Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Old Ship and Peeling Paint

Thank you Daff and Carolyn!
We were wondering the very same thing Carolyn, why the town doesn't do something to the ship? I don't know if they think it wouldn't be worth all the trouble and hard work or what. It's all sand down there and I don't know how they could get it in all that sand. BUT I have always heard it said, where there's a will there IS a way. Such a neat ship and so interesting to. I wish now I'd thought of using the camcorder to record it to instead of just the camera. But we were worried about parking there since there were signs everywhere not to park, no parking etc. So DD just stayed in the car while I got some shots of it with the camera. It could easily become a traffic jam down there with that little one lane road that goes into the area. lol Anyway it was really fun looking at it and wondering what it really was.

Well I peeled a little more paint off the walls last night and this evening. I am doing it inch by inch. lol I do plan on getting my friend over one day but don't know when because her DH is going to be off tomorrow and then home all weekend and I don't want to interfere with their time together. So I may see if she can help me on Monday or Tues. of next week. I thought about going ahead and sanding the two walls I have finished and then putting the first coat of primmer on it sometime this weekend. We'll see.... but in the meantime I'm still working at peeling the paint off. I got the other lamp out this evening to get all the old fake silk plants out of it and get it cleaned up for my sea shells. So I might try working at those as well Fri. or Sat. if it works out that I can. Since DH is retired I just do things in spurts here and there. lol

Make it an awesome day!!!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sounds like you are amking great progress in your room.
About the ship again......I think it is a shame that the town doesn't do something to preserve it. In the town across the state line from us, they have a huge maritime museuem with ship ruins inside and other stuff too. Some of them are from the Civil War.
I love history and it saddens me to see precious artifacts left to rot and waste.
Have a great weekend!