Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beach, Sunsets, & Sun Rise AND Sea Shells

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Thank you Carolyn at Cranberry Crossing, I DID I DID I DID! I have loads of pix to prove it. :)
I'm like Mattie says, Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Mattie is my best friends little girl that went with us to Gulf Shores. She is a hoot and will keep you chuckling. She says she loves all the laughter. THANK YOU MATTIE, I DO TO! :)
You will see her in the pix with ALL THE SEA SHELLS we found. Did we find some sea shells or what? AND we really DID leave some. We had AWESOME weather, and as you will see on the pix, some gorgeous sunsets and also got some with the sun coming up this morning. We got up really early this morning so we could watch it coming up. I'm like Garfield now, I DON'T do mornings but there's just no way I can sleep when I am in Gulf Shores and not watch the sun coming up at least once. It's something to behold! Nothing like it ever!!!! It's more than awesome!!!! NO WORDS can explain how awesome it is. I even filmed it this morning with the camcorder so I could see it over and over. It was overcast this morning though and we didn't get to see it coming up out of the water like I like to say, because of the overcast.
Yesterday (Oct. 11th) morning I was walking around closer in the dunes area of the beach and found the cutest site and just had to get a pic of that as well. See the broken shell pic? Notice the hole in the sand, beside the hole in the shell, my DD said that was a crab down in the hole. ??? Anyway I left that shell because that was the roof to it's home. ;)
As you can see from the pix, we picked up broken shells as well because I have some large vases to fill and since they're going to be piled on top of each other in there anyway I thought these would be good 'fillers' for the large glass vases. lol PLUS Mattie ALSO likes the broken ones, not just the perfect ones. As you can see from all the photo's I took, and this is only a start, that we had bunches and bunches of fun. As we were walking the boardwalk headed back to the condo, I said, I am not ready to go home. Mattie says to me, Miss Rose you sound like a kid. lol Then I had to say to my DD, Momma do we HAVE to go home? ;)

The 1st pic is of the sun going down on Fri. evening. We sat and watched it for the longest. When we were going back to the condo, you couldn't hardly see where you were walking we stayed out so late. It was soooo pretty that day! HOW can anyone not believe there is a God with scenes like these?


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Gulf Shores is a beautiful place. I have only been there once when my daughter was small. My hubby vacationed there while growing up. He was there almost every summer, and was so sad to see all the condos and hotels being built. We really need to go back.
Glad you had a great time!

Daffodil Hill said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful memories! And you DID get a LOT of shells. : ) You should enlarge and frame some of those gorgeous pictures for your new bedroom.