Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh Dear, NO KILZ :(

You can click on the photo's to make them larger if you'd like to see them larger. I have a small problem, (that's putting it mildly!) with my bedroom wall. A while back I took some mirrors down that was on the wall and when I did, it took some paint off the wall with the mirrors. Small round spots in two areas. Well I noticed the paint was VERY PEEL ABLE! So I stood there peeling and then I thought I was pulling the sheet rock off while peeling the paint off so I stopped messing with it. I got in there today messing with the area trying to figure out WHAT I was going to have to do to fix the spots on the wall so it wouldn't show up when I repaint the walls the light blue color. So I peeled some more and decided it really was peeling off the sheet rock and I didn't want to mess it up. Later on some of our friends came over and her husband has painted for awhile and did that at work for awhile as well. So I asked him what he would do to the small areas since I KNEW it would show up when I repaint it if it's not done right. I told him that I THOUGHT it hadn't been Kliz-ed before the first paint went on there. We paid some ladies that was SUPPOSE to know what they were doing, to paint the house. I picked out the colors and they painted it the first time it was painted. So anyway the friends were over here this evening and I was asking him and showing him the paint first before I asked about what to do with the wall. I handed it to him and ask him what he thought it was, lol, and he said some sort of vinyl wallpaper! Yep that's exactly WHAT it feels and looks like to! BUT it's ALL PAINT! I got his wife to come in there (since we were all sitting outside on the patio) and look and I showed her how easy it was to peel off and she says to me Rose, this wasn't kilz-ed before they painted it. I showed her where I thought it was peeling off the sheet rock and then we noticed there was a straight line on the wall under there and I was like, there is NO WAY I could peel that paint off and it tear that sheet rock in a straight line like that! So we started peeling more paint and yep, NO kilz under there! You can see where they Spackle the areas where they put the screws into the sheet rock and where they put the sheet rock together and spackled it to. Check out these pix! NOW I have got to peel ALL THIS PAINT off the walls before I can paint them! I could strangle those two ladies we hired to paint this house with my bare hands I am so aggravated about this! They painted it 19 years ago! Her husband built the house and his wife and her sister would paint them when the folks needed someone to paint the houses. So you would think they would know what to do. So as you can see, his wife and I got a pretty good start on it tonight while we were talking. She says it's therapeutic for her and I said, well it's NOT for me! arg! Here I was thinking I was going to get started in a week or so on my paint job! My neck and back is already hurting on just that little bit we peeled! I did vacuum all the house today though so that's probably why the backs hurting. THANK THE LORD, the bottom part of the walls are the board stuff so I wont have to do ALL the walls top to bottom, all the way around the room! Her husband suggested SINCE it WASN'T done right to begin with, to get some commercial primmer to put on there and THEN paint it. As you can see, no kilz was put on this wall before they painted it. I just went back and took a pic of one of the pieces I peeled off the wall so you could see it. That's paint, NOT wallpaper! There was some even larger than that we peeled off the wall!!

Ignore all my junk piled around. I wasn't planning on starting this project this evening, let alone peeling paint off the walls! Was just going to show it to them and ask for some advise on HOW to fix the small areas where the paint peeled off until we figured out there was NO kilz under there for sure and I KNEW we had to peel the stuff off!
So anybody wanna come help peel paint off my walls? LOL
Now I'm like, okay Lord, WHAT am I suppose to be learning out of this one? Don't trust people? hee hee, JUST JOKINGGGGGGGGGGG! ;)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

OMGosh! I don't blame you for being upset with those women! But on the bright side, once you have it done, it will be what you want and done right.
Good luck with it!

Daffodil Hill said...

What a mess! I would be ticked, too. At least it seems to be peeling off fairly well without tearing the sheetrock. Hope you have someone to help you knock out this project in a timely manner. Don't wear yourself out, ok? {{hugs}}