and we didn't want any part of that because we came to relax. Next time we go we want to make SURE nothing like that is happening because we like the relaxing part of it all not the hustle and hurried-ness of it all.
Burrrrr I sure hope it's not TOO COLD for you all! It's suppose to be pretty chilly the next few days and nights. I sure hope you all get to enjoy it!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Take My Hand Precious Lord

As I was keeping Daff in my prayers just a few minutes ago, I got an email about this song. So I thought I'd post the info on here and something said you might better check it out first. So I did and it appears that Tommy Dorsey did write the song but not the same Tommy Dorsey that folks are thinking. I checked this out through Here is their link if you'd like to see what they said about it.

As I was thinking about this song and also keeping Daff on my mind as she goes to hold her friends hand in her time of need, she will be holding one of her hands while God holds the other and is also holding Daff's hand. He says when we go, He goes WITH US.

I have Selah singing this song and they also sing Just a Closer Walk With Thee, and I know from Daff's post and emails that is her hearts desire, just a closer walk with Thee! She lost her husband back in the spring but yet she is helping someone else now. What a giver she is and an encouragement in her time of grief that she is helping someone else. I know she misses Papa, but she also knows in her knower as the Martins like to say, that Jesus is with her EVERY STEP of the way! He's guiding her feet AND holding her hands! WOW how awesome is that? A friend that sticks closer than a brother!!!!! How awesome is our God! Thank You Father for being with my online friend while she's away comforting her, as she comforts her friend and for You also comforting her friend. And thank You for guiding her feet and holding her hand and for giving her the strength she's going to need to be of strength to her friend. You tell us in Your word that when we are the weakest, You are strong and you also tell us in Isaiah that we will run and not grow weary, and we will mount up on wings as eagles. I just read something about that Father and it said that eagles can't really fly on their own without being on a mountain top or a hill so they can soar downwards to catch the winds draft to fly. They can't just pick up and fly off the flat ground. You are our wind that makes us soar like eagles and makes us not grow weary. I ask You in the name of Jesus to help Daff not to grow weary in her well doing and give her wings as eagles as she gives hope to her friend. Thank You God for what You are going to do THROUGH Daff and for what You have already done for her. Thank You Father for answering our prayers and for loving us!!!! Bless Daff and her friend. Thank You again for Your blessings! Amen!

Precious Lord, take my hand,
Lead me on, help me stand,
I am tired, I am weak,
I am worn;
Through the storm,
Through the night,
Lead me on to the light.
Take my hand, precious Lord,
Lead me home.

When my way grows drear,
Precious Lord, linger near,
When my life is almost gone,
Hear my cry, hear my call,
Hold my hand lest I fall.
Take my hand, precious Lord,
And lead me home.

Just a closer walk with Thee,
Grant it Jesus is my plea,
Daily walkin' close to Thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

I am weak but Thou art strong,
Jesus keep me from all wrong,
I'll be satisfied as long,
As I walk, let me walk,
Close to Thee.

When my feeble life is ore,
Time for me will be no more,
Guide me gently safely ore,
To Thy kingdom shore,
To Thy shore.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trying to Make Things Perfect

Just as I made the statement a couple days ago that if I am learning anything here lately it's that EVERYTHING doesn't have to be perfect! Well that slapped me in the face once again today so I really think God is trying to tell me something about that. You see a few weeks ago my daughter brings in this little white satin dress that was a co-workers little girl. She was to be in a wedding and the lady that was getting married likes THIS DRESS! NOT the one that fit her already but THIS DRESS! :) So she wanted it taken out so it would fit her little girl because it was tight on her she said. Well with satin, it pulls very easy AND frays. SOOOO you can't sew it close to the edge or you're liable to wind up with holes where ever you made the narrow seams. So I'm like you can't sew that close to the edge of this fabric because it will pull out if sewn too close to the edge and from what I was understanding she needs a little room in the little dress. So I asked if it would be OK to add some width to it in each side seam and I had plans to gather the edges on each side so it wouldn't look like it had been "added to" because it was too small or something. Then when I went to look for some satin fabric to match, there was none! This little dress is a few years old so the colors aren't the same as new fabric. So the lady at Hancock's said, use the back side of the sash and I could line the back of it with the same fabric it was lined with to replace that satin fabric with. GOOD IDEA I told her! So I bought lining fabric which WAS the same color as the lining in the dress. I had company a few days later and she sees the little dress in the bag hanging in my dining room and wants to know what it is. So I started telling her what I was going to do with it. She says WHY don't you just cut it down the center front on the bodice and add the piece there? That will be MUCH EASIER! I said UGHHH another good idea and why didn't I think of that? So last night I tore out the seams so I could get started on the addition today. Got it all ripped out and ready to work on today. When I got in bed last night, (the time I come up with my good ideas) I happened to think, uhhh why not use some of the bridal tulle like what's on the bottom of the dress, over the little satin piece I was adding to the bodice and that way there would be no way anyone would even think it had been added to, to make it larger. That would look much better I thought! So I went back to Hancock's today to see IF they might have some of that tulle, which was white with what looked to be little water droplets on it here and there. Well low and behold they had it AND it matched the older tulle that was on the dress! So I got a small piece of it. Got home and started on it. Messed around with it for a while before I came up with something that would work because the piece I was adding to the dress was wider at the bottom than at the top so the neckline wouldn't sag. The little water droplet things were far apart on the tulle so I needed them to be closer together for this little inset piece I was adding. So there would be several of the little water doplets on the inset. So I decided tucks would work. Tried that and NOPE tucks wouldn't work because of the inset not being the same at the top and the bottom. The inset is almost like an upside down V but square across the bottom instead of pointy. So then I decided OK, just do two little pleats so I will have more little droplets in the inset area. So THAT WORKED! Got it all sewn together, the inset for the lining AND the inset for the top. Got all the gathers all gathered back up and sewn onto the bodice. Hand stitched the lining back down at the waistline. Got it TOTALLY FINISHED, sash included and then decided it needed a pressing because there was a little pucker on each side of the seam of the inset. You know it just HAS TO BE PERFECT! I have been pressing everything this whole time with this iron on the very same setting. Had even sprayed starch on the inset to make the pleats lay well and pressed that out well. So I start pressing the edge of the inset and the thing melts my tulle! I bout had a stroke! Everything I had messed with on this dress I was having to rip out all day long AND NOW THIS? So I was like I have got to tear this thing apart again????? I just had to leave it. Just hung it up and left it! I could have just sit down and cried! ALL of this over a little pucker on each side of the inset that probably NO ONE would have even seen but me! WHY do I have to think everything HAS TO BE PERFECT? If I'd just left it alone it would have been just fine, NOW I see that but WHY couldn't I have seen that before hand? My patience have really been worn to the max today with this and I know all too well I should NOT get myself in such a tizzy over stuff and trying to make it perfect! So now I think I have figured out a way to fix it I HOPE without having to tear all that back out again!!! I am going to take my seam ripper and take out the inset piece of the tulle without tearing out the seams. There is satin behind it. Then I will just cut me another tulle inset and put the pleats in it and serge the edges of it. Then I will just turn the surged edge under slightly in around all the seams and hand stitch it all the way around with my hands to stitch the tulle back in place over the satin inset. I sure hope this works and you wont be able to see the surged edges very well through the tulle. Say a prayer for me that it wont show through too bad so I wont have to tear all this back out again! The elderly lady that had sewn the little dress years ago was pretty old then she said and couldn't see well so she is much older now so she couldn't re-do the little dress. She had double sewn ALL the seams! So I had to take out 2 seams on everything I had to rip out. SO I tried to do that as well on mine so it would hold up and last for the next little girl who was to wear it in a wedding.

So I have had a trying day but am learning the hard way once again, that things really doesn't have to be perfect!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

TEA Anyone? Thrifting Anyone?

You can click on the photo's to enlarge them!

Well I am at it again. Went to the chiropractor today and since I was BY MYSELF I made a bunch of stops that I wouldn't have, had I had the DH with me. My friend Tammy and my sister is going to flip out over one of my bargains that I JUST COULD NOT RESIST! It is a fountain AND a music box with tea cups and a teapot!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE! I don't like the rag thrown over the side of it, I think it needs to be pink to match the flowers so it will get a coat of paint on it. lol I've never stopped at this place before. She was pretty high on her things I thought but I did find this fountain for what I thought was reasonable.

Ignore all my junk in the background of the canopy. That is for the beachy bedroom re-do. It was only like 1.00! Those were some lace curtains I found for .50 that I didn't want to dry in the dryer so I put them on the chair arm and on his exercise thingie. ;) And then my sea gulls my DD painted for me on the floor drying on the paper by the hearth.

I didn't notice the handle was broken off the teapot until I got it home to wash and clean it up. :( It's ok though if I am learning ANYTHING in life here lately it is that EVERYTHING doesn't HAVE to be perfect! So THIS is just ONE MORE reminder to me. ;) ONLY God is perfect and that's good enough for me. Even a comfort in fact!!!! It's such a relief and a load off my shoulders in fact to just let it go and just KNOW that HE IS PERFECT and everything else doesn't have to be!!! :)
The fountain is fairly big, but it doesn't look to be. I paid 15.00 for it. Now I will have to stand over it to keep water in it probably! LOL BUT ITS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! AND it plays music!~ Who ever heard of such? ;)
Ohhhh and the large glass bowl, that was 1.00 and is Old Moss Rose. :) Can't believe I got it for 1.00 so I know you wont believe me! lol

I also got the glass canister today that is on the table behind the candle and lamp things and that was 3.00.
I had a FUN DAY! Can ya tell???? :) Had it ALL to myself and had fun not having to worry that someone was waiting on me in the car.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I wanted to show you something I found for 1.55 the other day at the thrift store. I can't remember if I already shown it or not so if I have, forgive me for my senior moment! ;) BUT when I saw one awhile ago almost like it at Cindy's blog over at Romantic Homes I just had to show you mine to. I had racked my brain WHAT to put in mine but couldn't think of a thing. NOW I KNOW, thanx to Cindy! :) I KNEW I liked it when I saw it because it is just so unique!
I just love Cindy's decorating style! Check out her blog if you haven't! It's awesome!!!

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Howdy again. Thank you all for your sweet comments! To answer your question Sue about how old my niece is, she is 1 year old. I don't get to see her nearly bout as much as I would like to since they live in Missouri. :( They're down here for a wedding in the family. I found her a little ball today at my favorite bargain store for .50. It plays music and has little circles on it that you mash and it barks or meows like a cat etc. SO CUTE! I got a pic of her with it tonight when we took it to her.

Here is also her in her Pawpa's boots. She didn't much like us putting her in the boots so we had to take a quick pic and get her out of them. lol

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Precious Children

I just HAD to share my precious niece with you all!!! I'm partial I know but isn't she just a doll? AND she has the personality to GO WITH IT! :)

I am her Great Aunt which makes you feel really old when you think about it. lol So lets not go there. ;)

The sucker she has in her hand isn't sticky. Can you believe that? I HATE, no despise sticky even though it IS good. ;) Oh by the way, those are RED long johns she has on WITH a trap door in the back and her Mommy has some to MATCH them! LOL Both of them came out last night sportin' their long johns for us and we all are rolling in laughter. I bet they are warm though.
The little dog toy my niece has in her hand in the car seat, I have just got to find her one of those. She hung onto that thing for the longest. She really likes that little dog. I told them in all my junk store shopping I will have to come across one of those for her.

In My Neck of The Woods

Remember you can click on the pix to make them larger.

I wanted to show you some pretty neat things in my neck of the woods. My sister is home for a week and I was traveling to see her yesterday. I had been wanting to get a pic of these things for awhile and I just so happen to have my camera and my camcorder yesterday. :) So I was able to get pix. My sister and I just LOVE this entry into these folks drive. In the heat of the summer they actually had some pretty blooming plants in the hanging planters on the fence. Over to the right of the pic they have some bamboo and at night they have it all lite up and it's so very pretty. They also have the entry lite up as well.

Then the other pic is of an old baptist church I think is so cute! It's down in a valley and just so peaceful looking. It's out in the middle of no where but just so country looking! I DEARLY LOVE the area it's in because it's so pretty through there.

Then the other photo's are across the street from the pretty entry driveway. I think this is so pretty! LOVE how they have the castle blocks on the edge of the pond to the right of one of the pix. That makes the edge look so nice and neat! I sure wish I had the money to do ours like that because ours has really high walls on it and they are clay and it looks so bad. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lots of Projects

Don't forget, you can click on the pix and make them larger!

I got to get my lamps fixed today. I really like the way they turned out. One of the shades is bigger than the other one I do believe. I know one is a little darker than the other one because one had the plastic left on it and the other one didn't have any plastic on it. But I think they will be OK because they wont be sitting right beside one another on our night stands.
I also got to play around with the vases and got them filled with the sea shells Mattie and I picked up on the beach. DD did help a little to I guess. ;)
DD also got my sea gulls painted for me as well. She did that yesterday. I think she did a great job on them.

Suthern Cooking ;)

Wanted to show you all the suthern vittles we had for lunch today. Cornbread, pork boston butt roast, stringbean casserole, turnips, AND salad. DD doesn't like turnips so she had a green salad. It sure was yummy that's for sure. Then we went to a friends house for dinner and took the left overs and she had chili so we had some of that as well. Yummy day all the way around. lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Turnips LOL AND Sea Shells

You can click on the pix to make them larger.

Yeah you read that right. I had them running out my ears (the turnips NOT the sea shells LOL) today! NOW WHY didn't I think to get a pic of them? ARG! I never think of that until I get on here to share with you all. Our friends called and told us to come over there to get some to can and they would help us get them. WHAT GOOD FRIENDS to do that!!!! Anyway they had already told us to come before now but we haven't yet. So today we had planned on going after lunch but they called and said come on and they would help us. So we got them picked and they even helped us WASH THEM! I cooked and canned 19 quarts of turnips. We had two of those huge blue plastic tubs FULL of turnips when we started but you know how they cook down to nothing. Now my house smells of cooked turnips. lol Guess what we will be having tomorrow for lunch? Yep that and cornbread, and some pork roast. Yummy!

NOW ABOUT THE SEA SHELLS.................
I want you to look at what my daughter sat and did this morning. When we left to go to the turnip patch she was sitting there messing with them on the floor. I had washed them and laid them out on the paper to dry. BUT I just threw them onto the paper basically piled them on there. She sat there playing with them and when we got home they were all lined up on this piece of paper. I had to take a pic of them to show you guys! lol I can not believe she sat there and did that, just because. Before we left I just thought she was sitting there looking at them. These are the ones we found at Gulf Shores on our trip last weekend. I also have a large stainless steel bowl of them but they are the large ones that has some holes in them. But like I told Mattie, that is ok that they have holes in them. I basically spent my whole weekend picking up sea shells. They swam and I hunted. I did swim just a little but not much. I knew I wanted to fill those large vases with sea shells and I would much rather fill them with the ones I have picked up rather than bought ones. Much more memories in the picked up ones. lol

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping and A Deer

Isn't it just so much fun to shop? I was thinking today, oh dear it's almost Christmas here on us. I need to get busy with that now so it wont all have to be done at the last minute.

I went to my all time favorite junk store today and found two pieces of beveled glass for my little columns outside as well a nice glass for Matties little sea shells and sand collection. I also got a couple more things there and all total it wasn't but 3.00 something. Can't beat that! I think she charged me .50 each for those beveled glass pieces. They are perfect in size for those columns! I was excited about those because they're not broke or mess up at all.

Then went by Ross and got a few things for a friend of mine for Christmas decorating. I had fun actually getting out of the house today. Didn't get to go by the Salvation Army though. :( But at least I got to go to my favorite one. ;)

Now I bet you're wanting to know about the deer. lol Last night when my DD came home, she said there were TWO doe's standing on the dam of our pond. She said they just stood there and looked at her when she was driving over it. Or should I say, trying to drive over it because they were in the way of her getting to the other side. She said if she'd had her camera which she USUALLY DOES HAVE WITH HER 24-7, she could have taken pix of them. She was mega upset because she didn't have the camera. She had forgotten it in her bedroom on her dresser when she left for work that morning. So one day soon I HOPE you will see a pic on here of our little doe's that are roaming around in our yard. I guess they saw the posted signs I put up on all the trees out there by the road a couple weeks back trying to keep hunters off our property. ;) Maybe they will stay safe here on our land if they will stay put. I hope so anyway. We LOVE seeing them and would love to get pix one day soon!!!! Our property is FINELY getting really sheltered for them so they can hide and that's very exciting. We have the water in the pond out front for them and everything. So stay tuned for some deer pix I HOPE! LOL

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Old Ship and Peeling Paint

Thank you Daff and Carolyn!
We were wondering the very same thing Carolyn, why the town doesn't do something to the ship? I don't know if they think it wouldn't be worth all the trouble and hard work or what. It's all sand down there and I don't know how they could get it in all that sand. BUT I have always heard it said, where there's a will there IS a way. Such a neat ship and so interesting to. I wish now I'd thought of using the camcorder to record it to instead of just the camera. But we were worried about parking there since there were signs everywhere not to park, no parking etc. So DD just stayed in the car while I got some shots of it with the camera. It could easily become a traffic jam down there with that little one lane road that goes into the area. lol Anyway it was really fun looking at it and wondering what it really was.

Well I peeled a little more paint off the walls last night and this evening. I am doing it inch by inch. lol I do plan on getting my friend over one day but don't know when because her DH is going to be off tomorrow and then home all weekend and I don't want to interfere with their time together. So I may see if she can help me on Monday or Tues. of next week. I thought about going ahead and sanding the two walls I have finished and then putting the first coat of primmer on it sometime this weekend. We'll see.... but in the meantime I'm still working at peeling the paint off. I got the other lamp out this evening to get all the old fake silk plants out of it and get it cleaned up for my sea shells. So I might try working at those as well Fri. or Sat. if it works out that I can. Since DH is retired I just do things in spurts here and there. lol

Make it an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fort Morgan AL. and An Old Ship

You can click on the pix to enlarge them.

I thought I would share some of our trip with you all.
On our trip this past weekend to Gulf Shores, AL. we got to see the old ship that was uncovered years ago by Ivan. The folks that lived in the area tried to burn it the news said, but then it was covered back up some if I am remembering right. Then Ike uncovered it even more. It is in Fort Morgan, AL. so we had to go check it out. I really feel for the folks that live there since everyone wants to see this thing. Since the shrimp festival was there this weekend I am sure loads of folks were in and out of there all weekend long. They had folks tromping through their yard all weekend. :( We went by for just a few minutes and looked at it and took a few pix. I never realized there was SOOOO MUCH metal in an old ship. This thing is huge, as you can see in the pix. The sand is still really deep in and around it. You can see metal sticking up out of the sand to the left of one of the photo's, that is one side of the ship.

As you can see in one of the pix, there is more metal out in the edge of the water.

You can read more about it here.

Some discussions going on about the ship

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patio Cushions, Painting Photo Frames

Click on the photo's to enlarge them.

Well I got the patio cushions in their places today on the patio and IN the chairs! ;) They look very nice and they even are comfortable! lol

Then I also got these frames painted AND the pix I took on the beach in them. There is loads of reflections though in the pix since I took this pic of them at night time. PLUS I wanted to show you my pile of shells I bought at the souvenir shop I was talking about yesterday. I bought a large basket of them for 19.99 to fill the lamps with. I separated them all out on the brown paper so I could see what all I had. I will have the same ones to put in both of the lamps. The basket only had one of the shells with the long things coming from it but I have another one of those I can use if I choose to use those in them to.

I also got out there on the carport and hosed off the shells we found to get all the sand and nasty off them. Man they were sandy. OHHHHH did I tell you about the teeny tiny crab we brought home IN our shells? Yeah, we did, it was soooo small. Mattie played around with it for a little while and then we decided to take it to her brother which would TRULY treasure it! LOL Although Mom wasn't too happy about the live present! ;) Trust me Tammy when I say, this thing is WAYYYYY TOOO small to stink. ;)

I searched for a long time this morning looking for that art print with the precious shell and friend saying online but never have found one.

OHHHHHH AND I also painted the RELAX sign I found the other day. It turned out quite cute even though I do say so myself. I just went and took a pic of it to show you all. I figure I can put this on the top edge of the art print I got from the garage sale. So I got a little done today toward getting the bedroom accessories ready. I did peel a little more paint off the wall today as well, but my arms and shoulders are still bothering me so I didn't push it. I just did a tiny bit and then stopped.

Also about the basket thing in the middle of those shells on the paper, I am trying to figure out how to make me an arrangement out of this stuff along with some sea shell twigs as I call them.

Good Ideas

Now Daff great minds DO think alike! LOL I was online for over 2 hours this morning since I hadn't been in bed yet searching for this art print. And I started thinking why not make it myself and trying to think how I could do it large like that one was. It was a 11x14 and matted and everything. I have paint shop pro and I also have another program that I can' t think of right now that you can do stuff like that with. OHHHH printmaster. They had laid the sand dollars and the starfish and other shells on sand in the picture on the wall. It looked like they had been washed up on the beach. I'll have to think on this one some more. lol Right now I'm going to paint those frames I bought from the thrift store to put some of the printed out beach pix in.
Thank you Daff!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo's and An Art Print

Daff, that is just what I was going to do with the pix I took at the beach. I have already printed out some 3x4's I believe it was and hadn't thought about doing larger ones. So THANK YOU for that idea! That way they would be seen much better!!! I was just in the bathroom and noticed that cabinet I painted country white awhile back that wouldn't work for the bathroom. :( Where I was going to put it, under the wall cabinet above the toilet in there, it's not quite long enough since the cabinet I painted is so long. I wanted to be able to hang a towel from the dowel rod on the little cabinet and I wouldn't be able to do that because it would be wayyyyyyyy too close to the lid of the toilet. SO I happen to think it might just work on the wall in the bedroom where it will be painted blue.

In the condo where we stayed you should have seen all the pretty things! I took the camcorder and recorded some of them for ideas but didn't even think to take pix of them. Anyway there was this one picture that had a saying on it that I dearly loved and wanted to get two of the prints if I could find them at the souvenir place for my friend and I, BUT they didn't have the print. :( I just stopped and checked out my movie I made to get the little saying that was on the little art print I had such a fit over. It has some sea shells up on the left top corner and then this saying,
Precious shells are
the treasures of the sea.
Best friends are
the treasures of life.
and then there were more sea shells at the bottom right corner. I LOVVVVVE this print! Am searching online for it now and came across this womans blog in my search! Just saw this one page so far, but she and I have something in common it looks like, we like boats and sea shells. She brought back a long forgotten memory to me. I used to DEARLY LOVE, Where Goes the Boats, by Robert Louis Stevenson. I even memorized it. Opps I almost forgot to give you her link. lol sorry I got carried away there. ;)

Well I didn't find the art print with the shells and the friends saying in it. I have searched for awhile for it and never did see it. :( Have no idea where they found that art print.

Stay tuned for more later. :)
Make it and awesome day, GO TO THE BEACH! HEE HEE

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beach, Sunsets, & Sun Rise AND Sea Shells

Don't forget, you can click on the pix to make them larger.

Thank you Carolyn at Cranberry Crossing, I DID I DID I DID! I have loads of pix to prove it. :)
I'm like Mattie says, Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Mattie is my best friends little girl that went with us to Gulf Shores. She is a hoot and will keep you chuckling. She says she loves all the laughter. THANK YOU MATTIE, I DO TO! :)
You will see her in the pix with ALL THE SEA SHELLS we found. Did we find some sea shells or what? AND we really DID leave some. We had AWESOME weather, and as you will see on the pix, some gorgeous sunsets and also got some with the sun coming up this morning. We got up really early this morning so we could watch it coming up. I'm like Garfield now, I DON'T do mornings but there's just no way I can sleep when I am in Gulf Shores and not watch the sun coming up at least once. It's something to behold! Nothing like it ever!!!! It's more than awesome!!!! NO WORDS can explain how awesome it is. I even filmed it this morning with the camcorder so I could see it over and over. It was overcast this morning though and we didn't get to see it coming up out of the water like I like to say, because of the overcast.
Yesterday (Oct. 11th) morning I was walking around closer in the dunes area of the beach and found the cutest site and just had to get a pic of that as well. See the broken shell pic? Notice the hole in the sand, beside the hole in the shell, my DD said that was a crab down in the hole. ??? Anyway I left that shell because that was the roof to it's home. ;)
As you can see from the pix, we picked up broken shells as well because I have some large vases to fill and since they're going to be piled on top of each other in there anyway I thought these would be good 'fillers' for the large glass vases. lol PLUS Mattie ALSO likes the broken ones, not just the perfect ones. As you can see from all the photo's I took, and this is only a start, that we had bunches and bunches of fun. As we were walking the boardwalk headed back to the condo, I said, I am not ready to go home. Mattie says to me, Miss Rose you sound like a kid. lol Then I had to say to my DD, Momma do we HAVE to go home? ;)

The 1st pic is of the sun going down on Fri. evening. We sat and watched it for the longest. When we were going back to the condo, you couldn't hardly see where you were walking we stayed out so late. It was soooo pretty that day! HOW can anyone not believe there is a God with scenes like these?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I wont be posting for a few days so just wanted to let you all know I am okay, just going to the beach. I'm like a kid at Christmas time I am soooo excited! lol LOVE finding sea shells and I will have my friends little girl with me who ALSO loves them. So we will have loads of fun and we're hoping we find some very pretty sea shells and some large ones to.
Also LOVE walking on the beach and watching the sun come up and go down! Will be taking loads of pix of it for decorating our bedroom with. I have my camcorder AND my camera!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thrift Store Bargains

I went thrift store shopping today and found me a boat (ship, 1.55) for the bedroom! LOL Well actually I found 2 but one is a small one. I also found a X-large glass vase that was green with some of the green peeled off in a tiny area and I could tell I could get all the green off so I bought it for 1.55. I figured it would be neat for a sea shell arrangement and then put sea shells inside the vase. I've already been playing with it and got almost all the green paint off the outside of it. So now it's a clear X-large vase! ;) As you can see, there is just a little of the green paint stuff on the very bottom of the vase. But my back was bothering me hanging over the tub scratching that green off so I stopped and will finish it another day. That vase looks small on the pic but it's a good 1- 1/2 ft. tall. I also got 100 yds. of paper raffia for .55 I can use in my crafts and flower arrangements or maybe even to use in the bedroom in some sort of arrangement, who knows?
Notice the beige flower pot. That thing is so cool. It's glass, nice and heavy and looks like some sort of rope intertwined together. I will probably paint King Jorge some colors that will be in the room so it will look right in there. ;) King Jorge is metal, not plastic.

I didn't get to spend the time looking I wanted to since DH was waiting on me at the library but I did find some neat things. I found a small box like thing to hang on the wall for sea shells is what I am thinking it would be neat for. Pictured above...... It's about 2 1/2' long and about 5" wide with loads of little shelves in it. I could either hang it vertical or horizontal I think. It would need painting I think since it's been stained and varnished but it wasn't but .55 so I got it. I'll have to take pix later for you so you can see.