Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Friends and Projects

Yes Carolyn, that is a great friend who will help you in times like this. Thank you for posting comments on my blog! You are so faithful to do that and I sure do appreciate it. :)

As I stated last night, I wouldn't be working on the bedroom walls today since my neck was hurting. I've got it to where we can live with it for awhile and I think THIS TIME I will really like the redo and HE WILL ALSO! LOL

I did manage to get some of the patio cushions sprayed with the Scotchgard last night before I went to bed. They're really in my way in here in this office/sewing room waiting for the love bugs to leave so I can Scotchgard them. THEN somebody threw out a kitten here at our house and for some strange reason we can't seem to deter the things! lol now I think DH is getting attached to it and we ALREADY HAVE TWO cats!!! lol Anyway so this kitten is VERY ACTIVE and is chewing on a pillow out there. DH is tapping him on the head when he does it trying to break him from chewing on it so he wont chew up my cushions when I get them out there. I wound up having to spray them here in the house and I put a fan in the window to suck the fumes out of here. I was afraid that kitten would chew on the ends that hang while they dry. So now I have all of them coated with the spray but 2. Then the others I have to spray the other side of them. Man that Scotchgard is expensive! I think it was almost $6 a can. The cans shrunk to! lol I'm sure hoping I'll have enough to get them all completely sprayed well.

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Daffodil Hill said...

You STILL have those love bugs?! Good grief! LOL about the kitten. We've had a lot of animals dropped off near our home over the years, too. We finally had to stop taking them in because we acquired so many. Now that Papa's gone and the kids don't have time to help take care of them, I am having to find homes for some of them. Hope you get some rest today. : )